Happy Pre-Primary Day, Kansas and Missouri!

First, for the morning headlines…


Now that is a disconcerting headline! Local talk-shows Friday and over the weekend were up in arms about Obama bringing two American missionaries with Ebola back to the US to the CDC research center in Atlanta. The Ebola survivor rate is between 10 to 50% depending on the version.

What makes Ebola deadly is its long incubation period, ten days to two weeks, when it masks itself with flu-like symptoms. After that point, organ failure occurs and death quickly follows.

More importantly, there is no vaccine for Ebola. That is one factor in bringing the two Americans home—the hope of developing an Ebola vaccine.


Jeff Cox, running for re-election for Cass County Presiding Commissioner, received a very favorable write-up from the Kansas City Star. A surprisingly fair report from that liberal, propaganda rag. It contrasted the two candidates—Cox, returning the county to its primary purpose, and paying off the massive debt created by the prior commissioners, and Morris, whose backers are those previous commissioners, Brian Baker and Bill Cook. Morris wants a return to unconstrained spending in the name of economic growth. It’s interesting that Brian Baker, one of the commissioners who supported the failed Broadband and TriGen projects, now works for the company, UAM, the company that failed to deliver those two failed projects. Hmmmm.

Can we say ‘conflict of interest’, Mr. Morris, by your mentors and backers?


A poll has been released on four of the five proposed constitutional amendments that will appear on tomorrow ballot. One amendment, number 7, was not polled due to ‘conflict of interest.’ It does make one wonder how #7 is doing. From what I’ve heard from the grapevine, the words, “tax increase,” is killing it.

Poll: Remington Research Group surveys ballot measures

August 04, 2014 / by

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Remington Research Group in Kansas City conducted surveys on Tuesday’s ballot measures between July 31-August 2, showing a split between heavily supported and too-close-to-call measures less than 48 hours from election day.

Ballot measurers campaigns have raised millions to reach voters.

Screenshot 2014-08-04 08.15.47Amendment 1, also known as “Right to Farm” holds a lead but the race is too close to call. Supporters of Amendment 1 totaled 48%, with opponents at 40%, and undecided at 12%.

“Amendment 1 is going to be determined by turnout and could go either way,” Titus Bond of Remington Research Group said. “With nothing else at the top of the ballot to drive turnout it will really come down to who is more passionate about this issue. Amendment 1 supporters appear to have lost their message to Amendment 1 opponents but the ballot language may be able drive their campaign to a victory,” said Bond.

The other close race is with Constitutional Amendment 8, which seeks to create a lottery system to benefit veterans is very close with a high number of undecided voters. 41% of voters support Amendment 8, 46% oppose, and 13% are undecided. It has received far less attention than the other two races, but appears to be just as close.

Screenshot 2014-08-04 08.15.58There are two other proposed Constitutional Amendment appearing on Tuesday’s primary election ballot. Constitutional Amendment 5, which directs the state to protect 2nd Amendment gun rights, is cruising towards victory with 60% of voters supporting, 31% opposing, and 9% undecided.

Constitutional Amendment 9, which protects Missourian’s electronic communications from unreasonable searches and seizure is strongly supported by voters according to the survey. 67% of voters support Amendment 9, only 20% oppose it, with 14% undecided.

The demographics of the poll was said to match the turnout for the last four Missouri primaries.

Scanning headlines

I’m a news junkie.  I admit it.  So is Mrs. Crucis.  She may be worse than I am.  Maybe. Anyway, I was following my habit of looking at Drudge this morning when I saw these headlines.

The school bus company has a policy that bars unplanned stops for passengers.  When the detectives asked to be taken to the local precinct station, he complied. The bus contained one student and one matron.  The detectives were stranded in high water during a severe hail and rainstorm and needed to get to their station.  Like any good Samaritan, the bus drive gave them a lift.

And got fired.

There’s something wrong when an employee gets fired for assisting others in life-threatening situations.  In some states, it is against the law if you don’t provide assistance.

Here’s another headline.

When life is hard, when you fail the tests of life, remove the tests.  
Unfortunately, life will still test you.  Life is not fair, nor does Life care if you aren’t prepared. Life comes to all, ready or not.
Does anyone now doubt that the public school system, government education is worthless? I note that more and more often, parents are abandoning public schools and sending their children to private and parochial schools that still have and maintain standards—and not just educational standards either.  The school where my G’kids attend requires uniforms.  They also teach the Bible, Latin and Greek.  The school’s goal is to provide a classical education while maintaining high learning standards as well.
Next, is a headline that screams jealousy.
The woman in question, with a PhD in Statistics, used her mathematical skills to help win a lottery so say her detractors.  
I was required to take a Junior level class in Statistics as a requirement for graduation in college.  Statistics does not predict outcome.  All it does is provide probability.  There’s a big difference. Supposedly, the Lottery numbers are chosen at random.  If that was the case, Statistics would provide no aid in winning the Lottery.  So, either the Lottery numbers aren’t random or the woman was magnificently lucky.  The Texas lottery investigated the woman and could find nothing.  They congratulated her on her “luck.”  Personally, I fail to see how she could have gamed scratch-off tickets.
In either case, I congratulate her.  For those who are upset this woman may have used her skills to win or just because she won four times, Life is not fair.  Live with it. 
Now, y’all have a good day.  Ignore the immediate news coming out of the morass in Washington for a day.  Obama and the dems will still be screwing the country tomorrow.