I was awakened this morning to lightning and thunder-boomers.  A front has moved in with projections of rain of one to two inches per hour with lightning for most of the day.  Not one of may favorite forecasts for the start the day.

One impact of the weather is whether I’ll go see and hear Rick Santorum tonight.  He has scheduled a one-hour rally in a neighboring town tonight.  Santorum is not at the top of my GOP list, but I would be interested in hearing what he has to say. If it came to a choice between Santorum and Romney, I’d take Santorum in a flash!

It seems that a lot of big-money backers are supporting Romney.  The Super-PACs (read that as the ‘Pub establishment) are pushing the negative campaign allowing Romney to avoid some responsibility.

All the polls in the upcoming primaries and caucus’ show Romney 10-20 points ahead of Gingrich, his closest competitor.  I suppose those figures are true.  I can understand why the establishment and the “independents” would like Romney.  Those so-call independents are the democrat cross-overs who are disillusioned with Obama. They choose Romney because he’s one of them. 

I suppose in Massachusetts, Romney can truthfully claim to be a conservative.  Everywhere else in the country, he’d be called a democrat.  But then so are most of the ‘Pub establishment. The only reason they oppose the democrats is to gain power for themselves.  Other than that, there isn’t much difference between the two.  As proof, all I need to do is cite the actions of McConnell and Boehner this last year.

Regardless, I’ll vote for the ‘Pub candidate because they can’t be any worse than Obama and that is a poor excuse for voting. I’d much rather be voting for something than to be voting against something. My preference is to not be voting for the least of two bad options but that is the state of the Republican party today.  I’m beginning to think the ‘Pubs aren’t redeemable. At least we’ll have four years to make the Tea Party into a true conservative political party.

2 thoughts on “Ka-Boom…boom…boom!

  1. Listen to Sarah Palin in her tea party speech I Reno."party like it's 1773". Ask yourself is this the time to just roll over and take what they want to do to us or is this the time to take it to them. Is this the time to take it to them?I say it is. Stay in the fight till the very last vote is counted and if it does not come out for the best then make them pay. Money talks and bullshit walks.Time to see who is who and what is what.Do we just sit and sip or do we PARTY?If Newt rolls over tonite then its Santorum time.

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