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John Bolten

Former UN Ambassador John Bolton speaking before CPAC, February 27, 2015.

Mrs Crucis and I watched several speakers via CSPAN3 at the annual CPAC meeting yesterday. We watched Carly Fiorina, Scott Walker, Ted Cruz and Ben Carson. Sean Hannity lead the Q&A sessions. This morning, John Bolton speaking with Reince Priebus, Donald Trump and Jeb Bush coming up.

Rumor has it that there will be a ‘small’ protest when Jeb Bush speaks. It won’t be disruptive as it would if libs and dems were protesting. No, just a number of people will all make rest-room visits at the same time. I have to admit, if I were attending CPAC today, I’d have to get up and go as well when Jeb has his 20 minutes and attempts to explain his liberal dogma on Common Core and allowing illegal aliens to remain.

Laura Ingraham took Jeb Bush, his family and the Washington elites to task earlier this morning. Of course, the liberal MSM via their HuffPo and Media Matters propaganda outlets claimed she was attacking Jeb Bush’s wife. The MSM must have been listening to some one else speak because when i watched the video of Ingraham speech, she did not attack Mrs Bush. The MSM is lying once again.

Sean Hannity is up now to help loosen the crowd. You can tell he’s not running for any office. He’s loose and relaxed and is speaking off-the-cuff. He’d be a formidable speaker if he ever decided to run for office.

CPAC will continue today. More speakers will mount the podium. More speakers will rouse the crowd and receive ovations. The libs will hate every second of it and that, folks, makes me smile.

Marco Rubio, one of the possible candidates for Prez in 2016 made a Mea Culpa admission when he spoke before CPAC. He apologized for his earlier views on illegal immigration. He said, in essence, that he had a “come-to-Jesus” revelation.

Rubio: I’ve learned lesson on immigration

By Cameron Joseph,

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) told the Conservative Political Action Conference that he’s learned he was wrong on his approach to immigration reform.

Rubio, a onetime Tea Party favorite whose support for a comprehensive immigration reform package hurt him with the base, told the conservative crowd that he now understands U.S. borders must be secured before anything else can be done.

“It wasn’t very popular, I don’t know if you know that from some of the folks here,” Rubio said with a smile, earning laughs from the crowd, when asked about his earlier support for the bill by Fox News host Sean Hannity.

“You have 10 or 12 million people in this country, many of whom have lived here for longer than a decade, have not otherwise violated our law other than immigration laws, I get all that,” Rubio said. “But what I’ve learned is you can’t even have a conversation about that until people believe and know, not just believe but it’s proven to them that future illegal immigration will be controlled.”

That tone is a big change from his support for the 2013 bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform bill that badly wounded him with the GOP base, though it’s a return to the views he held before he joined the bipartisan group.

Rubio said recent border issues had proven his earlier approach was wrong, calling a border security first approach “the only way forward.”

“You can’t just tell people you’re going to secure the border, we’re going to do E-Verify, you have to do that, they have to see it, they have to see it working, and then they’re going to have a reasonable conversation with you about the other parts, but they’re not going to even want to talk about that until that’s done first. And what’s happened over the last two years, the migratory crisis this summer, the two executive orders, that’s even more true than it’s been

Rubio’s shift on the issue is the latest sign he’s leaning towards a presidential run, as he looks to repair relations with conservatives. It’s also a marked split from his former mentor and likely opponent, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R), who has doubled down on his support for immigration reform. 

Rubio isn’t my first choice for 2016. He’s not even my second nor third choice. He still has a lot of work to do to rebuild his credibility among conservatives. This admission, slight though it is, is a first step. I note he still thinks massive immigration is a good thing. Maybe, but only if it is through legal means, WITH QUOTAS, and strictly managed. Plus, anyone found in the US illegally must be sent back to wherever then came from…after a year or two at hard labor to repay the benefits they received without payment while in this country. Contrary to liberal myths, illegals don’t pay taxes. They’re parasites.

Thursday’s Thoughts

The FCC is about to vote on their seizure of the internet. There are five Commissioners, three dems and two ‘pubs. The new ruling was authored in the White House and handed to the democrat FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler to ram it through. The vote is expected to be along party lines. I first wrote about the nationalization of the internet earlier this month.

