The next battlefield—Kansas

The Battle of Mississippi in the GOP civil war is drawing to a close. The result is still in doubt. For the establishment GOP its Pyrrhic victory may evolve to defeat in November.

Chris McDaniel is investigating what appears to be massive vote fraud—democrats crossing over to vote in the run-off. That’s illegal in Mississippi. More than 1,000 fraudulent votes have been found already. Haley Barbour is being investigated about robo-calls to black claiming a McDaniel win will mean an end to welfare and other false claims. Reports of vote buying by the GOP establishment are also under investigation, one that may cause Cochran being removed from the ballot in November. The Washington GOP, through the NRSC, had dumped a ton of money into Mississippi to support Thad Cochran.

Why would a Cochran victory be Pyrrhic? Because the GOP has tainted the well. If Cochran versus the democrat is the choice in November, why would the GOP expect all those alienated conservatives to vote for Cochran? If that is the choice, I would expect conservatives to just not vote for Cochran and the democrat may win. When people see no clear choice, they may choose to not choose at all.

The NRSC is doing the same in another state—Kansas. Pat Roberts, a 47-year Washington veteran who hasn’t lived in Kansas for decades, is being challenged by Dr. Milton Wolf. The NRSC is dumping more and more money into Kansas against Wolf—another Tea Partier challenging a GOP establishment stalwart and political rubber-stamp.

Remember Mississippi, and FIGHT. LIKE. HELL. in Kansas

This Independence Day, the American Revolution endures

Conservatives, this is your call to arms, and Kansas is the battlefield.

The truth of the Mississippi Betrayal hurts. GOP party bosses have declared an all-out war on conservatives and betrayed our Republican Party itself in the process. The GOP establishment in general and the National Republican Senate Committee (NRSC) in particular have some serious explaining to do.

America is descending into a struggle, less about Republicans versus Democrats and more about the permanent ruling class versus the American citizens. The NRSC betrayed the wishes of its Republican donors by diverting their hard-earned money from their stated goal of defeating Democrats and instead used the funds in Mississippi where they defeated a conservative Republican. The betrayal included outrageous and false charges of racism against a fellow Republican where they actually joined league with liberal Democrats including explosive evidence that Sen. Thad Cochran’s campaign possibly funded an illegal vote-buying scheme.

The party boss behind the NRSC’s bone-headed betrayal is Kansas’ own Sen. Jerry Moran. The NRSC spent over $200 thousand and deployed an army of staffers and volunteers to knock tens of thousands of doors and ring tens of thousands of phones in Mississippi to join league with liberal Democrats and defeat Chris McDaniel for the sin of being a constitutional conservative.

This was never about defeating Democrats or winning a Republican majority in the Senate. RNC chairman Reince Priebus admitted that Mississippi was not in play for Democrats. Faced with the ugly truth on the KCMO Morning Show with Greg Knapp, NRSC Chairman Sen. Jerry Moran confessed, “First of all, the NRSC is not the Republican Party.” He excused the betrayal with an  unusually candid confession that the NRSC “supports Republican incumbent senators to help them get reelected. That’s an important aspect of its mission.”

Kansas is the new Ground Zero.

And now the NRSC is circling the wagons around another insider favorite, my GOP primary opponent, Sen. Pat Roberts who has been in Washington for 47 years. Like Thad Cochran, Roberts’ record is lackluster at best. Roberts is posing as a conservative during an election year. Before I challenged him, however, Pat Roberts’ 2012 scorecard at Club For Growth was 55 and at FreedomWorks was 54. He voted for Barack Obama’s $600 billion fiscal cliff tax hike and to raise the debt ceiling 11 different times. Pat Roberts even voted to put Kathleen Sebelius in charge of ObamaCare.

Perhaps most offensive, Pat Roberts doesn’t even have a home in Kansas. He first ran for Congress using a vacant lot in Dodge City (where he has never lived) as his official address. He scrambled to rent a bedroom from a donor where he brags that he has full access to the recliner.” (I’m going to give him permanent access to that recliner.) The Kansas GOP circled the wagons around Pat Roberts by empaneling a board of his public endorsers to declare he can remain on the ballot despite having declared that his Virginia home is his primary residence.

