A win in Kansas

A federal judge in Wichita has declared Kansas’ Voter-ID law, a law that requires proof of citizenship, constitutional. What’s more, the judge has ordered the Election Assistance Commission (EAC) to change the registration forms to reflect the requirement for documentation, proof of citizenship. The EAC has refused to change the form which does not have the requirement for proof of citizenship. The judicial order stated that the EAC does not have the statutory right to refuse to change the form when requested by the states.

Voter Citizenship Law_Cham640.jpg

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach

The judge said the Constitution gives states the power to determine voter qualifications, and if states want to insist on proof of citizenship, the election commission cannot overrule them.

“The EAC’s nondiscretionary duty is to perform the ministerial function of updating the instructions to reflect each state’s laws,” Judge Melgren ruled in a decision out of Kansas. “The court orders the EAC to add the language requested by Arizona and Kansas to the state-specific instructions of the federal mail voter registration form immediately.”

A spokesman for the EAC said the commission was reviewing the decision. The Justice Department, which argued the case before Judge Melgren, didn’t return a message seeking comment. — The Washington Times.

Missouri is about to join Kansas and Arizona.  A bill is making its way through the legislature, not as stringent as Kansas nor Arizona, that would require photo-ID for registering to vote and for voting.

JEFFERSON CITY • The question of whether voters should have to carry a photo ID to the polls could be decided on the ballot in 2014.

The Missouri House on Thursday [February 27, 2014] approved measures to require photo identification, but the changes to the state’s constitution require approval by voters. Senate President Pro Tem Tom Dempsey, R-St. Charles, said he would like to put the issue to a vote of the people.

Proponents of a requirement that voters present a photo ID or cast a provisional ballot argue it will increase the integrity of the election process. Rep. Stanley Cox, R-Sedalia, sponsored the constitutional amendment.

“We deserve the protection of photo identification at the moment the vote is cast,” Cox said. — St. Louis Today.

Opponents in each of these three cases claim that requiring ID, either a photo-ID or proof of citizenship, is an impediment and a form of discrimination. That is a facetious argument because many other entities, from government to merchandisers, require some form of photo-ID to conduct business—a fact opponents continually ignore.

The basis of this ruling, according to US District Judge Eric F. Melgren, was the US Constitution. The judge said the Constitution gives states the power to determine voter qualifications, and if states want to insist on proof of citizenship, the election commission cannot overrule them.”



With the beginning of the political season come political tricks. Some would call it political fraud. What is it? Democrats are filing as ‘Pubs in the primary and RINO ‘Pubs conniving with dem political activists to run against ‘Pub incumbents. For democrats, it’s business as usual. For RINOs, it proves they have no core values nor party loyalty.

Here are a few examples. There is an Associate Circuit Judge who was appointed by democrat governor Jay Nixon to fill an unfinished term in the 17th Circuit. This judge had run for office before as a democrat. She’s now filed to run for the full judicial term—as a ‘Pub. Is she now a ‘Pub? No, and I know of no one who does believe she’s had a political change. She’s running because ‘Pubs, for the last decade, have come to power in Cass County. She knows if she runs as a dem she will likely lose—as she did before. If she runs as a ‘Pub, however…well then, it a new ball game.

How about another example? Jeff Cox is Cass County’s Presiding Commissioner. He was elected to fill the uncompleted term as Presiding Commissioner when the previous Commissioner was determined to be ineligible to hold office. Now, Jeff Cox is running for a full term. He’s opposed by a member of the county oligarchy. This week, he picked up another primary opponent.

Who is this opponent? He is another democrat filing as a ‘Pub. This candidate is an unknown. He  recently moved back to Cass County and now lives in one of the few democrat strongholds left in the county. How do we know he’s a democrat? He said so on his Facebook page. He’s has now changed his Facebook page. Here’s a before snapshot.

Keithg_Wunder_1Look in the lower right corner. “Political views: democrat. I looked at his page this morning. He’s created a new FB entry. This one has no political declaration. Yes, he’s a democrat infiltrator masquerading as a ‘Pub to disrupt the ‘Pub primary.

An informant has told me that seven union reps traveled to Jeff City to file for state representatives—as ‘Pubs. I’m not surprised the unions would do this. They are terrified of Right-to-Work. They continue to spew lies about it. The real reason is that Right-to-Work would turn off their money spigot. All that coerced money would dry up. The unions NEED that money. They’re the top funding sources for democrats.

