Interesting Headlines.

I had intended to write on an different subject…then I saw the headlines. Some made me laugh like the one from the liberal rag, the National Journal:

How Crazies Are Destroying Your Party

New poll underscores public’s mad-as-hell attitude toward Republicans and Democrats.

The NJ parrots the liberal theme that the shutdown was ALL due to the ‘Pubs. That underscores their entire publication. But, now, they’re alarmed that the polls only marginally support their propaganda. Horrors! Seventy-four percent of the people say, “a pox of both your houses.”

Partisans in both parties will never admit it, but the public is putting a pox on both houses.

  • 74 percent of Americans believe Congress is contributing to problems in Washington rather than solving them.

  • Only 22 percent think the nation is headed in the right direction. Two-thirds believe that the nation is in a “state of decline.”

  • Just two of every 10 Americans think the economy will get better in the next year.

  • Only three of 10 Americans are optimistic about the future of the U.S. political system.

  • A majority of Americans don’t identify with either party.

Makes me laugh.

Then in Bloomberg Business Week, Ezra Klein, laments:

How the iPod President Crashed: Obama’s Broken Technology Promise

In the 2008 election, President Obama’s advisers talked of their boss’s belief that it was time for an “iPod government.” Obama, a technology addict who tools around on his iPad before going to sleep and who fought the U.S. Secret Service bureaucracy for the right to carry a smartphone, would be the first president truly at home in the Digital Age. That put him, he thought, in a unique position to pull the federal government into the Digital Age, too. His administration wouldn’t just be competent. It would be modern. And it would restore America’s faith that the public sector could do big things well.

Then he wails that the premier project of technocrat Obama, HEALTHCARE.GOV, is a complete, and possibly unfixable, failure.

The disastrous launch of,the online portal that was supposed to be the linchpin of the Affordable Care Act, has dealt a devastating blow to Obama’s vision. In the months leading up to the Oct. 1 rollout of the site, the president rarely compared his signature policy achievement to Medicare or Social Security. Instead, he favored analogies to e-commerce sites such as Orbitz (OWW), Travelocity, and Expedia (EXPE). Obamacare was supposed to be the model for a 21st century social program, not a replica of programs built in the 20th. Now Republicans are seizing on the breakdown of the health exchange to reinforce the idea that government can’t do anything right—particularly not anything of this size. “The rollout of this law made a trip to the DMV look like a day in the park,” says Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.).

The left is slowly beginning to wake up that they’ve been duped. Nevertheless, they will continue to drink the kool-aid as dutiful liberals and democrats following Obama down the road of failure.

These two headlines are followed by this one from FOX:

Frightful poll sends Dems screaming


CRASHES, CANCELLED POLICIES FRACTURE DEMS –As millions of Americans receive notices that their insurance policies are being cancelled because of new ObamaCare regulations, Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., will offer her own bill that will allow Americans to keep their existing plans. When news broke this week that the president for years led voters to believe they could keep their coverage under his insurance overhaul despite knowing otherwise, Republicans pounced offering legislation to block the Obama rules banning low-post, bare-bones coverage.  Landrieu, facing a tough re-election fight in a Republican state, is jumping the line with a bill of her own.  “The promise was made and it should be kept,” Landrieu told the New Orleans Times-Picayune. “And it was our understanding when we voted for that, that people when they have insurance, could keep what they had. So, I’m going to be working on that fix.” Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., is also preparing his own legislation that would delay by a full year the imposition of ObamaCare fines for those who don’t buy insurance.

Crash drives Obama to new low – President Obama went to Boston to rally his supporters on behalf of his embattled law, but a new WSJ/NBC News poll shows that the failed launch of his signature law is proving a major drag with the public at large. His job approval rating skidded to 42 percent, the lowest-ever rating in the poll. That’s an 11-point drop from his job approval rating following his re-election and 5 points since last month.Disapproval for the health law shot up to 47 percent, 10 points ahead of approval, double the gap from earlier this month.

Scary stuff It was a dire WSJ/NBC News poll that drove Republicans to the exits on the partial federal shutdown three weeks ago. Now it’s the Democrats turn for a fright. The president’s tanking poll numbers and the surge in concern over the beleaguered ObamaCare rollout will push more moderate Democrats to conclude that their best path is away from the president and his law. Shutdowns are temporary. ObamaCare is forever.

Taken together with the Daily Caller’s discovery that Obama and the White House is strong arming insurance carriers to not reveal the extreme costs for the large majority of Obamacare clients (I like the word clients. It’s so much more…elegant than prisoner, ward of the state or slave.) No, Obama desperately doesn’t want that fact known—nor the fact that Obamacare purposely made illegal nearly all of the existing healthcare plans now offered by insurers.

I needed a good laugh today and I got it.

There I wuz…

Today will be a short post…unless I get on a roll.  I had an appointment this morning that upset my normal schedule.

Today’s post is a continuation of a theme from earlier this week. A variety of groups are attempting to build a coalition to effect change within the Republican party. Some of these groups are frustrated Ron Paul supporters. Others are local Tea Party groups hoping to expand and consolidate into a viable state-wide organization with a consensus on platform and action-plans. They all are having a rough start. The biggest hurdle I’ve seen is their inability to believe that other conservatives may have legitimate opposing viewpoints.

Case in point. A large conservative social group in Missouri almost dissolved just before the primary this year. The group had been incorporated with rules prohibiting favoritism of one candidate over another. Favoritism could cause tax issues with the IRS. However, one candidate’s followers persisted in pushing their candidate in violation of the rules. The group owner dropped all of the membership and reconstituted as a closed group whose members would abide by the rules.

