Well, the post title says it all. Bumpkis. I’ve examined today’s news items, the reports, local, state, national and international, and nothing strikes my fancy. It’s tough finding topics five days a week.

A lot of people are watching the antics in Jeff City this week. We have a new RINO, Senator Bob Dixon, of the Springfield area, who now joins Dempsey and Richard as Dem-lites when it comes to the 2nd Amendment. These three have lost our trust. I suspect their days in office are now numbered.

I’ll try to do better come Monday.

The summer blahs…

Tam had it. I’ve got it. I’m sure others have it, too. The summer blahs.  That time of year when we’d all like to be doing something—if only we could figger out what it was.

I’m sitting here, trying to think of something to post, and that little spark that says, “This is it!”, has flitted away.  The temp here near KC has been hovering around 100 since last week and the forecast is more of the same for the near future.  It’s been too hot to go out walking. The temp was in the mid-80s when I woke up this morning.  To walk in the evening, I’d have to wear a reflective vest to be visible to the teenagers who race up and down our street.

I don’t want to stay in and watch TV or read, the usual suggestion for the blahs. I want to go out!

I dropped by my gun club’s indoor range last Friday.  There’s been considerable improvements made there this year. But, it has no A/C.  There are exhaust fans, required for indoor ranges to pull the lead dust and powder fumes outside.  That doesn’t help with the heat.  It was hotter inside than outside.

There’s always the outdoor range some 40 miles away.  There is an air conditioned club house at that range and shaded shooting positions.  That’s an option but I really hate shooting alone.  Not only that, if something happened, there’s no cell coverage there.

So, I’m stuck. The blahs are well entrenched.  I’ll try again to think of something.  

I have to.

The walls are closing in!