Droughts and Floods

Weather can always be a blog topic, I suppose.  Yesterday, it was a flood, today it’s a drought…of blog topics.  Yesterday, I had a number of items to discuss; more really than I had space. But time passes and some of those topics I had held in reserve have passed their optimum time. By that I mean they’ve been surpassed but new topics.
Like “USA-USA-USA” being deemed racist hate speech in San Antonio.
At one time, I spent a LOT of time in San Antonio.  The corporate offices of my employer at that time was located there, near an area called Hospital Hill.  In some years, I spent several months in San Antonio.  
I liked San Antonio.  With all the military bases there, Randolf AFB, Kelly AFB, Lackland AFB, Wilford Hall Military Hospital, (and that was just the Air Force bases.  It didn’t include the Army bases) San Antonio was a microcosm of America. San Antonio had military families from all areas of the USA.  Those families had a significant affect on the local culture—as did the native culture of San Antonio on those military families.
Both the natives and the military imports were proud to be Americans.  Even the San Antonio Hispanics, many whose families had lived in and near San Antonio since before the Republic of Texas, were proud to be Americans first and “Texicans” second.

Now, after fifty years of liberal oppression, it is embarrassing to shout, “USA-USA-USA” in public. In San Antonio. It’s now RACIST! to claim to be an American.  And one source of this oppression?  
Public education. It was the losing coach, the game officials, and the San Antonio Independent School District that decided the shouting “USA-USA-USA” is racist hate speech.

It’s time to take back our schools.  Education is a personal responsibility, not that of some self-hating, America-bashing bureaucrat at the local, state or federal level.  It is the responsibility of parents to educate their children.  And the NEA/AFT fear the growing trend of home schooling.

They should.