Acts of Rebellion

There were two acts of rebellion this week. One occurred in Washington…state, that is. The other occurred in Boston—241 years ago. That second act of rebellion is known as the Boston Tea Party.

The Boston Tea Party, December 16, 1773.

If you look at root causes, you’ll notice that both events were/are driven by the same motivation—rebellion against a corrupt and tyrannical state. In Boston, the root cause of the Tea Party was an act of economic warfare by the British East India company with the compliance of the British government against the growing competition of the American colonies, especially the ship owners of New England.

In Washington state, the rebellion is more wide-spread. It is the conservative gun-owners and law enforcement officials against the liberals in control of the Seattle/Tacoma area. The conservatives own the statehouse, less the Governor. Seattle/Tacoma has the larger population and controls the Governor. Bloomberg paid for the passage of Initiative 594 that imposed unrealistic regulations on the ownership and transfer of firearms.

The anniversary of the Boston Tea Party slipped by with little attention, if any, from the mainstream media. Their attention was focused on Washington state and the public rejection of I-594 by gun owners and law enforcement across the state.

The MSM was watching, but not reporting—unless the Seattle liberal machine tried to enforce their new law at a rally and it blew up in their face. But, the libs backed down and no confrontation, other than in local headlines, took place. Even less attention by the MSM was given to a press release by the Sheriff and Prosecutor of Lewis County, WA. They declared they would not enforce the new I-594 law.

‘I Will Not Comply’ rally draws gun-rights supporters to Olympia

Protesters rallied at the state Capitol in Olympia to denounce an expanded initiative on gun-purchase background checks that voters widely approved last month.

Originally published December 13, 2014 at 7:00 PM | Page modified December 15, 2014 at 7:10 AM

By Joseph O’Sullivan, Seattle Times Olympia bureau

Alan Berner / The Seattle Times. Above, Sam Wilson, carrying a rifle on his back, waits on the Capitol grounds to address the crowd.

OLYMPIA — Following a tradition going back to at least the Whiskey Rebellion of the early 1790s, demonstrators gathered here Saturday afternoon at the Capitol to protest the tyranny of what they consider unlawful American government.

But instead of decrying a tax on distilled liquor such as Pennsylvanians did just years after the U.S. Constitution was ratified, demonstrators here at the “I Will Not Comply” rally denounced a law expanding gun-purchase background checks that was approved last month by Washington voters.

Initiative 594, which voters passed by a 19-point margin, expands background checks to people buying firearms in private sales or exchanging them in a transfer.

Speaking to the crowd, rally organizer Gavin Seim blamed events like the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting in Connecticut on people trying to regulate firearms.

“The people that are trying to take our guns are the ones that are causing events where children and families and people are lost,” said Seim, who ran unsuccessfully this year for U.S. Congress.

Washington State Patrol put the crowd at about 1,000 people; Seim estimated 1,500.

You can read the entire artlcle here at the Seattle Times.

The Washington state liberals and Bloomberg used the shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School as justification. This week, some of the families of the Sandy Hook victims filed suit against Bushmaster and others claiming the AR-15 is a military weapon and unsuitable for civilian use, therefore the sale of such a weapon should be banned.

I won’t post a portion of that article, it is just too stupid. You can follow the link and read it yourself. All I’ll say that New England, suffering under liberal oppression, is the only area such a suit has a chance of winning. Manufacturers cannot be held responsible for the use of their products. If that were so, no brewery would now exist in the United States, nor would alcohol be allowed to be imported.

The act of rebellion in Washington state was largely ignored outside of Seattle. The Connecticut lawsuit, however, could have wide-spread impact if the families win. Of course it would be too much to expect for them to sue the real culprits, the local school district who chose to allow those students and teachers to be unprotected, exposed and vulnerable to a mental defective and thief.

One of the worst escape attempts—ever!

I can’t compete with Peter on his collection of Doofi, but I ran across this one that would, at least, achieve “Honorable Mention.” From the Daily Mail (UK) Online comes this story.

Pictured: One of the worst escape attempts EVER as robbers handcuffed together run straight into lamp-post

Last updated at 3:11 PM on 29th January 2009.

It was less than a Great Escape.

Two New Zealand prisoners who were handcuffed together as they fled a courthouse foiled their own getaway when they ran to opposite sides of a lamp-post, slammed into each other and fell to the ground.

Jailers nabbed them as they struggled to their feet.

D’oh! Clockwise from top left: The pair of robbers, handcuffed together, charge towards freedom – but foil their own attempt by charging straight into the post

Their escapade on Wednesday was captured by a CCTV camera at Hastings District Court on New Zealand’s North Island. The footage shows the two men trying to make a break for it – but apparently forgetting they were joined at the wrist.

Hastings police Senior Sgt. Dave Greig said one inmate, Regan Reti, 20, had just been sent to prison for more than two years after being convicted of assault.

The other inmate, Tiranara White, 21, was in custody for allegedly stealing a car and violating parole.

‘As they were being led from the Hastings police cells … they made a bolt for freedom,’ Greig said today.

Bundled: Police and medical support catch soon catch up with the hapless robbers at the lamppost

Bundled: Police and medical support catch soon catch up with the hapless robbers at the lamppost

“They fell over and they were sprayed with pepper spray. But they got up and ran out of the court onto the street, across the road to a car park,” he said.

‘That’s where they met the pole – it was all over, rover.’

The pair were back in court today, facing fresh charges of escaping from custody.

Police said Reti, who pleaded guilty to the charge, had a month added to his prison term. White did not enter a plea. He will remain in police custody while a psychiatric evaluation is carried out.

Grainy footage of the escapade shown on TV One News was billed as ‘one of the worst escape attempts ever seen.’

Today in History.

I’m sitting here taking a break from work. I have been remotely coordinating the installation of circuits at two locations and there are cable issues at each site.


Seems these small details are always overlooked even when they are on the project plan.

So during my break I noticed that on this date in 1863, the Union Army won the third and final Battle of Chattanooga. Union forces under General Ulysses S. Grant defeated the Confederate forces lead by General Braxton Bragg and opened the door for Sherman’s march to the sea via Atlanta. This advance split the Confederacy and was a direct precursor to the defeat of the Army of Northern Virginia some seventeen months later.

In 1034 “ After Malcolm II of Scotland died, Duncan, the son of his second daughter, instead of Macbeth , the son of his eldest daughter, inherited the throne to become the King of Scots.

Also in England in 1120, William Adelin, the only legitimate son of King Henry I of England, drowned in the White Ship Disaster, leading to a succession crisis which would bring down the Norman monarchy of England.

Reading history can be an awaking. Just when you think something new has come down the pike, you realize it’s all happened before. Perhaps not in the same exact way but close enough to see the parallels.

I have a strong interest in England, Scotland and Ireland. My Father was born in New Castle, UK. My paternal Grandfather was born in Edinburgh, Scotland and my paternal Grandmother was born in Dun Laoghaire, Ireland just outside Dublin.

I’ve never visited the UK. Given the rising stupidity of the UK socialist government, I’m not sure now that I’d want to. So much of our heritage has been destroyed. The legacy of free Englishmen, Welshmen, Scots and the Irish is no more.