It’s Friday!

And I’ve been busy all week letting my chores accumulate. The ‘Pub Midwest Leadership Conference is being held in the Westin Crown Center in Kansas City this weekend. In fact check-in and some sessions start today. I have tickets and will roam the halls tomorrow. There are some sessions I want to attend—training for precinct outreach and some others. I may not like the ‘Pub leadership in Washington but I’ll gladly accept their training techniques. Those, anyone can use.

Conference Events:

Showing events after 9/13. Look for earlier events
Friday, September 13
9:00am   Registration Opens
12:00pm **Legislative Luncheon
1:15pm   Playing their Game: Improving Republican Targeting
2:20pm   Taking out Goliath
3:00pm   Common Core Panel
4:10pm   Miracle of America
4:30pm   Marketing Republican Solutions to Latinos
5:30pm   **Welcome Reception
7:00pm   **Spirit of Enterprise Award Dinner
9:00pm   Hospitality Suites
Saturday, September 14
7:30am   Event is Full – Show Me Life Breakfast
9:00am   Social Media Training
9:10am   Taxes and Tea
10:15am  RNC GOP Data Center Training
11:00am  Senator Rick Santorum
11:25am  Right to Work Panel
12:00pm  **Lunch with Chairman Reince Priebus
12:00pm The Race to 2016
1:20pm   Precinct Winning Project
2:00pm   County Training Breakout
2:25pm   Rising Stars Panel
3:25pm   Secure our Borders, Secure our Future
4:35pm   Surviving Obamacare: Future of Healthcare


Kansas City is #26

An article appeared today listing 19 cities with a greater number of public employee to resident ration than Detroit. Detroit’s statistics are:


Residents per employee 61
Population: 713,777
Employees: 11,645
Annual payroll: $651,437,244
Average compensation: $55,941
What’s not included?

Number 1 on that list is, not surprisingly, Washington, DC.


Residents per employee 25
Population: 601,723
Employees: 23,631
Annual payroll: $3,477,829,176
Average compensation: $147,172
What’s not included?

What isn’t shown in these demographics is the income to debt ratios. We know that Detroit’s ratio was negative…more debt than income. Decades of deficit spending came home, finally, to roost.

Detroit has been ruled by democrats since 1962. Louis Miriani Mayor of Detroit.jpg Louis Miriani, a republican, was Mayor at that time. Being a ‘pub didn’t excuse him from being corrupt. In 1969, he was convicted of federal tax evasion and served approximately 10 months in prison.[96]

The city really didn’t go downhill until the election of Coleman Young. Young was elected in the aftermath of the 1967 riots and the resulting “white flight from Detroit. Coleman blamed his predecessors and called them an “occupation army.” Young used the falling economy of Detroit to build his power base. It was  the beginning of the end for Detroit.

You can find the list of failing cities via this link. Kansas City isn’t in the top 19 but at #26, it’s close.


Residents per employee 69
Population: 459,787
Employees: 6,646
Annual payroll: $357,365,988
Average compensation: $53,771
What’s not included?

Kansas CIty, like Detroit, has been suffering under decades of democrat rule who, like all democrat pols, blame everyone else for their failings while ignoring the very visible fact that it is their policies and actions that was the root cause of their continuing failure. That is also true of other major cities across the US.

Mrs. Crucis and I are fortunate we moved from Kansas City and Jackson County nearly two decades ago. Kansas City’s finances are as shaky as is Detroit. The city’s allegiance to unions and their opposition to Right to Work result in more and more businesses and industries moving across the state line into Kansas, a Right to Work state.

The real tragedy is that Kansas City and Jackson County (MO) residents have swallowed the democrat line, hook, line and sinker. They ignore the warnings, if they see them at all. The Kansas City ‘Red’ Star certainly won’t report the coming danger. No, they are part of the problem—becoming the democrat’s propaganda organ for Kansas City.

The best we can do, to lessen the impact of Kansas City’s coming failure, is to isolate the consequences to Kansas City and Jackson County. When Kansas City and Jackson County inevitably arrive at Jefferson City with their hands out, we, the citizens of Missouri, our Legislature and Governor, must be ready to say, “No!”

Kansas City, like all the democrat ruled cities,  has created their problems. It must be up to Kansas City, and those other cities in similar circumstances, to get themselves out or their predicament. The day of cities sucking off the rest of their state is over.

Oh, by the way, St. Louis is in that list at #11…higher than Detroit!


Residents per employee 50
Population: 319,294
Employees: 6,335
Annual payroll: $600,533,640
Average compensation: $94,796
What’s not included?