Lawfare in Missouri

If you haven’t heard, there is another constitutional amendment on Missouri’s November ballot, Constitutional Amendment #6 (HJR 90). No, it’s not the education amendment, it’s another one to define early voting. Democrats usually push for early voting. They remember the old adage, “Vote early, Vote often.” In many areas of the state, precincts in Kansas City and St Louis for example, early voting allows for massive vote fraud.

This amendment, however, the dems don’t support. Why? Because it limits early voting to the five business days prior to the election and only during normal business hours—9am to 5pm…and only if the Legislature provides funding. Such an amendment makes it more difficult, not impossible but more difficult for the democrats to exploit and makes vote fraud more difficult as well. This amendment is thought to be a pre-emptive strike at democrat sponsored bills that would allow up to 6 weeks of early voting including weekends.

Since the amendment has been passed in the legislature, the dem’s only hope is to obfuscate the language on the ballot. One of their pet judges changed the ballot language to read like the dems wanted. The Secretary of State immediately appealed the decision.

THE 2014 BALLOT — ‘Missouri court reworks early voting ballot summary,’ AP: “A Missouri appeals court panel rewrote the ballot summary Monday for an early voting proposal, ruling that the wording approved by lawmakers was misleading because it failed to mention the measure is contingent upon funding. A proposed constitutional amendment on the November ballot will ask Missouri voters whether to authorize a no-excuses-needed early voting period for future general elections. The six-day voting period would be limited to business hours on weekdays. In its ruling Monday, a panel of the Western District appeals court said the summary prepared by the Legislature failed to note the early voting period would occur only if the Legislature and governor provide funding for it. …

“The appeals court ordered additional wording to be included in the ballot summary. The rewritten ballot summary will state: ‘Shall the Missouri Constitution be amended to permit voting in person or by mail for a period of six business days prior to and including the Wednesday before the election day in general elections, but only if the legislature and the governor appropriate and disburse funds to pay for the increased costs of such voting?’

“The legal challenge to the measure had been brought by an attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union on behalf of civil rights leaders Norman Seay and Nimrod Chapel. The lawsuit argued that the court should simply strike the measure from the ballot if it decided the Legislature’s summary was unfair. But the appeals court rejected that approach, concluding it has the authority to rewrite the wording.” — PoliticMO Newsletter, September 16, 2014, and The Southeast Missourian.

Like I said, lawfare. If you can’t win, or don’t believe you can win at the polls, sue.


Remember the internecine battles during this year’s primaries between the Senate Conservative Fund (SCF) who was backing conservatives and the National Republican Senate Committee (NRSC) who was backing RINOs and anyone running against SCF supported conservatives? Well, the NRSC wants to make up.

Red State has a report today about the NRSC’s attempts to gain—not the SCF’s support, no, just their money. The NRSC spent all theirs fighting Republican conservatives during the primary.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee Loves the Senate Conservatives Fund (Or At Least Its Money)

Remember how the National Republican Senatorial Committee wanted everyone to know just how terrible the Senate Conservatives Fund is?

Remember how NRSC consultants took to op-ed pages, pushed reporters, and tweeted about the lavish and extravagant expenses of SCF?

Remember how when a candidate got endorsed by SCF, everyone knew immediately NRSC would support the opposite candidate out of spite? (See e.g. Ben Sasse v. Shane Osborn)

Remember how the NRSC, Chamber of Commerce, and other establishment groups poured tons of money into primaries to stop SCF gains and those of other outside groups?

Well, NRSC spent so much money trying to ensure its incumbents were protected that it now has no money to pick up new seats. Brilliant strategy there Jerry Moran and Josh Holmes. Just brilliant.

So what is the NRSC doing now? Begging the Senate Conservatives Fund to spend money.

The column continues at the Red State website. As far as I’m concerned, the NRSC is nothing more than a parasite, attempting to maintain the RINOs’ status quo in Washington.


This is the next gun-grabber tactic. Sue ammo retailers.

Online ammo retailers targeted in lawsuit by anti-gun violence group

– The Washington Times – Monday, September 15, 2014

The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence is filing a lawsuit against online retailers that allegedly sold ammunition to James Holmes, the suspect accused of the Aurora theater killings.

“The lawsuit alleges that the websites negligently supplied Holmes with the arsenal he used to kill 12 people and wound at least 58 others by failing to use any screening mechanism to determine his identity or intent for the products,” the Brady Center said in a media release, Fox-affiliated KDVR reported.

The lawsuit comes as the Brady Center continues its “Stop Bad Apple Gun Dealers” campaign, which seeks to target those who “supply guns to criminals by selling them to straw purchasers (people buying guns for others), gun traffickers (people buying guns to illegally resell), and other dangerous people,” according to its Web page.

