It’s Monday

I almost feel like I’m back working, fighting that Monday-Back-to-Work attitude. It not that I dread writing this blog. It’s just than we’ve had a small stumble in the routine of life.

My big blue beast, my 2005 Tahoe, won’t start. Apparently, the battery died. We were out Saturday, came home, then when we wanted to leave later in the day…no start.

It’s not really a big deal, true. I’ve had batteries die in previous cars. It’s just that the time I would have spent writing this morning will have to be spent on finding a repair shop that does house calls.

Mrs. Crucis had an early appointment this morning. The Tahoe is in the garage and I can’t jump it, nor are either of us strong enough to push the Tahoe out of the garage.

Hence, the repair shop who does house calls to install a new batter.


See y’all tomorrow.