Ah, it’s great to be back

I hope someone noticed I’ve been off-line for a few days. I had a cascade of problems that effectively cratered by home internet system—my web, blog, and email servers.

Late yesterday, I was able, after replacing my cable-modem, with gaining access to the internet, but it was outbound only. My web, blog and email servers were still be blocked from receiving emails and visitors were blocked from seeing my web server and blog.

I fixed that a few minutes ago. Now I’m rebuilding my library database and have a network printer to get up and running.

I was getting to be a wee bit concerned. My system administrator skills had gotten a bit rusty since I retired.


No Post today

I did some system updates on my webserver yesterday. Now, I’ve discovered some things are broken.  This blog, for instance, was off-line until just a few minutes ago.

I’ve more to fix. I’ll have a new post later today, or tomorrow depending on how long it takes me to fix what I’ve broken.

No post this morning.

I have a dental appointment this morning at the time I’m usually writing my daily blog post. Tomorrow, I make my quartetly visit to the vampire.  Blog posting this week will be interrupted.