We had another incident of “workplace violence,” yesterday. the reports were still sketchy when Senator Feinstein started blaming assault rifles. The liberal media tweeted that “gun control creates tyrannies like Australia and Canada.

As it turns out, there was no AR-15 used. The shooter brought a shotgun and then took one or more pistols from his first victims, private contract guards. The facts are irrelevant to liberals. Their purpose is to pursue their agenda regardless of the facts. Oh, they’ll use facts when it supports their agenda, but when there aren’t any facts, they’ll ignore the ones that are present.

If we want to refute the acts of these liberals, we must adopt ‘some’ of their tactics, i.e., never lose sight of our end-goal, never let up pushing our agenda, never cease working to change government, to limit its scope and downsize it and limit the power of the federal government.

There is some good coming from the Navy Yard shootings. There is a building ground swell to address the problem of ‘Gun Free Zones.”

How many must die in gun free zones before we learn?

Monday, September 16, 2013 – Judson Phillips: Cold, Hard Truth by Judson Phillips

WASHINGTON.  September 16, 2013. – Why in God’s name do we make our military people so vulnerable that they have to rely on the DC police today?

Confusion swirled around the shootings at the Washington Naval Yard today. Was it one gunman or was it several? How did this gunman or gunmen get access to a secured military facility? How did one rifle and possibly one shotgun get onto a secured military facility?

Over the next few days these questions will be answered but there is one question that must be answered.

When will we learn from these tragedies?

The early reports about the shooting talked about the police officers that responded to the shooting. At least two cops are among the victims.

Let’s think about this for a second.

The United States Navy is one of the most powerful military organizations in the world.  The Navy’s arsenal could wipe most nations off the face of the earth. It was the Navy that killed Osama Bin Laden.

So why was one of our most important Naval facilities so vulnerable?

It is because it was made a gun free zone.

Like Washington D.C., one of the crime capitols of America, the Washington Navy Yard was a gun free zone. Translation: It was a target rich environment.

The United States Navy is actually made up of two parts. The first is the Navy, the other part is the United States Marine Corps. 

The Marines advertise themselves as “The Few, The Proud, The Marines.” They have a storied history of fighting incredible battles against overwhelming odds. Before political correctness killed it, the Marines used to refer to themselves as the “Mens’ Department of the Navy.”

Marines and a lot of sailors are trained to use weapons. 

This is Fort Hood all over again.

At Fort Hood, Nidal Hasan burst in on soldiers preparing to deploy. Even though many of these soldiers were combat trained, they were not allowed to carry weapons at Fort Hood. 

Hasan was only stopped when he was shot by civilian police officers on the base.

Now we have seen the same tragedy revisited at the Washington Navy Yard.

These tragedies are not simply limited to Fort Hood and the Washington Naval Yard.   When a crazy gunman wants to go on a rampage, where do they choose to go on their rampage? They choose a gun free zone. Columbine was a gun free zone.  So was Virginia Tech and Sandy Hook. 

The problem in America is not too many guns. The problem is we listen to politicians who should not even be entrusted to decide what is for dinner. We have seen this pattern too often. 

Politicians, many of whom are protected by armed men, disarm Americans and make us victims. 

The cold, hard truth is when Americans are armed they can fight back and shootings like Fort Hood and the Navy Yard would not happen. Our founding fathers understood this.

How many more times are we going to let the politicians be wrong before we the people stand up and tell them no?

That is a very good question. Here in Missouri, we attempted to correct that situation for our schools by allowing teachers and other school employees to be trained in the use of weapons and to carry weapons in schools. Why? To protect our children. That effort failed. Our democrat governor vetoed the bill and quislings in the state senate failed to override his veto.

Other states have been more successful, Texas for instance. It is time for us to address these issues. The liberals point to Europe, Australia and Canada as examples for gun control. I would note that Canada’s gun registration law and database failed. People refused to comply and eventually the registration program was rejected. In Australia, the former liberal government was just voted out—by a significant margin. There, gun control wasn’t the prime issue but it was an issue. We have yet to see what the new “conservative” government does but I would suspect a lessening of their gun control laws to be a part of their agenda.

The liberal always seem to point to Europe as an example to emulate. They overlook or deny Europe’s flaws and forget one vital item. We are not Europeans. Many of us has European ancestry but we left Europe behind. We have no desire nor need to emulate a failing society.

Colorado is a nearby example. The democrats are in a state of denial. They blame everyone and everything for the loss of their two state Senators. They refuse to believe it the success of the recall was due to the bills the democrats in Colorado’s legislature. NY Mayor Bloomberg spent $350,000 of his own money in support of the two recalled senators and failed. The democrats deny that outside influence is another factor for their failure. Most importantly, they overlook the fact that democrats voted to recall the senators as well and in significant numbers!

We have our work set out for us here in Missouri. We can take heart in the examples above that our cause is not futile.

The Follies for Friday, July 26, 2013

The battlelines in Washington, between the dems, the conservatives, and the ‘Pub establishment, are being drawn. The next major battle will be the continuing resolution that funds the FedGov. The dems block every budget bill coming out of the House and the establishment hasn’t the guts to stand their ground on this spending bill. The major objective of this coming battle will be to defund Obamacare.

The ‘Pub establishment in the form of Boehner and McConnell, aren’t known for having any backbone. It took a concerted effort by House conservatives, a direct threat to remove him as the House Speaker, to make Boehner table (so far) the Senate travesty of an Immigration bill (colloquially known as the Democrat Voter Recruitment bill.)