The lawsuit in the Aurora, Colorado, case will be filed on behalf of Sandy and Lonnie Phillips, whose daughter Jessica Ghawi was killed on July 20, 2012, when Mr. Holmes allegedly gunned down 12 people at a Century movie theater. The official announcement was set to be made Tuesday in Denver, KDVR reported.

The Brady Center said it plans to name Lucky Gunner, at, as well as other online weapons sellers in the lawsuit, the station said.

We must be ever vigilant.

Opening shots in the GOP civil war

Mitch McConnell is feeling the heat. Consequently, he’s lashing out in all directions, flailing against conservatives, the Tea Party and most of all the Senate Conservative Fund started by Jim Demint. In this morning’s news, McConnell’s proxies, the National Republican Senatorial Committee, the NRSC, accused the SCF of being a front man for selling Mark Levin’s books. Levin has been outspoken about his opposition to McConnell and McConnell’s spineless and ineffective opposition to Obama, Reid and the liberals in Washington.

Erick Erickson, writing in Red State, is no McConnell fan. He, like Levin, has endorsed Matt Bevin, McConnell’s primary opponent. Erickson wrote the column below in response to the attacks against Mark Levin.

The Single Biggest Thing You Can Do to Clean Up the GOP

Erick Erickson (Diary)  | 

If you have not heard, the National Republican Senatorial Committee has attacked nationally syndicated conservative radio host and best selling author Mark Levin.

They publicly attacked Mark Levin because the Jim DeMint created Senate Conservatives Fund (“SCF”) gives out copies of Mark Levin’s book. The NRSC alleges a quid pro quo relationship to help drive up the popularity of Levin’s book. The book was published in 2009 before SCF was a significant force and had already become a best seller before SCF gave out copies.

This attack follows the National Republican Senatorial Committee (“NRSC”) attacking conservative businesses and threatening to drive them from business because they happen to do business with the Senate Conservatives Fund. The NRSC’s tactics mirror the harassment the IRS inflicted on tea party groups.

Those attacks came after US News and World Report columnist Brian Walsh leveled attacks on conservative groups, including the Senate Conservatives Fund, for daring to hold Republicans accountable for their promises. Subsequent to that column US News and World Report had to admit Brian Walsh is on the payroll of the NRSC.

The Chamber of Commerce, the Main Street Partnership, the NRSC, and lobbyists galore in Washington are coordinating attacks on conservative groups and conservative candidates for daring to champion limited government and hold the GOP accountable for breaking promises. These groups have no interest in supporting limited government and free markets. They support their government and their markets with your tax dollars.

The GOP in Washington has decided that the problem is not government, but Democrats in charge of government. And they’ve decided to punish any conservative who points out government itself is the problem. Conservative groups are attacked by Republican leaders. Conservative candidates are attacked by Republican leaders. Conservative talk radio hosts are attacked by Republican leaders.

The single biggest thing you can do to clean up the GOP is to defeat Mitch McConnell in Kentucky by supporting Matt Bevin. The NRSC attacks all came after the Senate Conservatives Fund decided to support Bevin. The attacks on Mark Levin came after he spoke kindly of Matt Bevin. The attacks on conservative candidates came after Matt Bevin became a credible candidate.

All these attacks came because Mitch McConnell would rather rule in Hell than serve in Heaven. He would rather a Senate GOP minority with himself in charge than a Senate GOP majority with himself retired.

You beat Mitch McConnell, you will find many Republican squishes with squishy soiled underwear. Until you beat Mitch McConnell, these guys in Washington will neither respect you nor fear you.

But when you beat the sitting Senate Republican Leader in a primary, suddenly Washington knows the grassroots are in charge. The attacks on conservatives will only get worse until conservatives beat Mitch McConnell.

And we have our chance with Matt Bevin.

But, it’s not just McConnell and the NRSC, it is also, now, the rank and file Washington ‘Pubs attacking those who helped elect them. Missouri Representative Blaine Leutkemeyer (R-MO-9) is another ‘Pub biting the hand that elected him.

Republican Congressman, Blaine Leutkemeyer is the latest to attack the Tea Party

It appears as if the Republican Party has developed a practice of deflecting criticism by casting blame at the Tea Party. Now, Missouri’s 3rd District Congressman, Blaine Leutkemeyer, is taking fire for attacking the Tea Party and accusing the them of “undermining” the Republican agenda. On a St. Louis, conservative, talk radio station, KFTK 97.1 FM , Leutkemeyer specifically accused the Tea Party groups, Heritage Action, Freedomworks and Club for Growth of working in opposition of conservative values and of being liberal organizations whose only interest is to raise money for themselves.

During a press conference in December, the Speaker of the House, John Boehner took a stab at Tea Party groups and various members have followed suit. Congressman Blaine Leutkemeyer rallied to Speaker, John Boehner’s defense for his comments attacking the Tea Party in his radio interviews with Randy Tobler.

