Friday Follies for March 30, 2012

It’s been a while since I’ve posted Friday Follies. Since I have no single topic today, it’s time revisit the Follies.

Heard on the Morning Radio. Inflation, as it is currently calculated is around 3%.  If the rules that existed during the Clinton Administration in the 1990s were used to calculate inflation, today’s inflation rate would be 6%.  If the rules that existed during the Reagan Administration in the 1980s were used to calculate inflation, today’s inflation rate would be 11%.

If we want truth in government, and by extension in government reports, let’s use a standard set of rules that doesn’t mislead the public. Let’s return to Reagan’s rules and make sure we really know how much the democrats have screwed us.


Obama wants us to be just like the Euros. He thinks European-style socialism must come to the US.  After all, everyone knows the Euros always knows best.

Then we see something like this and I’m glad the Euro idiots are over there instead of over here.

Dim Bulb: Jean-Luc Melenchon

Who: French presidential candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon.

What: He is calling for a 100 percent tax rate on all annual income over 1 million euros.

Why it’s dim: Let us count the way! But at the very least, this is a great way to get rich people to change their residency to other countries. Spain is beautiful this time of year, and its government could use a few additional high-income taxpayers.

Cure: A bit of economic common sense among politicians.


For you local readers, the Raymore City Council finally repealed the city’s Business Excise Tax on a vote of 6 to 2. Mayoral candidate Pete Kerckhoff and Councilman candidate Charlene Hubach voted to retain the tax. 

I think it’s important to remember who voted to retain an unneeded tax whose revenues, according to Mayor Pro Tem Jeff Adams, isn’t budgeted.  Jeff Adams is also a candidate for Mayor.

The Raymore City Council repealed the city’s wheel tax earlier this year.  I’m glad the city is allowing Raymore’s residents to keep more of their own money instead of finding new ways to spend the unneeded revenue.

Raymore is fortunate that in addition to fully funding our annual budget, the city also has an emergency fund twice as large as required by statute.


Obama’s attempt to punish the oil industry failed yesterday in the Senate on a vote of 51-47. The democrat lie about ending “subsidies” to the oil industry didn’t pass muster.  The reality is that there are NO subsidies.  The bill proposed by Obama and the dems would punish the oil industry by disallowing tax credits and deductions that are allowed to ALL business entities. The so-called subsidy was allowing the oil industry to keep their own money.

The dems knew the bill would fail.  It was just an effort to retain support for their class warfare advocates.


A state liberal judge decided Missouri’s constitution admendment, “unfair and insufficient.” The judge’s decision is filled with inconsistencies.

Court says ‘no’ to voter photo I.D. ballot measure

A Cole County judge has struck down a measure that would only let voters with a photo identification cast a ballot.
Circuit Judge Pat Joyce called the proposal — which would be put to a vote of the people this November – ”insufficient and unfair.”
According to court documents, she says the ballot summary includes the phrase “Voter Protection Act” even though the phrase never actually appears in the constitutional amendment. Secondly, the summary says the amendment would allow the General Assembly establish an early voting period, when in fact the amendment would “restrict the time period during which advance voting may occur.”
She has sent the measure back to the legislature to fix it — “Because significant change are required here and policy choices need to be made as to how to reallocate the words in a revised summary statement, the Court chooses to vacate the summary statement and to provide the General Assembly an opportunity to revise it.”
The ballot title approved by the Legislature asks voters: “Shall the Missouri Constitution be amended to adopt the Voter Protection Act and allow the General Assembly to provide by general law for advance voting prior to election day, voter photo identification requirements, and voter requirements based on whether one appears to vote in person or by absentee ballot?”

Judge Joyce must have very good eyes to see words that don’t exist in the text of the amendment.  If there is any way to impeach a state judge, Judge Joyce should be first on the list to be removed from the bench for bias and incompetency.                                                       

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