Well! That was exciting.

The Court has been down for about a week. I’m not sure why.

I noticed a week ago that when I tried to open the ‘Court, that nothing appeared. I was finally able to get an error message. One database table got corrupted and I followed the instructions on how to repair it.

However, the ‘Court didn’t reappear after the fix. it’s taken me a week to figger out the cause. To repair the database, you have to add a line to the config file. I had failed to remove that line after the repair. A few minutes ago I did—AND IT’S BACK!!!

I haven’t blogged in a while. but I did for eleven years. I would really hate to have lost it all.

Friday Follies for May 4, 2012

I’m still in the process of moving my blog from Google to WordPress. For those of you who have added me to your blog-roll, please edit my URL to read:  
The word came out today on the economy.  The “unemployment” rate dropped from 8.2% to 8.1%.  Or did it?  If you read the stats carefully, you’ll discover…

Continued at the new Crucis’ Court.

Alternate blog site

I’m running two blogs in parallel. This one and another at http://crucis-court.com. The other is hosted on my server and is WorkPress based.  I’m not completely happy with it—the post editor is primitive to way the best. I still haven’t copied by Blogroll over.  It seems that the import/export function for WordPress does’t have that option.

I’d appreciate it if you’d go over and give me your opinion.  I just wish WordPress had the same or similar features as does Blogspot.  One thing WordPress does have, apparently, is stability—some Blogspot lacks.