“They are misleading their followers. They’re pushing our members in places where they don’t want to be, and frankly I just think they have lost all credibility. You know they pushed us into this fight to defund Obamacare and to shut down the government. And most of you know, and my members know, that wasn’t the strategy that I had in mind.”

~John Boehner

Leutkemeyer specifically targeted Heritage Action as being a non-conservative organization and outlined that they were thrown out of the Republican Conservative Study Group because they were seen as undermining its members, and acting in opposition to the caucus agenda. Leutkemeyer went on to say Heritage Action is actually a liberal organization in conservative clothes. In an interview, with Randy Tobler, on January 4, 2014, Leutkemeyer cited Democrat, Nancy Pelosi, scored a 70% rating on what he, and his staff, considered the most important 20 bills of last year’s session, and 100% on the top 10 bills. He failed to cite specific bills in the interview, or if the bills were also Heritage Action identified bills.

On the Heritage Action Scorecard website, Pelosi actually scored a 16%, which is also equal to the House Democrat average. Leutkemeyer scored 63%, two percentage points below the House Republican average, and he is also the lowest ranking Missouri House Republican, according to the HA scorecard. Heritage Action calculates scores by awarding percentage points to members who vote for and/or co-sponsor bills. Voting against and not co-sponsoring does not negate percentage points in the calculation.

“These groups have a different agenda, that is not a conservative agenda. They do not understand the concept of how to be part of a team.”

~Blaine Leutkemeyer

The criticism began during a December 28, 2013, interview, on the Randy Tobler show, on KFTK 97.1 FM. Tobler took calls from grassroots listeners and fielded a variety of civil but irate comments, so he gave Leutkemeyer an opportunity to return, the following week, to clarify his statements. Leutkemeyer minced no words for his disdain for the three organizations.

Ben Evans, the St. Louis Regional Coordinator for Heritage Action for America, believes Leutkemeyer is falling into lockstep with establishment Republicans, and mimicking the Tea Party attack tactics, because he may be receiving a great deal of heat from his district’s constituents.

“None of these guys want to have conversations about the bills that are in play, right now. They just want to focus on the fight between the grassroots and the GOP. So they use this sort of thing to get the conversation away from what is actually going on in the bill. So you think about what Boehner said before they passed the budget deal, The reason why he made that comment was not because we were fighting him. It was because he didn’t want anyone to see what was going on in that bill, and of course, once it was passed we saw that it cut pensions to the military, and didn’t cut pensions to current government employees. That is the tactic that Leutkemeyer is using right now. They are doing this sort of thing to distract from the real issues.”

~Ben Evans

The column continues with comments by Randy Tobler who attempted to mend the fences destroyed by Leutkemeyer and his Washington puppet-masters. I can see some of Tobler’s viewpoints, but, sadly, he’s mistaken. It is not miscommunication, as Tobler believes. It is purposeful attacks by the Washington establishment who have suddenly realized they could all be tossed out of office. If that happens, they have no where to go, having burned their home-state bridges many times. No where except to admit they never were conservatives and to go to the dems for salvation like other RINOs who have been removed from office.

McConnell vs Demint

One of the best acts Jim Demint did while in the Senate was to create the Senate Conservative Fund, or SCF as it is commonly known. It was created to help elect conservatives—not moderates, none of the whole class of RINO ‘Pubs running for office. Now Demint has left the Senate to lead the Heritage Foundation. He left behind a legacy, the SCF.  McConnell and the Washington establishment hate it.

McConnell’s hatred grew these last few months when he acquired…not one, not two, but three potential primary opponents including the one of those opponents has the support of Kentucky’s Tea Party and some funding by the SCF. The SCF is an independent organization. The National Republican Senate Committee, or NRSC, has no control over it and THAT is the real issue. Moreso, with the SCF and the state Tea Party endorsing Kentucky businessman Matt Bevin. The state Tea Party and the SCF said McConnell had served long enough. It was time for him to go home.

I received an email in my morning inbox from the Senate Conservative Fund. It describes on the struggle in Kentucky to replace McConnell with a conservative.

Fellow Conservatives:

The Lexington Herald-Leader recently reported that U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY), the Republican Leader in the Senate, has decided to declare “war” on the conservatives who disagree with him.

He is specifically targeting the Senate Conservatives Fund (SCF), Heritage Action, Madison Project, and

DU.S. Senator Mitch McConnell

FreedomWorks in a misguided attempt to destroy the Tea Party.

But that’s not all…

McConnell’s operatives told the New York Times that he has ordered the Republican Party to stop doing business with private companies that provide services to SCF and to oppose candidates endorsed by SCF.

Their offense? They’re associated with our grassroots organization and we support Matt Bevin, McConnell’s conservative primary challenger.