It’s democrat dirty tricks and tactics—business as usual for the party of lies and deceit. What can we do? Out them at every opportunity. Expose their lies and show them for what they are.

The chickeeeens have come hoooome…

Those of us who are conservative in our politics and outlook in life knew this was coming. Obama and the democrat leadership in Washington is, and has always been, a joke. We knew the world thought so. Now, Putin has rubbed our faces in the mess of that lack of leadership in Washington. Others around the world are taking advantage of that joke.

We are seeing the consequences of the democrat and liberal rape of our nation. We are astonishingly in debt. We have massive unemployment. Our borders are open to our enemies and criminals and our military has been eviscerated and is worn out. The military is being lead by political generals, useless and unable to lead and they are creating more dissension in the ranks. Just ten years ago we were the most powerful and recognized leader in the world. All that is gone. We’re now the mockery of the world and Putin has proved it.

Mockery greets Obama’s new sanctions against Russian officials after Crimea action

Points for Politicians

St. Patrick's Day Parade

St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Mrs. Crucis and I had a great weekend. Locally, a number of small towns and cities had St. Patrick’s Day parades on Saturday. Kansas City will have theirs today.

KC used to have theirs on Saturday, too, but the ‘purists’ complained. So now, KC has theirs on the 17th, a workday, disrupting traffic, blocking a number of major thoroughfares, filling parking lots leaving regular employees without spaces, and giving the unmotivated an excuse to skip work, watch the parade, drink and get drunk. It’s an annual affair in KC.

“You’re against the Irish!” some will say. No, I’m half Scots-Irish. My grandmother was born outside Dublin, my grandfather was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. I’m not against Irish, I’m against the stereotypical drunken Irishman.


Jack Bondon, MO District 55

There is another significance with St. Patrick’s Day. It’s the beginning of the political campaign season, the first big event for the pols to parade before their constituents to make their names known.  Mrs. Crucis and I walked in the parade Saturday to support a friend who is running for State Representative. The parade was in his state district, and, he asked me to walk for him. I will be walking in support for other candidates in the future when more parades and cities festivals are scheduled.

Local elections are the entry levels for politicians. For some, it is running for city council. For others, it may be running for county or state office. But there is one thing many have in common—it’s their first step into the political arena; how can they stand out from their opposition?

I am no political campaign strategist. I’m just an observer. I’ve seen tactics that work, and don’t work. First tip to politicians: Don’t lie to the people. You will be caught sooner or later. Don’t pretend to be what you aren’t.

Case in point. A state representative in another part of Missouri ran, in the last election, as a conservative, supporting a number of conservative issues like the 2nd Amendment. Last year, the Legislature passed a bill that included a number of items to support the 2nd Amendment and expand self-defense and gun rights in Missouri. Despite all his talk, his campaign promises, when push came to shove, this representative’s support wavered. He stood in the background and did not support his fellow conservatives. He’s up for reelection. This time, last I was told, he faces a number of primary opponents.

What is the lesson for politicians in this example? The pol I described above was all talk. He claimed he supported gun rights. After his failure to support those claims, opponents began to investigate his background. What did they find? This so-called 2nd Amendment supporter did not own any firearms. He didn’t have a CCW certificate. He did not hunt. He did not subscribe to any of the more popular organizations like the NRA, GOA, 2nd Amendment Foundation, or JPFO. So how could he really claim to support the 2nd Amendment? He couldn’t. I expect he will be out of office come January, deposed in the primary.

Who is supporting you is also critical. Opensecrets.org will show who financed incumbents. When you see who is financing your opponent, make sure YOUR supporters are those whom you would be proud to acknowledge.

In the last election, a state representative decided to run for an open State Senator seat. He ran as a conservative…until it came to unions and Right to Work. A major source of his funding and support came from unions. His major opponent was well known for supporting Right to Work…as were ‘Pubs in general. The candidate couldn’t support some of the issues that his party did. In the end, he lost the primary. He could not distinguish himself, as a ‘Pub, from democrats.