The title of the Rule-Making is a lie. It’s not about internet neutrality. It’s about government control of the means, infrastructure and content of the internet. If it is passed, nothing good will come of it and internet access costs WILL go up.


Did you hear that the DoJ had decided not to charge George Zimmerman in the Travon Martin case? The DoJ said there was insufficient evidence for any civil rights violation. What it meant was that the federal persecution of Zimmerman was finally over. Oh, the media did their part accusing Zimmerman of wife beating, girlfriend beating and of being a drunk. What they failed to tell you was that the two women admitted Zimmerman had done nothing. Their claims were lies.

An article appeared in the American Thinker with some thoughts on the actions of the DoJ, none of them complimentary.

Finally Cleared, Zimmerman Should Sue the DOJ

By Jack Cashill,  February 26, 2015

“In all criminal prosecutions,” reads the Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, “the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial.”  In its dangling of George Zimmerman over the pit of judicial hell for the last three years, the Obama Department of Justice (DOJ) violated the spirit of that amendment for no better reason than to pacify the Democrats’ increasingly bloodthirsty base.

Finally, on Tuesday of this week, the DOJ announced that it had found insufficient evidence to pursue federal criminal civil rights charges against Zimmerman.  A White House so seemingly appalled by torture had no qualms about torturing Zimmerman needlessly for nearly three years.  Indeed, within months of the February 26, 2012 shooting death of Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida, the DOJ knew it had no criminal case against Zimmerman, but it kept dangling him nonetheless.

The article continues with an in-depth examination at the American Thinker website.


CPAC is meeting with a long list of potential GOP candidates queued to speak. Dr. Ben Carson was one of the first and he seized ‘the third rail’ of democrat politics. The UK Daily Mail reported on his speech. (Why does this story not appear in the US media?)

Ben Carson charges Democrats with taking advantage of blacks, ‘trying to keep them suppressed and cultivate their votes’

  • Prominent black GOP presidential hopeful got aggressive at the Conservative Political Action Conference
  • ‘If you’re black and you oppose the progressive agenda, and you’re pro-life, and you’re pro-family, then they don’t know what to call you’
  • ‘It really is not compassionate to pat people on the head and say, “There, there, you poor little thing, I’m going to take care of all your needs”‘
  • Carson, a world-renowned retired pediatric neurosurgeon, hopes to follow Barack Obama with a right-wing black presidency

Dr. Ben Carson grabbed the Democratic Party’s third rail with both hands Thursday morning, launching a political attack based on his complaint that liberals are ‘making people dependent’ in majority-black American inner-cities.

Race politics have been the near-exclusive domain of the Democrats since the civil-rights era of the 1960s, and Barack Obama’s successful White House bid in 2008 solidified their position.

But Carson – the most prominent black Republican in the 2016 presidential picture – told the Conservative Political Action Conference near Washington, D.C. on Thursday that the Democrats now see African-Americans’ support as an entitlement – choosing to ‘keep them suppressed and cultivate their votes.’

‘SUPPRESSED!’: Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson told conservatives near the nation’s capitol on Thursday that Democrats are keeping black Americans dependent on government, and he’s the man to fix it. – UK Daily Mail

Scores of supporters chanting ‘Run, Ben Run!’ – almost exclusively white Americans – arrived with him.

Matthew Brown, a New York college student attending the conference, told Daily Mail Online that Carson is just hitting his stride.

‘He’s shaking people up and freaking people out,’ Brown said. ‘The days of a lily-white GOP are starting to fade, and the only people who seem to oppose this energetic and thoughtful black guy are teh Democrats. That should tell you something.’

Carson, who led off the conference, couched his talk of a presidential run and committed to little, outlining his positions ‘if I were to run – you have to say those things.’

Dr. Carson is a likable, charismatic speaker. He’s not afraid to attack the left’s sacred cows. I like much of his views…except for those of his concerning the 2nd Amendment and RKBA. He’s spoken about those views and they are soft…very soft. Still, he would be a better president than any democrat or RINO, i.e, Jeb Bush or Chris Christie.

