The FIX is in

The fix is in and I’m not talking about Hillary’s garnering most of the New Hampshire delegates while only winning a third of the votes. No, I’m talking about the GOP establishment fix for Rubio. 

I’ve been watching the GOP manipulate the GOP Presidential race for a while. My first inkling was last summer when I received emails asking me to support Jeb Bush for Prez. It gave all the usual reasons—only he could beat Hillary, only he could get the “independent” vote, only he could get the Hispanic vote, only he could, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. The emails were from different groups, PACs mostly, but all originating from a common internet address, one that I finally traced back to the RNC.

When Bush tanked, I started getting emails supporting Rubio. Again supposedly from different sources but again from the same internet address—the same address that was used for Jeb emails.

There has been other signs of the RNC selection of Rubio. For instance the despicable spectacle of the South Carolina debate where Reince Priebus packed the audience with establishment activists to boo everyone except Rubio.

Another sign is various establishment officials, such as Sam Brownback announcing their support for Rubio, who need the establishment to remain in office or owe the establishment for their last election.

I’ve also received some emails from Missourians asking me to support Rubio while claiming Cruz is unelectable, citing a number of reasons starting with the false claim of Cruz not be eligible, through all the lies spewed by Trump.

I remember how the Missouri establishment rammed Romney through the 2012 Caucus. I was a Newt support in that caucus. In the end, I was duped into voting for Romney by a friend who later apologized to me for doing so. He was a Romney campaign worker who later regretted supporting Romney.

Cruz seems to have strong support in Western Missouri. Eastern Missouri, however, is the establishment stronghold and Eastern Missouri is pushing Rubio. The southern portion of the state appears to be following the Narcissist.

Missouri’s caucus timing will be after Super Tuesday. It’s possible the overall decision will have already been made and once again Missouri’s caucus will be a futile effort that results in nothing meaningful.

I understand why the Missouri GOP prefers the caucus. It is supposedly to prevent sabotage by libs and third parties. I’m unsure if those fears are valid. I suspect not. If they were valid, why not have the GOP controlled legislature change state law and require registering by party. Then, in a primary, you could only vote for your party’s slate.

No, that would make too much sense. The real reason why the Missouri GOP still has a caucus is control—control by the state establishment to block interlopers—like Cruz.

Yes, the fix is in. In Kansas and Missouri, the fix is in for the establishment candidate, Marco Rubio, the country be damned. Illegal immigration and open borders will be safe.


Over the last year I’ve been a bit…lax about maintaining my blog.  I rectified that, somewhat, today. It was time to check my side-bar links. I number of the blog sites hadn’t been updated in a year.

One, Frank James’ site, I had kept for nostalgia. I respected Frank greatly and had met him a number of times, the last being at the NRA Annual Meeting in St. Louis. Frank had a stroke a few months later and passed last year of complications from that stroke. I read his last few entries before deleting his site from the side-bar. It was time to move on.

Like everything, time moves on. I’ve revitalized my ham radio hobby. Reading Roberta’s blog is a joy. I’ve added a boat-anchor to my collection, too, a 1950s Hallicrafters SX-101a receiver. Someday I’ll add a tube- based transmitter and join the folks reviving AM on 3.885MHz.

Maybe, as the election season proceeds, I’ll return here for more posting.


Rubio takes a beating in the NH debate.

Tomorrow is the day in New Hampshire. The Trumpster is ‘supposed’ to win for the ‘pubs and Hillary for the dems. The establishments of both parties has ordained that result.

It worked for the dems in Iowa even if they had to fudge the books—again. It seems strange to me that the precinct who had a single dem attendee and who voted for the ‘crazy old man,’ went to Hillary. It’s also strange and beyond the realm of probability that Hillary won all six coin tosses in Iowa.

But Iowa is over. Lawyers in New Hampshire have proclaimed all will be legal and aboveboard in New Hampshire. We’ll have to wait and see.

In last Saturday’s pre-election debate, the Trumpster did not fare well. Neither did Rubio. Jeb took on Trump pounding the Trumpster over his support of Eminent Domain. Trump complained he never took anyone’s property. He was right in a way. He took a woman to court in New Jersey in the ’90s to seize her property for a parking lot next to one of his casinos. He lost! It’s true he didn’t take anyone’s property in New Jersey using Eminent Domain but he sure tried.

Rubio took a licking from Christie, too, and rightfully so. When you use the same tactic over and over again, sooner or later you opposition will notice and lay a trap for you. That’s what happened to Rubio. When you watch the video, it’s comical. Rubio stood there like a performer at amateur night at the local comedy house and Christie proceeded to chip large chucks off his stock performance. Polls following the debate have Rubio a number of points lower.

Curz and Carson fared well mainly because they were ignored by the moderators. Neither was given much opportunity to speak—Carson because he is now viewed by the MSM as losing and Cruz because whenever the MSM attack him, they come up the loser looking ridiculous.

I am no prognosticator. I cannot tell you how Cruz and the others will do in New Hampshire. I do expect Cruz to maintain his rising power.

Trump, in my opinion, is losing ground. His vitriol has hurt his campaign efforts. He vilified Cruz running up to Iowa and after. Then, he says Cruz is a nice guy—days after he called Cruz a nasty guy. Trump’s vitriol has recoiled on himself and has hurt Trump more than it does others and some of Trump’s supporters are dropping by the wayside. (Comparing Trump with Obama is another posting…or maybe not. There’s not all that much difference. Both are narcissists whose primary interest is themselves.)

Cruz picked up some Rand Paul supporters, more importantly, some Rand Paul financial supporters. Rand Paul hasn’t endorsed Cruz but many of his former supporters have. That helps Cruz and doesn’t help Trump nor Rubio.

Missouri will have its primary next month, March 15th. The Missouri pubbies will have their Presidential Caucus on April 9th. The GOP chose the caucus to limit, to a certain degree, infiltration by dems and third party followers. They also use the caucus to give the state GOP establishment more control over the process and the result.

The caucus method allowed the establishment to select Romney in 2012. I speculate they will line up behind Rubio, the new establishment darling, this year. It’ll be a tough job. Cruz has a lot of supporters in the western half of Missouri.

If you are a ‘pub, it is important for you to vote in the primary AND to attend the caucus. Check your local GOP central committee for the caucus locations in your county.