A number of conservative organizations are targeting House members, members supposedly conservatives, to vote to eliminate Obamacare funding in the continuing resolution. Our own Vicky Hartzler is one of those House members whose vote to defund Obamacare is in doubt. Hartzler has a deserved reputation for being an establishment rubber-stamp. It will be difficult to get her to show some spine and rebuff Boehner’s demands to go along with the dems.

I received the email below this morning. I’m passing it along. Let’s set Miz Hartzler’s office lines on fire.

Heritage Action for America (If you
are reading this, click to display images in your email program.)

Encourage Rep. Vicky Hartzler to Defund Obamacare

Yesterday, President Obama doubled down on Obamacare, saying his administration will continue to implement this disastrous and unpopular law. Fortunately, momentum is growing in the House to defund Obamacare in its entirety.

>> Take Action: Encourage Rep. Vicky Hartzler to support defunding Obamacare.

In May, Rep. Vicky Hartzler voted to repeal Obamacare. When the House considers a year-end funding bill in September, the lawmakers will have a chance to do the next best thing: defund it.

>> Email Rep. Vicky Hartzler: We must defund Obamacare now.

Obamacare is already increasing premiums, destroying jobs and reducing work hours. Hard working Americans simply cannot afford Obamacare, and Congress should not expect them to fund it.

This is a fight we can (and must) win. Thank you for taking action to defund Obamacare.


Russ Vought
Political Director
Heritage Action for America


In the continuing recall battle in Colorado, there’s been a new attack—the dems have forced through new voting laws to hinder the recall.

Colorado recalls to be held under new election law

Thursday, July 25, 2013 – Red Pill, Blue Pill by Al Maurer

COLORADO SPRINGS, July 25, 2013—The Colorado recall elections to be held on September 10 will be conducted under new Colorado election laws passed by the Democrat-controlled legislature at the very end of the session in May. Senators Giron and Hudak, both under threat of recall at the time, reportedly pushed for the new law to take effect almost immediately.

Under the provisions of House Bill 1303, all elections in Colorado will be via mail-in ballot. The precinct polling place will be a thing of the past. Same-day voter registration and voting is allowed; there is no longer such a thing as a “provisional ballot.” Ballots will be mailed to all registered voters, inactive as well as active.

In Colorado, an inactive voter is one who has not voted in several elections. They are often people who have died or who have moved, either from house to house or out of state entirely. Even under existing law, the Secretary of State’s office had been prevented from cleaning up the voting rolls.

Before the new law, a person had until 30 days prior to an election to update their voter information. If someone moved into the state within 30 days of an election, they would not be eligible to vote. If someone changed address within the 30-day window, they could vote a provisional ballot.

Now all that is throw away. If you show up at one of a smaller number of “voter service centers” after Labor Day—in the case of these recall elections—and you’re breathing, you get to cast a ballot.

Voter ID was rejected by Democrats. A utility bill with an address on it is all that is needed.

El Paso County District Attorney Dan May says that under the old election law the emphasis was on fraud prevention. Under the new one, it will be tracking down the fraud and prosecuting it. It’s now a game of catch me if you can.

“Catch me if you can.” That really says volumes about the dems in control of the Colorado state government. The dems know the tidal wave is coming to oust them. They are using every legal, quasi-legal means to block the recall. One even called for a criminal investigation of the people behind the recall effort. Now, they’re trying a new trick. If the law won’t help block the recall—change the voting law to allow more democrat vote fraud.


“When is it time to vote for a democrat to remove an unfit republican?” That was a question Mark Levin posed last night on his radio show. This is what was said on that show…taken from Levin’s website.

So what do we do about John Boehner?

While there are grassroots efforts emerging to primary Boehner in Ohio’s 8th District — and we wish them all possible success — the time has come to consider an alternative plan. A nuclear option, if you will.

Assuming that Boehner wins his primary in OH-8, I suggest we rally support among Tea Party and Constitutional Conservatives in that district to vote. To vote Democrat.

That single seat has virtually no chance of swinging the majority in the House one way or the other. A newly elected Democrat in that very Red seat will be a back-bencher and virtually powerless. This will give time to the district (and it is a very conservative district by all accounts) to assemble a credible candidate should one not emerge in 2014.

I would never advocate such a tactic in the Senate even though Mitch McConnell is Boehner-lite. In the Senate the odds of taking majority control are simply too tempting to chance returning the dimwitted crackpot from Searchlight, Nevada to a seat of power.

But Boehner, on the other hand, is such an egregious failure, such a cowardly and un-principled operator, that he must be ripped out of the Speaker’s chair by any means necessary.

Let’s see what happens in OH-8, but I suggest we fund and vociferously support any — and I do mean any — Boehner opponent. Enough is enough.

A drastic measure, to be sure. But, what are the options when the establishment (Boehner) is fully in control of his district’s ‘Pub organization  and central committees? Vote for a dem to remove an unfit ‘Pub, go 3rd Party and be assured the establishment of both parties will remain in control, or vote for the status quo? The latter choice is to retain Boehner in his office. That would be the worse choice of all.

A targeted approach may be the only effective means of removing those in the ‘Pub ranks who lack the guts to oppose the libs and Obama. It is an option to consider for specific House seats.