Mitch McConnell can’t hurt us directly so he has instructed the party to punish our vendors and our candidates.

Not only has McConnell forced his party to support bailouts, debt limit increases, tax hikes, and funding for Obamacare, he’s now going to force it to abandon the free market and even the freedom of speech.

Here’s what his Chief of Staff, Josh Holmes, told the New York Times:

“S.C.F. has been wandering around the country destroying the Republican Party like a drunk who tears up every bar they walk into. The difference this cycle is that they strolled into Mitch McConnell’s bar and he doesn’t throw you out, he locks the door.”

McConnell’s aide was alluding to the bar fight scene in A Bronx Tale where mobsters beat up a biker gang. He’s wrong about SCF being drunks, but he got the description of his boss right when he compared him to a mobster.

Mitch McConnell can’t defend his record so he’s using threats to intimidate those who disagree with him.

Conservative blogger Dan Riehl described it this way:

“Yet, here we see a DC GOP establishment on display at its worst. In effect saying — If you engage in a form of commerce we don’t like, we will try to destroy you! If you attempt to exercise your First Amendment right to free speech to say something with which we disagree, we will try to destroy you?”

Fight Back ~ Support Matt Bevin for U.S. Senate.


For many, Mitch McConnell’s hostility toward conservatives is not news. But this the first time he has been open about it. In the past, he only attacked conservatives in private meetings or through disconnected surrogates.

Now, he’s admitting something that he’s tried to keep quiet for years: he doesn’t like conservatives.


You see, Mitch McConnell is a Democratic dealmaker and he doesn’t like conservatives getting in his way. It’s why he has lashed out and called conservatives “fringe”, “traitors”, … and now “drunks.”

Erick Erickson at RedState described how McConnell’s war on conservatives is hurting people in Kentucky and across the nation:

“It’s all the sadder still in that McConnell worked against Ted Cruz’s effort to defund Obamacare. 280,000 Kentuckians are losing their insurance. But McConnell would rather drive a private enterprise out of business than fight for those Kentuckians losing their health insurance. If only McConnell had put as much energy into stopping Obamacare as he has stopping a business that does work with the Senate Conservatives Fund.”

McConnell says conservatives hurt the Republican Party, but what truly hurts the party is a leader who doesn’t listen to or even like his own voters.

What hurts the party is a leader who refuses to stand up for conservative principles and helps the Democrats enact their liberal agenda.

What hurts the party is an incumbent who ignores his unpopularity at home and selfishly chooses to run for another term rather than retiring and helping the party hold his seat and save money to win others.

Take Action ~ Retire Mitch McConnell


The Senate Conservatives Fund is a grassroots organization driven by freedom-loving Americans across the country. We’re not controlled by special interests in Washington, we’re not controlled by a small group of big donors in New York City, and we’re not controlled by the Republican Party.

We listen to the grassroots and do everything we can to help them bring about real change in Washington.

Before we endorsed Matt Bevin in Kentucky, we polled our members to get their views. Out of 70,000 ballots cast, 98% disapproved of Mitch McConnell’s record.

On the question of whether we should endorse Matt Bevin, 90% said we should while 8% were undecided and only 2% opposed.


We listened to the grassroots and answered the call to help Matt Bevin win this important Senate race.

Now, we’re in a bar fight with a bully. Mitch McConnell has locked the door and he’s trying to kill us.

We aren’t intimidated.

Sure, winning this race won’t be easy. Matt Bevin is an underdog. He doesn’t have McConnell’s money or his power. But he has you, and the support of thousands of others like you, and that’s more than enough to win.

The grassroots in Kentucky are rising up and need our help. Here’s what the United Kentucky Tea Party said:

“We have the next U.S. Senator from Kentucky in Matt Bevin and we intend to roll out a grassroots campaign in Kentucky — the likes of which Mitch McConnell has never faced. Kentucky will lead the way in this national fight against out-of-control big government Republicans. This is a historical moment in the future of America. Will we continue to be a government ‘Of, by and for the People?’ If so, average Americans must engage in the fight.”

Will you join the fight? Will you help us defend liberty? Will you do it for your kids and grandkids and for generations to come? Will you help us elect true conservative leaders like Matt Bevin, even if it means standing up to powerful bullies like Mitch McConnell?

We can win if we all work together.

The most powerful thing you can do to help is make a donation to Matt Bevin’s U.S. Senate campaign.

Please answer the call for liberty today.

If everyone receiving this email gives something to Matt Bevin, we can collectively raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for him and replace Mitch McConnell with a true conservative leader.

If you can’t donate, please spread the word by forwarding this email to your family and friends.

Thank you for your support and your willingness to fight for freedom.

Best regards,

Matt Hoskins

Matt Hoskins
Executive Director
Senate Conservatives Fund

The battle for Kentucky has begun.