The Fraud Known as Public Education

Public education is back in the news again. As usual, it is not good news.

In California (Surprise, surprise!), a judge declared the Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill, CA, can ban the display of the US flag. The school stated that wearing t-shirts showing the American flag on Cinco de Mayo would be disruptive.

The judge determined that the Morgan Hill Unified School District did not violate the First Amendment and said that concerns by school officials over possible violence justified censoring the pro-American message. — Fox News.

Now just consider the idiocy of this.  If the situation had been reversed, say on the Fourth of July and some kids wore t-shirts showing the Mexican flag and some American kids objected, those American kids would be charged with “hate” crimes.  But when the situation is reversed as it was in 2010, it’s OK for the Mexican kids to intimate or cause violence against those wearing the American flagged shirts. The hypocrisy of this should be astounding.  But, it isn’t. Such acts have become the norm across the country.

In Wisconsin, it was reported last week that a 4th Grade teacher was reprimanded for taking her class to the state capitol and teaching them how to protest Governor Scott Walker’s efforts to end the money laundering scheme by the state’s public service unions.

Here locally, the Kansas City School District has lost their state accreditation for continued failure to meet state requirements.

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — Missouri education officials revoked the accreditation of the Kansas City School District on Tuesday after it failed for several years to meet most of the state’s academic performance standards, an embarrassing blow to the beleaguered district that again is trying to find a superintendent. — Yahoo News. 

Kansas City Schools have been inflicted, for decades, by waste and corruption. It has been management by the inmates with parents being as responsible for the lack of education as has been the power-mongering among school board members.  Now, there is a plan by the state to export all the problems from the KC school district to neighboring districts—without ever resolving the core issues in the Kansas City inner city.

With Kansas City’s loss of accreditation coming effective Jan. 1, and the elected board having been encouraged by Nicastro (Chris Nicastro, Missouri State Education Commissioner) to consider stepping aside, one thing is clear:
The tide is high.
Jan. 1 starts a clock that would give the state the obligation to take control through a set of possible interventions if Kansas City doesn’t regain accreditation by June 30, 2014. But Nicastro and some major groups in Kansas City’s school and civic community have been exploring possibilities of a quicker turnover to the state. — KC Star, November 12, 2011.

There are problems even in my local school district. A couple of years ago, my local school district had a very comfortable emergency fund.  Then there was a change of board members.  The new members, along with some of the remaining ones, saw that emergency fund and lusted to spend it.  And…spend it they did.  My town now has a new middle school…several miles to the east, out in the country. Why there?  The population density isn’t big enough to support a new school alone.  The kids have to be imported from town out there.  Were they afraid the kids would run off if the school was in or closer to town?

Be that as it may be, the money in the emergency fund was spent.  This last year the school board proposed a levy increase for all the usual reasons, teacher pay, facility maintenance, etc., etc., etc.  The real reason was that with the recession/depression/whatever you may call it, tax revenue is down.  Now, when they need the money from that emergency fund, it’s gone.

The situation is pure fiscal irresponsibility.  But, outside of a few, you’ll never get the school administration nor the school board to admit it.  No, they just want more money to spend and they’re using all the usual excuses to hide their own incompetency.

Fortunately, this last board election, some conservative board members have been added.  True, they’re out numbered by the spendthrift liberals still on the board and in the school administration, but it’s a good start.

The point has been reached that public education no longer has any value for education.  It has been usurped by social engineers at the local, state and federal levels.  The schools no longer educate children, they now indoctrinate them with unworkable social schemes to create, not educated adults, but socialist robots looking to someone else for their livelihood because they are incapable to supporting themselves.

That, is the fraud known now as public education.

A point of information. My wife has a degree in Elementary education, my mother and older sister were teachers, my father was a school board member, and in his last term, the school board President.  All this when public schools primary mission was teaching their pupils how to read, write—yes actual hand writing and composition, grammar, mathematics, Geography, US and world history, and mandatory, must-pass, classes on the US and state Constitutions.

Now, go to your child’s teacher and ask what is their primary mission.  Ask in depth questions about the curriculum. I’ll wager your answers will not be the same as the ones in the paragraph above.          

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