Today in History.

I’m sitting here taking a break from work. I have been remotely coordinating the installation of circuits at two locations and there are cable issues at each site.


Seems these small details are always overlooked even when they are on the project plan.

So during my break I noticed that on this date in 1863, the Union Army won the third and final Battle of Chattanooga. Union forces under General Ulysses S. Grant defeated the Confederate forces lead by General Braxton Bragg and opened the door for Sherman’s march to the sea via Atlanta. This advance split the Confederacy and was a direct precursor to the defeat of the Army of Northern Virginia some seventeen months later.

In 1034 “ After Malcolm II of Scotland died, Duncan, the son of his second daughter, instead of Macbeth , the son of his eldest daughter, inherited the throne to become the King of Scots.

Also in England in 1120, William Adelin, the only legitimate son of King Henry I of England, drowned in the White Ship Disaster, leading to a succession crisis which would bring down the Norman monarchy of England.

Reading history can be an awaking. Just when you think something new has come down the pike, you realize it’s all happened before. Perhaps not in the same exact way but close enough to see the parallels.

I have a strong interest in England, Scotland and Ireland. My Father was born in New Castle, UK. My paternal Grandfather was born in Edinburgh, Scotland and my paternal Grandmother was born in Dun Laoghaire, Ireland just outside Dublin.

I’ve never visited the UK. Given the rising stupidity of the UK socialist government, I’m not sure now that I’d want to. So much of our heritage has been destroyed. The legacy of free Englishmen, Welshmen, Scots and the Irish is no more.