Happy Birthday, Ronald Reagan

Today is Ronald Reagan’s 101st birthday.  He took the Republican party when it was at its lowest and rebuilt its conservative roots.  Now the party establishment is turning its back on Ronald Reagan and has changed the party into a democrat wannabee.

The Heritage Foundation hasn’t forgotten Ronald Reagan.  They’ve created a birthday card for him.  Read the excerpt from today’s Morning Bell, follow the link and sign Reagan’s birthday card.  Re-establish your conservative roots.

Happy Birthday, Gip!

Morning Bell: On Reagan’s Birthday, His Legacy Lives On

Mike Brownfield February 6, 2012 at 9:57 am

Today marks President Ronald Reagan’s 101st birthday. Born in Tampico, Illinois, Reagan made his journey west to Iowa as a radio broadcaster, then on to California to take Hollywood by storm. He crossed America as a spokesman for General Electric, and then — after discovering the import of conservative values — entered the political arena, where he would ultimately lead his fellow citizens out of a wilderness of self-doubt, helping the country come to see that it could be morning in America once again.

We at The Heritage Foundation invite you to join us in celebrating Reagan’s life and legacy. For those of you on Facebook, click here to join the thousands of others who have already signed our virtual birthday card to President Reagan. Leave your message about what Reagan’s legacy means to you, share it with friends, and take part in this celebration today.

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