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Today will be busy.  I have a bunch of errands to do—look for a new office chair, get a haircut, write a blog post.  Of the three, the last item is the last item in the to-do list.  Maybe if I can keep it short, I can do it first and then on to the rest of the list.


The ‘Pub establishment had Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels present the rebuttal to Obama’s State of the Union campaign speech last night.  This morning, all the pundits were ga-ga over Daniels, gushing about how great he did last night.

My observation?  It was the Bland following the bland.  Obama was bland because it was the same old crap. More taxes. More spending. It’s the ‘Pubs fault. The do-nothing Congress (while ignoring the 30+ bills sitting in Harry Reid’s waste basket. Bills passed by the House and stone-walled by the dem controlled Senate.)  I could have snoozed through Daniel’s speech and not missed anything.  He, another milk-toast, non-aggressive, moderate, seems appropriate as the poster-boy for the ‘Pub establishment.


Then the ‘Pub establishment had Mitt Romney, another milk-toast, non-aggressive, moderate, give the “pre-buttal” speech.  Notice how the ‘Pub establishment is in a rut?

The ‘Pub establishment doesn’t believe they can beat Obama.  The rest of the country believes anyone can beat Obama.  The failure to connect with their base is why the ‘Pub establishment will lose, one way or another.

Same old, same old.

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