Playing the insider game, Sen. Pat Roberts contributed $5,000 from his PAC to Thad Cochran’s campaign which is now accused of the illegal Democrat vote-buying scandal.

We must start acting like the Americans we were meant to be: sovereign citizens of the republic, not subjects of a permanent ruling class. Our Founders conquered a continent and fought a revolution to escape a permanent ruling class. We must not be the generation that surrenders it. We must not squander the blessings of liberty they provided.

This Independence Day the American Revolution endures and the battlefield is Kansas. Step up. Join the revolution. Contribute. Volunteer. Say a prayer for our nation. Get involved.

Remember Mississippi, and FIGHT. LIKE. HELL. in Kansas.

Kansas Senator and NRSC Chairman Jerry Moran was on Greg Knapp’s local radio talk show. Knapp asked Moran directly about the NRSC’s role in the Mississippi primary and about the robo-calls and other reports of political abuse and illegalities. Moran, at first, didn’t answer the question, skirting the issue. Under pressure, he distanced himself claiming the NRSC had no control over expenditures after donating the money. Moran didn’t answer the followup question, “Who received the NRSC’s money?”

That same station is running back-to-back ads by the Robert’s campaign claiming Wolf ridiculed patient x-rays on Facebook. When pressed for proof, Robert’s people never responded but they continue to make the same unsupported claims. The say Wolf violated ethics conventions. They ignore Robert’s own ethics issues. A typical tactic of the GOP establishment.

The Missouri primary is less than a month away, August 5th. Missourians, like Kansans must make choices. Fortunately, the MO GOP is responding better than the leadership in Kansas and Mississippi. If they want to gain control of the Governor’s mansion and retain control of the statehouse, they had better support the grassroots conservatives across the state…or, else! Remember what happened to the Whigs.


Or…thank God it’s not Monday. all switched from Standard Time Sunday morning to Daylight Savings time. Of the two, I much prefer Daylight Savings and if I had my druthers, I would prefer that we do not change back come Fall.

I’ve gone through the house and have changed all the clocks and the one in my Tahoe. I think the only one not changed is the clock in Mrs. Crucis’ Hupmobile. Job done…except…for me and Mrs. C.

An advantage of being retired is that you don’t need to set alarms in the morning. For forty years, more or less, I awoke at 6am, showered, dressed and went off to work.

A few years ago, I started working from home. All I needed was a broadband internet connection. My employer provided a laptop, TCP/IP phone and a VPN connection to the corporate network. When I worked from home, I told friends my daily commute to work was thirty steps down to my office from upstairs. When I worked from home, I changed my wakeup time from 6am to 7:30am. I just had to be on-line no later than 8:30am.

That was great. Since then, I’ve retired and it seems that each day, I wake up a few minutes later. With the time change last weekend, every clock and timepiece has changed…except for Mrs. Crucis and myself.

Time change is still a work-in-progress…[yawn.]


Obama is still sweating the spying his administration is doing through the NSA. He and the NSA hit a major speed-bump this week. The NSA lost a court battle to allow them to keep telephone metadata longer than five years.

I had read the article earlier this week. When I made a search this morning, I found no mention of the court decision from the major news outlets. Articles were there earlier in the week, where have they gone? The first article I found was from The Verge, not a major news outlet like CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, WaPo. On reflection, those alphabet organizations aren’t news outlets any longer, having long devolved into liberal propaganda organs.

Here is the report from The Verge.

Court blocks government’s request to keep NSA phone records longer than five years

By Adi Robertsonon

The court in charge of overseeing NSA surveillance has nixed a plan to keep American phone records in government databases for longer than five years. In an opinion published today, Judge Reggie Walton said that privacy protection laws overrode the government’s argument that it needed to retain evidence for EFF and ACLU lawsuits, denying a request that the Department of Justice made in February. Such a move “would further infringe on the privacy interests of United States persons whose telephone records were acquired in vast numbers and retained by the government,” said Walton. “The government seeks to retain these records, not for national security reasons, but because some of them may be relevant in civil litigation in which the destruction of those very same records is being requested.”

