Santa Claus was good!

Santa was very good to me. I got two $50 gift cards from Cabelas and two coupons worth an additional $30 off. My wife and I will be leaving for Wally World later to check out a new treadmill and then off to the Bullet Hole (an indoor range in Overland Park, KS) for some targets and then to Cabelas.

I haven’t anything special on the wish-list. We’ll just see what is available. If nothing else, I can always use some more ammo. The gun club’s indoor range is open 24×7 and the temps are warming up. I could use some more practice with the 442 and M&P.

Speaking of the S&W M&P Compact, my IWB holster from Dave Workman at D and D Gunleather arrived Christmas Eve. It’s black with a black pistol. I’ll try to make some pics and post them.

I like Dave’s IWB holsters. They are handmade, have nice thick leather with a leather shield betwixt the pistol and your body. His turn around is very quick, two weeks in this case. Dave has a limited selection of holsters, but I can highly recommend them.

I have three on hand for my Para CCO, S&W M13 (shown above) and now the new S&W M&P.

Hope you all have as good a Christmas.