Sadie is for the family

This week seems to be a desert for topical news items. I’ve been hitting the RINOs in Kansas hard the last week or so and I’ve exhausted the topic. The Missouri races are quiet. Tom Sweich is, as best I remember, the only state-wide race of any consequence.

The old political season isn’t over for another month and the new one won’t start until January. The dems are turning on Obama seeking to distance themselves for 2016 and the only other national news concerns Ebola. The first patient with Ebola found in the US has just died.

Then I came across this little video. My wife and I are Robertson fans…even Uncle Si. The Duck Dynasty show is the only one on national TV that portrays a real family in real circumstances and every show ends with a family dinner and prayer. The libs hate it.

One of the Robertsons who has gained a portion of fame outside the show is Sadie Robertson, daughter of Willie and Korie Robertson. She appeared on Dancing with the Stars and here is the video of that event. 

Gone Viral

I posted the video below on my FB page a few days ago. Within minutes, I saw it appearing on others. It wasn’t a share from mine. A number of folks must have found it at the same time.

Now this video has hit the big time—it’s the headliner on Drudge.

This video didn’t have much impact when it was just floating around the ‘net.  When it’s the headliner for Drudge…well now it has a massive impact.  I wonder what the dems think of it, hummm?


The item below appeared in my inbox this morning.  If I remember correctly, submitting a budget is a requirement of law.  Nothing will happen with Holder as the AG. But…when the ‘Pubs take the White House next fall, one of the first items to be investigated are the criminal acts of Harry Reid and any other congressmen who have broken federal law as an act of omission.

April 29 marks the third year in which the U.S. Senate has not passed a budget — a staggering dereliction of duty, particularly given the country’s near-$16 trillion debt. But that’s not the Senate’s only blockbuster failure under the leadership of Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV). From spending to jobs to energy policy, the Senate has totally dropped the ball, leaving one to wonder, “What’s the Senate thinking?”

But it’s not just a matter of a simple failure or benign neglect, like forgetting to take out the trash. The way some in the Senate are behaving is equivalent to buying a dog but then deliberately choosing not to feed it. These men and women sought elective office, won a seat in the Senate and now have the power to take action to confront America’s problems. But under the leadership of Majority Leader Reid, they’re making the choice not to do so.

When it comes to the Senate’s failure to pass a budget, the facts are bleak. From 2012 to 2022, federal spending per household is projected to rise to $34,602 — a 15 percent increase. Without entitlement reform, that spending is swelling to a crippling level, exceeding 40 percent of the economy by 2050. Despite all this, the Senate is sitting on its hands and not pursuing the significant reforms that are necessary — and opting not to pass a budget for three years is emblematic of their reckless inaction.

Last week, in fact, Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad (D-ND), whose primary responsibility is to marshal bipartisan support of a budget resolution, declined to take on the task, remarking that it would be too difficult in an election year. Last year was not an election year, and they didn’t bother to do it then, either.

I think this should come under the label: Malfeasance in Office.


The Arizona Immigration Law will go before the Supreme Court today. The Court will hear arguments on whether the feds can block a state law that mirrors federal law.

The Senate dems must believe the SCOTUS will uphold Arizona.  Why? Because they are already scheming how to get around the Court’s verdict.

Democrats to intercept Supreme Court ruling on immigration

Schumer says law doesn’t belong to 50 different states

The Supreme Court hears arguments Wednesday over Arizona’s immigration-crackdown law, but Democrats are already preparing for a potential loss by saying they’ll try to pass legislation stripping states of the power to enact their own immigration rules.

Sen. Charles E. Schumer, New York Democrat, said his legislation would establish federal primacy in immigration by blocking states from taking any action. That would not only preclude state law enforcement efforts like the Arizona model now before the court, but also would overturn a Supreme Court ruling last year that upheld a different Arizona law requiring businesses to verify their workers’ legal status.

“I believe it is simply too damaging to our economy and too dangerous to our democracy to have 50 states doing 50 different things with regard to immigration policy,” said Mr. Schumer, chairman of the SenateJudiciary Committee’s immigration subcommittee, as he convened a hearing on Arizona’s crackdown law, known as S.B. 1070.

Under that law, which Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed in 2010, police are required to check the legal status of those who they reasonably suspect are in the country illegally. The law also requires legal immigrants to carry their papers with them at all times when in the state.

The Obama administration has sued to block the law, arguing that it interferes with the federal government’s right to set immigration policy.

If I understand the feds logic, it the feds won’t enforce the law, the state can’t either—even when that state law is the same as federal law.

Senator Schummer evidently believes he can overturn the Supreme Court’s ruling—by an act of Congress that the Supreme Court will probably end up reviewing—and will likely overthrow like the Court did when it upheld Arizona’s 2007 law to require employers to use the Fed’s E-Verify system. A system employers were also required to use by federal law.

Makes perfect sense…if you’re a democrat.

A Rare Sunday Post

Just found this and thought I’d pass it along.

Timelapse Montage from Mike Flores on Vimeo.

Here’s one for Peter, the Bayou Rennaisance Man

I’ve always enjoyed Peter’s “Wings” series. Now that he’s laid up a bit, here’s a alternative “Wings” but not up to Peter’s quality.

Here’s to you, Peter. A nice video of a R/C model SR71 in flight.

Here’s one for Peter, the Bayou Rennaisance Man

I’ve always enjoyed Peter’s “Wings” series. Now that he’s laid up a bit, here’s a alternative “Wings” but not up to Peter’s quality.

Here’s to you, Peter. A nice video of a R/C model SR71 in flight.

There IS a difference

Found this YouTube video. It says a lot.

There IS a difference

Found this YouTube video. It says a lot.