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Tellin’ it like it is

New Jersey is undergoing a cultural and economic—not a crisis, but certainly “learning events.”  New Jersey, for decades, spent money like, well like democrats.  They spent as if there was no tomorrow and tomorrow has now arrived. Now, New Jersey is nearly bankrupt. Governor Chris Christie is fighting a holding battle against that bankruptcy and is slowly winning.

Recently, Christie met with some Firemen and Police officers. There weren’t the usual union thugs disrupting the event. It was an open discussion of spending cuts and reality.  The days of free healthcare, monstrous pensions, sinecure union jobs are gone.  Yes, it’s painful. Recovery from the economic rape by the democrats from the last several decades will take a long time and success is not  assured.

I can’t embed the video for some reason, but here’s a link.,AAAACEcotwk~,gYcGnPAbE5DRD2F-d4EW6eHYmGU1d3p5&bclid=0&bctid=763052194001             

Michelle Bachmann and the Tea Party on the SOTU

Rachel Maddow had a hissy fit about Michelle Bachman’s Tea Party response to BO’s State of the Union speech.  She wondered why there was “two Republican” responses to BO’s usual pack o’ lies.  Here’s a link to the video

Rachel Maddow stoops to tell US what the Tea Party is or is not, to tell US whether Michelle Bachman is a national spokesman or not.  She, who is a spokesman for the liberal ruling class attempts to dictate to us.  Just like a dem.

I’ve news for Maddow, the dems and for some ‘Pubs.  The Tea Party may not yet be a national political party.  But—if the ‘Pubs don’t get their act together it will.  The actions of some congressmen, who were elected by leveraging the Tea Party and then attempted to make nice with the dems, like Scott Brown and Marco Rubio, will find their political careers cut short. 

Some, like Boehner and McConnell, appear to know this.  Others, like Lindsey Graham, will find themselves on the chopping block the next election.  There are lessons to be learned…if the ‘Pubs, the ‘pub establishment, are receptive.  If not, there will be a third party, the Tea Party, and here is our flag. 

For a closing today, here’s a link to Sarah Palin’s response as well.                

A Man You Don’t Mess With

Here’s a quick ‘n dirty for today.  I just came across this.  

For your enjoyment!

 POKHARA, Jan 13: Gorkha soldiers have long been known the world over for their valor and these khukuri-wielding warriors winning the British many a battle have become folklore. 
A retired Indian Gorkha soldier recently revisited those glory days when he thwarted 40 robbers, killing three of them and injuring eight others, with his khukuri during a train journey. He is in line to receive three gallantry awards from the Indian government.
Much more at the website.

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I’ll be busy working on a computer for a church lady today that will take most of my time. Check back later, if I get finished earlier than expected, or tomorrow.


Random thoughts for Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tonight, Obama will speak before Congress and give his required (Article II, Section 3) State of the Union address. It appears this section of the US Constitution is one of the few parts Obama intends to uphold.  It’s ironic that until the advent of electronic communication (radio), this report was written and delivered to Congress by messenger.  It is now a circus designed solely to score political points. Obama will attempt to present himself as a “centrist” while repeating the same topics, the same programs, the same failing schemes that he’s done before—and failed at every one.

According to The New York Times, President Obama’s speech will describe his “five pillars” for ensuring America’s competitiveness and economic growth. He must be hoping that the American people already forgot about his first “five pillars” of economic growth that he unveiled at Georgetown University in April 2009. The President’s present pillar panel is pretty much the same as the old one. “Deficit reduction” and “investments” in education are completely unchanged. “New Investments in Renewable Energy” has been repackaged to the more centrist-friendly “New Investments in Infrastructure.” Out are “New Investments in Health Care” and “New Rules for Wall Street.” In are “innovation” and “reforming government.” As Charles Krauthammer pointed out almost two years ago, Obama’s rhetoric is a mirror image of President Jimmy Carter’s and his policies are no different either. Tonight’s speech is just old school 1970s tax and spend liberalism in sleek new Obama packaging.

Obama’s an empty suit.  The country will rejoice when we’re rid of him in 2012.


The morning news is filled with comments about two newly elected, Tea Party backed Senators—Scott Brown, R-MA, and Marco Rubio, R-FL.  The former, who proclaimed the MA senate seat wasn’t a Kennedy legacy, is cozying up with Barney Frank and other Massacusetts liberals.  He’s also making remarks that the Tea Party is no longer a power-weilder in the country. In short, he’s stabbed in the back those who put him in office.

It’s sad that Marco Rubio is making similar negative statements about the Tea Party while supporting efforts of the old Republican establishment—dedicated enemies of the Tea Party who want to end their control of the party.

Both of these ‘Pub senators had better back-track quickly or they’ll find themselves out on the street come their next election.  The Tea Party will not be mocked and we have long memories.  If Brown and Rubio continue on their current path, they’ll find themselves one-term senators.


Finally, something to make you chuckle and think.  From Scott Muir, creator of Day-by-Day. Click on the strip for a better view.

I make no secret that I’m a Sarah Palin fan.  All the other “leading” candidates have been blessed by the old Republican establishment. Romney is no conservative and Hucklebee isn’t known as “The Huckster” for nothing.  Neither have any core beliefs and have morphed leaning with every political wind that promises some advantage.  I like Chris Muir’s statement above—Sarah Palin fights!           

Waive Taxes?

I was having an e-mail discussion with some friends on methods that would quickly provide more jobs.  There were a number of suggestions but one struck a cord—waive some taxes.

Now this would seem to have some “unintended consequences. (Where have we seen that!?)” But let’s consider this a moment.  What would be the effect if some taxes were waived for a period of time.  Obama thinks it’s workable. He’s agreed to waive, i. e., don’t raise income taxes for another two years.  Would this help turn around our economy.

Consensus is that, while it’s unknown yet if extending the Bush tax rates for another two year will improve the business climate, at least it won’t hurt.  Most of those knowledgeable think business will just hunker down and wait to see what happens in 2012.  The consensus is that all this extension does is forestall business decisions while they wait to see what the “permanent” tax rates will be.

What about the state level?  The majority of business is small business—the plumber who cleans that stopped up drain, your corner dry-cleaners, the Mom ‘n Pop diners, your local mechanic.  These business often live on the margin of success or failure.  Small business employs more people that the mega-corps.  Small businesses, too, are at the forefront of growth.  Anything that keeps them in business, that keeps them employing people, is a good thing.

A tactic some states are considering to help these small businesses is a corporate tax holiday—waive corporate income tax for a year, two years, longer perhaps to cushion the damage done by the FedGov and give these business some respite and allow them to continue.  A waiver would keep these businesses in operation and keep people employed—perhaps allow these businesses enough margin to grow, to expand and hire more people.

A man once said, I forget who at the moment, that growth occurs at the bottom.  Perhaps it’s time to put that thought into action.