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We had a combined meeting last night of the Cass County (MO) Republican Central Committee and the Cass County Young Republicans.  Instead of the regular monthly meetings, the combined meeting last night was a Debate Watch and Straw Poll.

I made a note during the debates that this time the candidates resisted moderator attempts to create dissension in the ranks of candidates.  The candidates supported one another.  Ron Paul made some remarks about the economy and the Federal Reserve and later Perry said he supported those particular items.  Newt was great.  Every time a moderator asked a loaded question, he had a zinger ready. Even Cain, amid all the allegations this week, was applauded often, more so when he called Pelosi a Princess for her autocratic management of the House when she was the Speaker.

It was time the candidates remembered who their opposition is during these debates. It isn’t one another, it’s the moderators who will attempt to make fools of them at every opportunity.

Romney, unlike Perry who forgot the third department he would abolish, made no gaffs. Neither was he inspiring. In fact, he was mostly a ghost, echoing points from others. At least this time he didn’t make any egregious attacks on the others. 

Huntsman tried to make the point that he was the only governor to actually pass a flat tax.  I’ll have to research this a bit because my memory seems to say that flat tax was passed over Huntsman’s objections and that he was forced to sign it.

One moderator, Jim Cramer of CNBC, acted in his usual infantile manner, screaming and shouting, interrupting the responses from the candidates and in general acting like an idiot on steroids.  Newt blocked his attacks every time. It was great.

After the debate we had a straw poll. Here are the results from the top down.

Herman Cain:       35%
Newt Gingrich:     26%
Mitt Romney:        19%
Ron Paul:                 6%
Rick Santorum:      3%

Perry, Bachmann and Huntsman received no votes. Perry, during the debate last night didn’t come off well.  His memory lapse can be understandable. I’ve lost my train of thought in mid-sentence as well.  But overall his presentation seemed…amatuerish.

Personally, I tossed a mental coin on voting for Herman Cain or Newt Gingrich.  I can support either. I think Newt would make a great president. In fact, I think Newt, failing to achieve the Presidential candidacy, would do well in any cabinet office.

I can see Cain doing well as President.  He has a number of people to choose for various offices who can give him knowledge and expertise in those areas he is admittedly deficient.

The libs and State media crow how unprepared Cain is to hold office.  Even if all that criticism is correct, he is more qualified now to be President than Obama is after being in office for almost three years.  In fact, any of the ‘Pub candidates are more qualified to be president, even Paul and Romney, than Obama.

It was a great evening. My wife and I enjoyed it. 

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