Political Shennanigans in Missouri’s DoR? No!

The Missouri state legislature passed a bill last summer to allow Missouri residents to choose a Don’t Tread on Me specialty license plate.  The original date to begin ordering this, along with several other new specialty plates, was last August. Until this last week the Department of Revenue (DoR) has dragged their feet.

Finally the Missouri Department of Revenue released the process to order the plates.   This is approximately what we expected to see.

Or perhaps something like this.

What we have received from the MO Department of Revenue is this.

To say that the Department of Revenue has not met our expectations is an extreme understatement.  What the DoR appears to have done is taken the MO standard license plate, removed the Show Me State motto and replaced the motto with Don’t Tread on Me (DTOM). 

This is not acceptable.  

This is nothing more than a political gambit from a democrat administration who didn’t want this plate in the first place. Governor Nixon allowed passage of this bill under extreme pressure.  Now it appears he’s expressing his displeasure through the DoR. His administration is not following the spirit nor perhaps the letter of the bill. The DoR is using every impediment to insure our expectations are not met. 

There were and continue to be a number of individuals including a number of Missouri legislators involved in the passage of the original bill that created the DTOM plate. I and others have been in communication with them.  This saga is NOT over.

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