Taking a few days off

It’s Memorial Day weekend and I, like many others, an taking some time off. OK, I know the forecast is for rain for the next ten days. I hope I won’t get too damp.

See ya next week.

Vacation Day

Now that the Missouri legislature is out of session, it seems that interesting stories and events has faded away. Oh, I know that isn’t true but I’m having difficulty motivating myself today.

I think I’ll just take the day off.

The silence of the keys

Or, I’ve not found any topics worth blogging about today. Oh, there are topics. Most have an element of stupidity involved, pseudo-science in other words. The trouble is that such pseudo-science is being taught as fact in schools; crammed down the throats of the students—and the parents are too ignorant to object. I don’t think real science has been taught since the ’60s.

The most egregious damage to education has been the rise of teacher unions. Unions whose sole interest is more money for the unions, less responsibility for teachers, and no requirement for education to actually occur.

That’s my rant for today.


I was premature yesterday when I said I’d return today. We had a weather front come through last night. After taking some Ibuprofen and Aleve, I finally got to sleep only to awake after a half hour, aching. Another benefits of getting older.

This morning, I’m drooping. Check back tomorrow.

No post today

Had a doc’s appointment this morning then errands to run. I’ll be back tomorrow.

No post today

I’m time pressed today. I’ll be back Monday.


Zzzzz. That’s what I tried to do last night. A storm front came through and thwarted that idea. Weather changes give me head congestion. That equals mouth breathing, dry mouth, tossing and turning and little, if any, sleep.

In addition to an hour or so of sleep overnight, I’ve a sinus headache. Zzzzz. I’m just not my usual perky self today. I’ll see y’all Monday.