To use a phrase from a time past, yesterday was a bummer of a day. Mrs. Crucis and I went to the funeral of a 29-year old man who died suddenly last week. The funeral was in a small town about 100 miles SE from here. We didn’t go so much for the young man. I hadn’t met him and Mrs. Crucis hadn’t seen him since he was a child. We went to help support his parents and grandmother, all whom we have known for decades.

The young man had two kids, a boy and a girl, neither old enough for school. I was thinking that now they would likely have no memories of their father when they grow older.

Most of the funeral attendees were friends and relatives. A significant number were from the local Amish community.

The young man had helped them during their harvest although he had acknowledged that he was no ‘farm boy.’ But his willingness to help buys a lot of credit in a community built around self-help, cooperation, and the willingness to share labor for kith and kin.

His kindness with the Amish, and theirs to him, is proof that when it counts we are all kith and kin.


More of the story about the shooting in Ferguson, MO, is coming to light. Witnesses now are confirming the cop’s version of the event. The instigators of the rioting is not the local residents, but from outside agitators like the New Black Panthers from Oakland, CA.

Add to the mix that the toxicology reports reveals that Brown had marijuana in his system, the facts are now replacing the myths spread since last week by the media.


“Stalinesque tactics!” Rick Perry vows to fight the indictment issued by a select Travis County grand jury. Even David Axelrod says the indictment has no basis.

Milestones in History

A couple of political icons died this week. Senator Daniel Inouye (D-HI) died on Monday of this week. Judge Robert Bork died early yesterday, Wednesday.

Daniel Inouye has held elected office from Hawaii since the islands became a state in 1959.

As a teenager, Daniel Inouye saw the Japanese bombers over Pearl Harbor and was one of the Japanese-Americans who volunteered for the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, the most decorated Army unit in history.

He lost an arm in combat in Italy in April 1945, less than a month before Germany surrendered, and in the army hospital met Bob Dole, whose arm was shattered the same month.

Inouye was elected Hawaii’s first congressman when it was admitted to the Union in 1959, becoming the first Japanese-American member of Congress. He won his Senate seat in 1962 and died 17 days short of serving 50 years. — Washington Examiner.

Judge Robert Bork gained notoriety during his political rape when he was nominated to the US Supreme Court by Ronald Reagan in 1987.

President Ronald Regan nominated Bork to the U.S. Supreme Court in 1987. In a 58-to-42 vote, the Senate rejected his nomination — it was by one of the widest margins in U.S. history. 

Republicans have long said his defeat was a completely partisan move and have said Bork was one of the greatest conservative figures in history. — Fox News.

While Inouye and Bork came from opposite ends of the political spectrum, no one can deny their personal integrity—a quality not found in most politicians today…especially those who migrate to Washington, DC.


The dems and other leftists are screaming for a return of the “Assault” weapons ban and to “large capacity clips” as well. In other words, a return to the bad old days of Clinton when insanity led the political mainstream and we almost lost our 2nd Amendment rights. There has been a lot of progress in the last decade affirming those rights but the Supreme Court left gaping holes in it by declaring “reasonable” regulations were acceptable…and never defined what “acceptable” meant.

It should be noted that Connecticut has an existing Assault weapons ban in force. One more stringent than the Clinton-era ban. The Bushmaster rifle found at the Newtown school was purchased legally and was a legal configuration under that Connecticut law.

The left wants us to emulate the UK and Australia. First by banning semi-automatic weapons. The definition includes the large majority of handguns as well as self-loading rifles and shotguns and later, perhaps banning almost all firearms as has happened in the UK.

One example of semi-automatic gun control is Australia. Their plan included a buy-back program as well as banning the ownership and possession of the offending weapons. While a buy-back program will remove some weapons from civilian hands, an outright banning on owning and the possessing existing semi-automatic weapons would NOT go well with the vast majority of Americans.  Molon Labe is a concept not foreign to the gun-owning segment of Americans.

More likely we’ll see a permanent return of a Clinton-era ban. One without an expiration date. The libs learned that lesson well. And with the ban will come more growth of militarized police and further entrenchment of the police state.

If you’ve ever thought of owning a weapon. Buy it now. Buy and stockpile ammo now. I have no confidence the ‘Pubs in Washington will fight this new gun ban law. The ‘Pub establishment has proven they are no better than the dems.