The election is now over. We lost. Some blame, not all, can be levied towards those who refused to vote for ABO…Anyone but Obama. i.e., Romney. He wasn’t the best candidate and some suspected he may not be as strong a conservative as some of the other ‘Pub candidates. In the end, Romney was the selected ‘Pub candidate and truly, had the only real change of defeating Obama and he did come close.

But not close enough.

Now after the election, various groups and individuals are attempting to reconstitute the people and organizations that won so many seats in 2010. 2014 is coming soon and is very important. We must retain our control of the House and expand our members in the Senate. If that is the goal…and for some, I believe it is not, we must have a united platform and a united organization. That cannot be achieved if we do not follow this rule.

You do not achieve your goals by pissing off those you wish to influence.

It’s a difficult lesson to be learned but learn it we must if we are to achieve our goals—first to control Congress and in 2016 to expand that control with winning the White House. Once we have the political power, we can begin to implement our agenda. It’s a long-term plan with short-term mileposts. The long term is limited government, the repeal of Obamacare, Frank-Dodd and other liberal legislation passed over the last seventy years.

The short term goals can only be achieved by unification. Unifying our groups, our people and laying aside those issues where we do not have consensus. When i bring up these points, I’ve been accused of selling out to the democrats, being in favor of Obamacare, being a tool of the establishment and those are just the more polite labels.

Vilifying the opposition is not a winning plan. Let’s start anew and remember Reagan’s and Goldwater’s rule: Never speak ill of a fellow Republican (Tea Partier, Conservative, etc.) Once we achieve this goal, we can begin to work towards some of those longer term goals.

Keep focused on the Objective

The time limit has passed.  Supposedly, the option for Akin to resign as the ‘Pub Senate candidate passed yesterday at 5PM CDT.  From what I understand, it will now take a court order to remove him as a candidate. 

There are no good options now but let’s take a look at some of those proposed solutions.

  1. Have Sarah Steelman or John Brunner run for the Senate as write-in candidates.  Unfortunately, they are prohibited by law from running, as write-ins, for an office when they’ve lost the primary for that same office.
    ”write-in candidate” is a person

    whose name is not printed on the ballot (see 115.453(4,5,6) RSMo); and who has filed a declaration of intent  to be a write-in candidate for election to office with the proper election authority prior to 5:00 p.m. on the second Friday immediately preceding the election day. It is not necessary to file a declaration of intent if there are no candidates on the ballot for that office. (see 115.453 (4) RSMo) 

    Frequently asked questions on write-in candidatesCan a write-in candidate be on a primary election ballot? No. (Section 115.453 (5) RSMo)

    If a candidate runs in a primary election and loses, can the person run in the general election for the same  office?
     No.  If a candidate files for nomination to an office and is not nominated at a primary election, that candidate cannot file a declaration of intent to be a write-in candidate for the same office at the general election. (Section 115.453(4) RSMo)

    Are write-in candidates posted at the polling place? No. The election authority shall furnish a list to the election judges and counting teams prior to Election Day of all write-in candidates who have filed a declaration of intent. (Section 115.453(4) RSMo)Are write-in votes counted for every name that is written in?

      No. If a candidate is on the ballot for an office, write-in votes are counted only for the candidates who have filed a declaration of intent to be a write-in candidate with the proper election authority.  (Section 115.453(4), first sentence) If no candidate is on the ballot for an office, it is not required to file a declaration of intent and votes are counted for every name properly written in. (Section 115.453(4) RSMo, last sentence.I am not a lawyer, but running as a 3rd-party candidate could fall under this prohibition as well.  Sarah Palin today suggested that Sarah Steelman run as a 3rd-party candidate.  Sorry Sarah P, that is not a good idea, nor, if the above statutes are applicable, a legal option.

  2. Shift support to another current candidate such as the one from the Libertarian party.Who?

    That says it all. I don’t know who’s running as the Libertarian candidate. I doubt many do since the Libertarians usually are only pull single-digit percentages in the state elections. (I had to look him up. It’s John Dine (L) who is the Libertarian candidate for the US Senate.)

  3. Remove Akin via a court order and the ‘Pub state Central Committee selects a replacement.  Wow! That would really resolve things.  The pro-Akin supporters against the non-Akin supporters. That would guarantee a split party and likely would hand the election to Claire McCaskill.

None of the options above are really viable. Each of those options would split the votes of the Party and McCaskill wins.  THAT IS WHAT THE DEMS WANT!

Let’s not forget the Objective of this exercise, this election.

Remove Claire McCaskill from office and replace her with a conservative Senator. 

I didn’t vote for Akin in the primary. He won without my vote. It’s the fact. Akin won the primary legally.

So. Sarah Palin, as much as I like you, butt out! 

John Dine: find your own supporters. Don’t plan on poaching from the ‘Pubs. 

‘Pubs: Man up. It’s time to pull up your big-boy pants and get on with life. For better or worse, the party has a candidate for Senate and it’s Todd Akin. He didn’t quit. Your hissy-fits didn’t work. Now recognize the reality and rally behind Akin and let’s win! Claire McCaskill must go!

Since Crossroads and the RNC cut funds to Akin, let’s make up the difference.  Any lessening of support will hand the election to McCaskill.

Let’s never forget the Objective: Claire McCaskill must be removed from the Senate and replaced with a conservative Senator.

Chasing the bus.

The lib MSM is outraged!  Again!

Sarah Palin won’t give them interviews (except for Fox who pays her—MSM), nor will she give an itinerary for her tour bussWhy, why, some of these young reporters could get killed—CBS. And…and…her red, white and blue bus violates Federal law—MSNBC.

It’s farcial.  I don’t blame Sarah Palin a bit.  If she gives interviews, the MSM will twist her words or lie.  Why should she give them anything?  She’s doing quite well all by herself.

On a parting note, this little bit by Lisa Benson.

Little dogs chasing after the Big Dog.