CPAC: It’s feeding time!

It’s CPAC time again and the circus is on. Conservatives are throwing red meat to the attendees, the RINOs are attempting, and failing, to do the same. John Boehner had the good sense to not attend. He wasn’t invited and had no one who would invite him. McConnell on the other spoke before the audience, attempting to emulate Charlton Heston of old.

McConnell brought Senator Tom Coburn a flintlock Kentucky rifle. If McConnell thought that gesture would mollify 2nd Amendment advocates and conservatives overall, he was wrong. Besides, Heston did it better.

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If you listen to the MSM, even FOX, CPAC revolved around Chris Christie. How wrong they are. Bloomberg reported the session, disparaging Perry, Cruz and others, but praising Christie.

Cruz and Christie offered a glimpse of possible party fights to come with speeches yesterday that highlighted differing approaches for the 2016 campaign.

Christie, 51, told his audience that the party needs to focus on figuring out how to win again, after losses to Democrat Barack Obama in the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections.

“We’ve got to start talking about what we’re for and not what we’re against,” he said. “Our ideas are better than their ideas, and that’s what we have to stand up for.” — Bloomberg.

If you listen to Christie, the ‘Pubs lost in 2012, not because the GOP establishment pissed off their base, no, it was because the ‘Pubs didn’t suckup to enough border-line dems and liberals. Christie, blithely ignores the fact that there are no border-line dems and liberals. Jeb Bush has been parroting the same line in recent weeks.

Cruz, on the other hand, spoke against those failed tactics of former campaigns of Dole, McCain, and Romney.

Cruz, in his remarks, stressed the need for Republicans to clearly differentiate themselves from Democrats and ignore the advice of “D.C. consultants” who say “to not rock the boat.”

He pointed to the failed Republican presidential campaigns of former Senator Bob Dole in 1996, Senator John McCain of Arizona in 2008 and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney in 2012 as examples not to follow.

“Those are good men, they’re decent men, but when you don’t stand and draw a clear distinction, when you don’t stand for principle, Democrats celebrate,” he said.

Cruz, 43, also said the U.S. should “abolish” the Internal Revenue Service, “audit the Federal Reserve,” and “repeal every single word” of Obama’s health-care law.— Bloomberg.

Rick Perry, threw more red meat to the CPAC attendees. Cruz proposed abolishing the IRS. Perry continued on the theme of rebelling against the downhill slide into socialism and tyranny.

Texas governor Rick Perry broke through as a serious presidential hopeful Friday with a spirited speech to a cheering crowd at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

Perry brought the audience to its feet with a call to bring the successful conservative policies of red state governors to the national level.

Perry took jabs at targets including New York, California, and the Department of Education, noting that common-sense governance has been absent not only from blue states but from Washington, D.C.

“It’s time for a little rebellion on the battlefield of ideas,” the Texas governor said, paraphrasing Thomas Jefferson.

“We don’t have to accept recent history — we just need to change the presidency,” Perry continued. “We must elect the right kind of leaders to represent us to Washington.”

While left-leaning states face worsening economies, Perry pointed to the progress in Republican-led states such as South Carolina, Louisiana, Wisconsin, and Florida.

“Let’s take a red state. Shoot, let’s take Texas,” Perry said to cheers and laugher, before using his favorite U-Haul example: It costs more to rent a truck to go from San Francisco to Austin than vice versa.

A fired-up CPAC crowd cheered as Perry told them they deserved better than the Obama administration’s recent foreign-policy failures and ongoing economic woes. The longest-serving governor in Texas history even took a shot at the U.S. Postal Service: “Deliver the mail, do it on time and, heck, do it on Saturdays.”

“My fellow conservatives, the future of this nation is upon you — it belongs to you,” he shouted over roaring applause. — National Review.

The MSM reported Christie received a standing ovation. Christie, at best, (I watched the video of that moderate applause,) had only a luke-warm reception with moderate applause. However, when Ted Cruz and Rick Perry finished, they, not Christie, were given standing ovations.

CPAC ate the red meat and wanted more. I have no doubt they will receive more from Cruz, Perry and others. They want no pablum like that from McConnell and Christie.