Culture Clashes

In his sermon yesterday, my Pastor mentioned something that triggered a stream of thoughts.  In passing, he mentioned Tradition and adherence to Old Testament Law.  He said more than once that repeated actions will eventually become a tradition and with other traditions can create cultures.

We have examples of three cultures, in conflict, here in the United States.  Eventually, one of those cultures will rise to supremacy.

The first culture is one that, in the past, was recognized by the old slogan, “Mom, Flag, and Apple Pie.”  It was the native American culture of Independence, Individualism, Family, Love of the Constitution, and the free worship of God.  That culture is under attack by the other two.

The second culture had its roots in the writings of Marx and Engels.  In the United States, its first appearance was the formation of unions and unionism in the late 19th Century.  Granted there were many justified reasons for the early unions, but the unions quickly merged their agendas to be concentrated attacks on the free market economy and capitalism.  My family was involved in those early days.  My Grandfather, Uncles, and Father were all miners.  My Grandfather and Father were stewards in the United Mine Workers of America. As the power of the central union grew, the aims, needs and purposes of the local unions were subordinated to the anti-business agenda of the central union.

After a lifetime involvement in the union, my Grandfather and Father withdrew.  Unions have been infiltrated and absorbed by that second culture.  Today, we see the strength of that second culture in the dependency class—those 49.5 percent of the people who are dependent on the largess of government in one form or another.

There is a third culture that has appeared in this country in the latter half of the 20th Century.  It is ignored for the most part by the dependency culture. They don’t see any real conflict between the two because they don’t see any areas of mutual contact.  Instead, when conflicts between the third and first cultures arise, the second culture sides with the third.  They follow that old adage, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” In some areas of the country, that alliance is becoming more visible.

Case in point. The second and third cultures do not believe nor support the Constitution.  The second culture views the Constitution as an impediment to their agenda. The third culture views the constitution as irrelevant and contradictory to their culture. Frequently the second and third cultures join forces attacking the first. The most common point of attack is against the First Amendment.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

The third culture detests freedom of speech.  They attempt to suppress it at every opportunity.  The second culture detests the free expression of religion—specifically Christian beliefs because those beliefs don’t support dependency but promote self effort and individualism.  

Together, these two cultures violate that portion on the First Amendment concerning the establishment of religion.  I say that because they now use the “rule of law,” or rather the Rule of Judges to promote a specific religion.


Pennsylvania Judge Throws Out Charge For Harassing Atheist While Calling The Victim A Doofus

There is a surprising story out of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania that seems the perfect storm of religious tensions. You begin with Ernie Perce, an atheist who marched as a zombie Mohammad in the Mechanicsburg Halloween parade. Then you add Talaag Elbayomy, a Muslim who stepped off a curb and reportedly attacked Perce for insulting the Prophet. Then you have a judge (Judge Mark Martin) who threw out the criminal charges against Elbayomy and ridiculed the victim, Perce. The Judge identifies himself as a Muslim and says that Perce conduct is not what the First Amendment is supposed to protect. [UPDATE: The judge says he is not a Muslim despite what is heard by most listeners on the tape. That being the case, the criticism of the comments remains.]

The case, however, then went to District Judge Mark Martin who not only threw out the charge of harassment but ridiculed Perce as a “doofus.” He also proceeds to not only give an account of his own feelings (and say that he was offended personally by Perce’s action) but suggests that Elbayomy was just protecting his “culture.” (Emphasis mine: Crucis) The judge not only points to the Koran in the courtroom but his time in Muslim countries as relevant to his deliberations. Putting aside the problem of ruling in a case where you admit you have strong personal feelings, the lecture given on the first amendment is perfectly grotesque from a civil liberties perspective.

This is not the most egregious example. It’s just the most recent. Mr. Perce, although an avowed atheist, was expressing a belief using his First Amendment rights.  Judge Martin and Mr. Elbayomy violated the First Amendment twice.  That is a direct attack against the Constitution and against the first culture.  The second and third cultures ignore and refuse to recognize that the United States Constitution is the supreme law of the land, not Sharia law, nor the Koran.

These culture clashes will continue and grow in strength.  We are already at a crux between the first and second cultures. The coming election in November will be crucial in determining if the first culture, the one of traditions of reverence towards the Flag, Family, Freedom and personal beliefs against the second culture of dependency, statism, corruption and tyranny.

We see the second culture, the culture of the liberals and the dependency class, build traditions, expanding their culture that is contradictory to the native traditions of the first culture.  We all have a dog in this fight. We ignore these clashes at our peril.