Hands Off our Healthcare — Recap

Mrs. Crucis and I took the day off yesterday and went to Jefferson City to attend the “Hands Off our Healthcare” rally sponsored by the Americans for Prosperity. We left home around 7AM and arrived in Jeff City a few minutes after 10AM.  It was a nice partly-sunny drive.

I had not been in Jeff City for a long time.  Back several years ago, in my computer fixin’ days, I drove to Jeff City several times a month to fix computer systems operated by a number of state agencies.

I had forgotten Jeff City is built on hilly bluffs overlooking the Missouri River.

The rally was to be held in the Capitol Plaza Hotel.  We discovered when we arrived that all the parking near the hotel was taken.  In addition to the AFP rally, there were two other rallies being held at the same time.  One a reaffirmation of religious freedom was being held inside the Capitol in the Rotunda.  Another, made up of union goo…,uh union members was meeting on the south steps of the Capitol building.  The unionistas had been bussed in from as far away as Mt. Vernon, IL according to a bus from festooned with union banners.

We finally found a place to park about a half mile from the hotel.  It seemed that no matter which route we took, it was uphill. Steep hills at that.

We arrived at the hotel, signed in, picked up name tags, AFP ribbon and tickets for lunch.  We looked around for familiar faces and spotted a ‘Pub friend who was working for state Senator Scott Rupp.  Senator Rupp is running for Missouri Secretary of State.

The Jeff City rally was being coordinated with other AFP rally sites across the country.  After we heard from the Missouri AFP director, political leaders, and our guest speaker, Dr. Milton Wolf, we would join via video with the Washington, DC rally.

I have to say that I was impressed with several of the folks running for state office like Ed Martin (Atty Gen’l), Scott Rupp (Sect’y State) and Bill Randles and Dave Spence (Gov).  The jewel of the session was Dr. Milton Wolf, Barack Obama’s cousin.  We had heard Dr. Wolf speak at other Tea Party rallies. It was good to hear him again.

We left a bit before 2PM and walked the two blocks, uphill (groan), to the Capitol Plaza.  Most of the pedestrians appeared to be state employees judging from the ID cards hanging about them.  We continued walking upward across the front of the Missouri Supreme Court building and took a few photos of the Capitol and the union rally on the southern steps.

I estimated the unionistas numbered around 400. Busses were rolling up and loading people who were leaving while other busses rolled up to unload more.  It seemed a constant flux attempting to maintain the numbers.  While Mrs Crucis took some photos, I could hear a few comments from the union rally PA.  One comment that stuck in my mind was,”…there are a few republicans that vote with us and aren’t evil but most of them are that—evil.” It is important to report such comments when we hear them.  We must never forget whom we oppose nor why.

I’m glad we went. We had a great time. Several of the political candidates sat at our table while waiting to speak. We had met some of them before, such as Scott Rupp, and others, like Bill Randles, for the first time.

It was a good day.                   

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