Inflation continuing.

Ya ever have a idea for a blog post and it just didn’t pan out?  Well, that what’s happening to me this morning.  I heard a discussion linking the increase in gas prices with the sharply increasing food prices over the last year.

It’s a logical premise.  Farmers need fuel to prepare ground, plant, cultivate and harvest crops.  They need more fuel to transport those crops to market.  But…when I tried to get some statistical corroboration, I’ve discovered those numbers are limited.  I did find one nice chart.  But it uses Flash and I can’t copy it. I tried to link to it but the chart has to be manipulated to filter extraneous data to show what I wanted to present.

No go.

There are some tables from the USDA but frankly, I don’t trust them.  It’s that “seasonal adjustment” thing.  The USDA manipulates the data to present a favorable view.  Every year it seems they “tweak” their reporting criteria.  Boosting that data here, removing that datum there. When they’re finished, North is now South and the sun rises in the west.

It was a good blog idea and I’ll keep it in my pocket until I can find data to support it.

In the mean time, here’s something to tide you over.
From Glenn McCoy.

From Chuck Asay.

And from Lisa Benson.

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