How can you separate the RINOs from the real conservatives? See if they get union funding. The unions fund liberals, democrats, and RINOs. If a ‘Pubbie takes union money, he’s sold his soul. Don’t vote for him, he’ll betray you when it counts.

The opposite is also true. In the last election cycle, a friend ran for office on the democrat ticket. He refused union money. Strangely, the promised funding from other democrat organizations failed to appear. Democrats commonly use unions to launder campaign money. It’s the democrat way.

Some campaign strategists say that funding is the major point in winning elections. Those who raise the most money, wins. Often, that is the case. However, you must also have core principles and be consistent with them. How often have we been sold a political product only to discover that product was an empty suit who had no principles other than to gain political power? John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are excellent examples. In Missouri, Chris Koster started his political life as a ‘Pub county prosecutor. Then he turned his coat to be a democrat to run for Attorney General.

It’s the ‘buts’ that lose elections. In the last election cycle, the state senatorial candidate mentioned above, lost because of a ‘but.’ “I’m a conservative,” he said, “but…not for Right-to-Work.” Others have said, “I’m for the 2nd Amendment, but…only for hunting.”

If you claim to be conservative, you can’t be a partial conservative. The time for fence sitters is over. The nation and the states are heading for a crisis and it’s time for taking sides. Candidates can no longer say they are fiscal conservatives but not social conservatives. The two are irrevocably linked. You principles cannot shift in the wind of political events. You can’t be against Obamacare and then vote to allow funding—as did many ‘Pubs in Congress a few weeks ago. They think we’ll forget. We won’t. The time for allow such hypocrisy has ended.

You cannot claim to support smaller government, reducing welfare, lowering taxes while advocating for open immigration and amnesty for illegals. The whole world does NOT have a right to live here, usurping the heritage built by our parents and ancestors and existing on the largess of those who built this country. The excuse, “they do jobs our citizens won’t,” is a lie. The truth is that illegals undermine state economies across the country taking work from citizens while contributing nothing back to those same economies in taxes.

Politicians, establish your core principles and stand by them. There are as many critical issues at the local level as there are at the national level, such as Common Core in Education, Sustainability, a relabeling of Agenda 21, that attacks our property rights, to ponzi-scheme TIF arrangements that bankrupts cities when the promised revenue never arrives. In fact, if you do a bit of Google research, you will find strong connections between Sustainability, TIF financing and local governments, and the educational failure of Common Core.

So, politicians, be sure where you stand, what you support and what your opponents do or don’t support. All will provide issues to separate you from the herd, make yourself known to the electorate and find common ground with them while separating those voters from your opponents.

Now go, be that fiscal and social conservative you say you are, support your local towns and cities, end Common Core and make your local school board responsible and accountable for education—don’t let them shift the blame to the state or the feds, end the ‘Sustainability’ fraud the curtails property rights and allows government to seize your property because they say you aren’t using it properly, support the 2nd Amendment and halt the wave of statist attempts to disarm the people of this nation.

Be aware, that in the end, it is these issues and more that are the conservative core and it is the 2nd Amendment that preserves the Constitution and liberty for all…not for just a few elitists.

Go…and win!

Friday Follies for March 14, 2014

Coyotes are back. Mrs. Crucis and I were awaken around 1:30am when several coyotes started howling. That was soon followed by yipping, then growling and fighting. I fear one of my neighbors let their pet stay outside in the warmer weather and they became lunch for the coyotes.


If you are not, what Rush calles a ‘low information’ voter, or not interested in the news, you may not have seen this Drudge headline:


It appears the FBI investigators were getting too close and were about to get the real dirt on Harry Reid. Holder couldn’t let that happen, so he recalled the FBI. They asked, and someone granted permission, to give the local Utah prosecutors their case…along with all the evidence. It’s up to those local prosecutors, now, to do the job that rightfully belongs to the FBI. ‘Course, that assumes we have a law-abiding federal administration, not the criminals currently in authority in the DOJ.


Chrissy Matthews must have read my post earlier this week. He’s throwing in the towel on the dems retaining the Senate after November.

Chris Matthews is already bracing for a disappointing November for Democrats, and he sees little that can be done to change that outcome.

“It’s going to be very hard to hold the Senate — I think the Senate goes,” he said on Morning Joe on Thursday. “I think we heard from the Ghost of Christmas Future this week; they’re going to lose the Senate,” he added, referring to Republican David Jolly’s victory Tuesday in Florida’s special congressional election.