The groups that might need the NSA’s evidence don’t actually want it

The FISA court, which made this ruling, has previously decided that the NSA can collect phone metadata in bulk but must destroy it after five years. The Department of Justice, however, pointed to a ban on destroying evidence that was pertinent to a court case. By that estimation, since the ACLU, EFF, and others have filed suit over the phone record database, that made it illegal to purge the records. It promised, however, to make the records unsearchable by NSA agents, ostensibly resolving privacy concerns.

This argument, however, didn’t convince the court. One point of contention was that the actual parties involved have expressed mostly confusion over the plan. In February, ACLU legal director Jameel Jaffer called the move a “distraction” from the real issues. “We don’t have any objection to the government deleting these records. While they’re at it, they should delete the whole database.” EFF attorney Mark Rumold, meanwhile, agreed “in principle” with the government’s request, but he expressed doubt it was acting in good faith. “It’s disheartening to see the government try to hold the privacy of all Americans hostage to score PR points,” he said.

In short, the groups that would be benefiting from having evidence retained didn’t necessarily want it, and the Department of Justice made only a perfunctory case for keeping it. “The government makes no attempt to explain why it believes the records” are relevant, said Walton. The rules for collecting data, meanwhile, are clear about the fact that it can only be kept for national security investigations. Granted, these rules have been very liberally interpreted in the past — the fact that all phone records are considered “relevant” to an investigation, for example, is highly controversial. But the court found that maintaining the database for a civil lawsuit didn’t fit the bill.

So why did it want the phone records in the first place? Walton said the request seemed to be motivated by “fear” that judges might censure it for destroying evidence, although he called that outcome “far-fetched.” As the EFF’s statement above implies, however, it’s possible it’s also an attempt to demonstrate that suing over an allegedly unconstitutional invasion of privacy will only cause more privacy violations.

A win for privacy. You may wonder why more hasn’t been made of this by the MSM? Perhaps it is due to another scheme of misdirection. Senator Diane Sweinstein, D-CA, wants an investigation of the CIA. Again, why? Because of possible CIA surveillance during the Bush years.

Yep, that’s right, whether it’s CIA spying or NSA data farming on our citizens, it’s all Bush’s fault.

Feinstein: CIA searched Intelligence Committee computers

By Ed O’Keefe and Adam Goldman,

The head of the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday sharply accused the CIA of violating federal law and undermining the constitutional principle of congressional oversight as she detailed publicly for the first time how the agency secretly removed documents from computers used by her panel to investigate a controversial interrogation program.Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) said that the situation amounted to attempted intimidation of congressional investigators, adding: “I am not taking it lightly.”She confirmed that an internal agency investigation of the action has been referred to the Justice Department for possible criminal prosecution. And she said that the CIA appears to have violated the Fourth Amendment, which bars unreasonable searches and seizures, as well as various federal laws and a presidential executive order that prevents the agency from conducting domestic searches and surveillance.

Ms Sweinstein didn’t bat an eye when the Obama administration bugged reporters and ransacked their offices. But, she can believe, despite having no proof, that Bush and his CIA bugged her and the Senate. That reminds me, the NSA still hasn’t answered the question whether they have been spying on members of Congress. Nor has Lerner testified before the House on the Obama administration using the IRS to oppress the Tea Party.

It’s just fine for Obama to spy and intimidate citizens, according to Ms Sweinstein. But let a myth appear and, “It’s all Bush’s fault!”


The closing topic today is one that applies to all levels of government. It applies to the city council who spend taxpayers money of frivolties like recreation centers, to County Commissioners in love with TIF, to Congressmen who vote for near Trillion dollar ag bills. Voters have a responsibility to remove legislators who waste taxpayer’s money.

RAHN: The responsibility to resist fiscally irresponsible politicians

Fiscal prudence must be carried from the kitchen table to the voting booth

To paraphrase Mr. Rahn’s column, voters have a responsibility to remove representatives, from local city councilmen, to county commissioners, state and federal legislators to the President of the United States, who violate the spending restrictions demanded by the citizenry.

We, the citizens and voters of this country, are failing in our duty.