Matthews offered his own campaign advice for Democrats if they want to minimize the damage this fall: Go all-in on scare tactics. He encouraged Democrats to up the ante on various issues, such as framing voter-ID laws as attacks on minorities and pro-life measures as attacks on abortion rights. — The National Review.

According to Matthews, the only hope for democrats is to lie and smear their opponents. Isn’t that business as usual for democrats?

Matthews looked at the results of the Florida Jolly (R) vs. Sink (D) election and panicked. The democrats used their usual tactics in a district that twice voted for Obama. It was a done deal, they thought.

Sink campaigned on the usual democrat Eco-wacko topics and attempted to paint Jolly is a “flat-earth” denier. Jolly didn’t take the bait. Instead he hammered on one issue—time, after time, after time: Obamacare. Jolly, an unknown Washington lobbyist won. Sink, the democrat golden-girl didn’t.

‘Pubbies, there is a lesson there if you’re smart enough to learn it.


Erick Erickson has a column today about Lindsey Graham selling us out on another ‘hot mic’ incident recently. Do you ever wonder why you never hear about these incidents on the MSM. You shouldn’t. They only mention ‘hot mic’ bloopers when it affects ‘pubs. In this case, they didn’t want anyone to know Graham was betraying us again—especially before a primary.

IMF Bailout Exposes Schism in Party

Daniel Horowitz (Diary)  | 

If you are looking for an illustration of why we need to replace most of these failed Republican incumbents, look no further than Lindsey Graham’s hot mic comment to John Kerry today.

As I noted earlier, Senate Democrats have attached to the Ukraine bill an IMF bailout that will weaken our power on the international stage.  McConnell and the Senate Republican Surrender Conference are willing to capitulate.  However, as of now, Speaker Boehner is opposed to the IMF provision.  Take a look at this video and watch Lindsey Graham sell us out to Kerry.   After Kerry pitched the IMF proposal to the Senate committee, Graham was caught reassuring Kerry: “Hey John, good job. Let me know what I can do to help you with Boehner.”

This type of behavior will not change with a Senate majority so long as the same members are in charge.

On the other hand, Senator Cruz is taking the lead on the issue.  He is sending a letter to Senate colleagues urging them to oppose this rider to the Ukraine loan bill.


Obama continually amazes me with his stupidity and lack of business and economic sense. I guess if you’re a ‘community organizer’ you don’t need intelligence. His latest scheme for income equality concerns overtime.

Obama signs order to revise overtime pay rules

By |

President Obama on Thursday unveiled his latest initiative to boost workers’ pay, saying he wanted to “restore the common-sense principle behind overtime.”

Obama signed an executive order directing the Labor Department to develop new rules to expand the number of Americans who can receive overtime pay. The president was joined by workers he said would benefit from the strengthened rules at a White House event.

The move is the latest executive action Obama has taken this year to push his economic agenda in the face of opposition from the GOP-controlled House. He has signed orders raising the minimum wage for new federal contract workers and created new public-private partnerships on manufacturing and education.

Obama has said that he will work with Congress on his economic agenda where he can but will move unilaterally where lawmakers fail to act.

“I’m going to do what I can on my own to raise wages for more hardworking Americans,” the president pledged.

“I’m going to use my pen to give more Americans the chance to earn the overtime pay they deserve,” he continued. “If you have to work more, you should get paid more.”

The president is asking Labor Secretary Thomas Perez to expand the number of workers who qualify for overtime by revising an exemption that allows employers to avoid paying overtime to employees deemed to have managerial positions and who are paid more than $455 a week.

For most of my working life, I’ve been salaried. I did work hourly for a short period before I went into the Air Force (no overtime allowed per union rules.) Thereafter I was in salaried positions as a manager or as a professional. My boss told me that being salaried meant I never had to ask for overtime. I was paid to get the job done, not by the hour. He was right. I usually worked more than forty hours per week. Often, much more than forty, much, much more.

The difference was that as a salaried manager or engineering profession, I wasn’t paid overtime…nor did I expect it. If I met my work goals, I kept my job. If I exceeded those goals, I received a bonus at the end of the year. Frequently those bonuses were five-digit ones.

Under Obama, that would all change. No more bonuses and overtime would be strictly regulated—read that is seldom. You see, overtime is an expense that must be budgeted and funded up front.

Bonuses are paid from the profits you helped make for your employer. No profits, no bonus. Overtime, however, has to be paid, if actually worked, regardless of profitability.

What will be the result of this scheme? Fewer jobs. The cost of doing business just went up. Employers must budget costs against expected revenue. If that revenue doesn’t appear, the company takes a profitability hit. No profits, no jobs.

Democrats and liberal just can’t, or won’t, understand that simple piece of business math. Increased cost, such as making all those formerly salaried jobs, hourly, is a cost…an expense. It’s no joke Rush Limbaugh calls his show and his products, ‘profit’ centers. All too many employers have people work in ‘cost’ centers.

What’s the difference? HR, for example, is an expense, a cost of doing business.  Their primary purpose is to insure a company complies with employment—local, state, and federal, law. Salesmen sell. They bring revenue to the company. They are a profit center. HR = cost, Sales = revenue. HR is on the expense side the balance sheet, Sales are on the income side of that same sheet. When costs exceeds or equals income, the company makes no profit. No profit, no company and no jobs. Isn’t that easy to understand?

Obama is just stupid, stupid, stupid!


‘Tis Thursday

It’s not quite the Ides of March, but it’s close. This is a special week; a number of friends have birthdays this week and Mrs. Crucis and I will have our 46th wedding anniversary this coming weekend.

On top of it all, a good friend, who blogs under the name Old NFO, has a book out. If you like thrillers and mysteries, I urge you to buy this book: The Grey Man: -Vignettes.

The Bad Guys Don’t Stand a Chance

TGMVignettesTexas rancher and lawman John Cronin knows what it means to be tough. A decorated Vietnam vet with connections to law enforcement agencies all around the world, he’s thwarted smugglers and drug plots across the globe with more than a few narrow escapes. Whether it’s a sniper competition or teaching the feds a thing or two about police work, Cronin doesn’t hesitate to pull the trigger. Of course, this slow-talking lawman’s biggest challenge yet might be when his granddaughter Jesse falls in love with a Marine. When drug smugglers stir up trouble in Cronin’s backyard and try to kill Jesse and her new beau, all hell breaks loose, and Cronin and his granddaughter are just the people to set things right.

You can read more about The Grey Man, here.


Ann Coulter is a massive disappointment. At one time, I respected her. She attacked liberals exposing their lies and underlying motives. She’s still attacking, except…now she’s attacking conservatives and backing the GOP establishment…RINOs, in other words like Mitch McConnell.

In September, 2013, Coulter couldn’t say enough good about Ted Cruz and supported him against liberal attacks. Now, it’s 2014 and Coulter has made 180º turn.

Just compare her statements, then: But instead of attacking Obamacare and the breathtaking hypocrisy of the Democrats over this massively unpopular law, far too many Republicans have been spending their time attacking Ted Cruz.” and now, in 2014, she supports those attacking Ted Cruz and the Tea Party.

First conservative icon Thomas Sowell turned on Ted Cruz, now it appears that Ann Coulter is souring on the Texas Republican as well.

Sowell published two columns this week slamming Cruz for being self-serving. Coulter praised the first of Sowell’s columns in a tweet Wednesday.

Later, in an appearance on Fox News’ “Hannity” Wednesday night, Coulter doubled down on her praise of Sowell’s anti-Cruz column: ”I never push anyone else’s column but mine. Today everyone has got to read Thomas Sowell’s article.”

During the “Hannity” segment, Coulter attacked tea party groups for being filled with “shysters” and “conmen,” naming specifically the Senate Conservatives Fund as an example. The Senate Conservatives Fund was a key outside group that supported Cruz in his fight to “Defund Obamacare” last fall, which ultimately led to a government shutdown.

“And these people are just trying to get money off good Americans by saying we’re going after ‘establishment Republicans,” Coulter complained about tea party groups like the Senate Conservatives Fund. “How about going after Democrats?”

“Do not trust anyone who says they are trying to defeat ‘establishment Republicans,’” she added. — The Daily Caller.

Coulter appears to be speaking out of both sides of her mouth. She can’t get away with supporting Cruz five months ago and then supporting the Cruz-bashers now. Her attacks against the Tea Party is ludicrous as is her support today for the GOP establishment—read that as supporting McConnell and Boehner.

She claims that ‘Pubs must win regardless. Wrong, Ann Coulter, electing ‘Pubs who rollover and vote like democrats is a defeat. The way for the country to win is to elect conservatives.

Why is Coulter flipping? Maybe because her consulting company is dependent on the GOP establishment for income? Maybe because McConnell and Boehner have threatened that if she doesn’t support them and attack conservatives she’ll no longer get those lucrative speaking gigs? Or, just maybe, Coulter has been a fraud all along whose allegiance is not to a republican philosophy or conservative principles, but to the all-mighty dollar? Likely it’s all-of-the-above.

Twice is a…

There is an old saying, in a variety of versions, that says, “Once is chance, twice is coincidence, third time is a pattern.” Some attribute the quote to Ian Fleming in Goldfinger. Others attribute it to other sources.

David Jolly, winner of Florida’s 13th Congressional District election.

That quote came to mind this morning with the news of David Jolly’s win yesterday in the race for Florida’s 13th Congressional district. Jolly, the republican candidate, won in a field of three. Opposing him was democrat Alex Sink and libertarian Lucas Overby. Jolly won 48.4 percent of the votes, Sink received 46.6 percent, and also-ran Overby garnered less than 5 percent of the votes.

This is the second time a ‘Pub won a contested race where the democrat candidate was expected to win. “The race [in Florida’s 13th District] was seen as a tossup, though Obama carried the district twice and Alex Sink took it in her failed 2010 gubernatorial bid against Republican Rick Scott,” said David West of the Brookings Institute.

Last summer, the first shoe dropped. Second Amendment supporter Samuel Belsito, running on the ‘Pub ticket, beat a democrat for a Connecticut Congressional seat.

Connecticut’s 53rd House District traditionally has been viewed as safely Democratic. Yet Samuel Belsito, a 70-year-old Republican businessman, broke a 40-year stranglehold last week and won a special election over Democratic candidate Anthony J. Horn. — Washington Times.

What is more interesting is that Belsito won AFTER the Sandy Hook shootings! Despite the panic generated by anti-gun liberals in the state, Belsito broke a 40-year run of democrat control of that House seat.Belsito was the first shoe to drop, Jolly was the second, who will be the third that sets the pattern?

Belsito won by upholding the 2nd Amendment. Jolly won due to his opposition tp Obamacare and his vow to vote to repeal it. I wonder what national issue will be the next one to be tested at the polls? Border Security? Immigration? Amnesty? National Security? Restoration of our military? The list is endless.


Erick Erickson in Red State today, published an acerbic column lambasting Mitch McConnell. It’s too good to not quote because I agree with it in its entirety.

Judgment and Leadership

By: Erick Erickson (Diary)  |  March 12th, 2014 at 04:30 AM

Charlie Crist, now running as a Democrat for Governor of Florida, could be a United States Senator.

Trey Grayson, now working for a super PAC to elect Democrats, could be a United States Senator too.

Bob Bennett, who joined Democrats to come up with a federal individual mandate, could still be a United States Senator.

Arlen Specter, who recently passed away, could have died still a sitting United States Senator.

David Dewhurst, the moderate to liberal Republican Lieutenant Governor of Texas now struggling to stay elected after a conservative wave through the Lone Star State, could be a Senator.

All of these men were supported by Mitch McConnell either openly or behind the scenes. All of these men are the men McConnell wanted to surround himself with.

Imagine a United States Senate with Charlie Crist and Arlen Specter and without Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and Ted Cruz. That is the United States Senate that Mitch McConnell wanted.

Now McConnell says of the new crop of conservative candidates that he wants to “crush them everywhere.” He calls conservatives traitors, fringe, and drunk.

Mitch McConnell backed Charlie Crist against Marco Rubio.

Mitch McConnell backed Trey Grayson against Rand Paul.

Mitch McConnell backed Bob Bennett against Mike Lee.

Mitch McConnell backed David Dewhurst against Ted Cruz.

Mitch McConnell backed Arlen Specter against Pat Toomey.

It is time to back Matt Bevin against Mitch McConnell.

McConnell and his butt-buddy Boehner both need to go.