Speaking truth

There were three instances—events where truth was spoken this week. One was well known, another slightly less so, and the third was a TV show. I doubt many caught the connotations and the truth in that TV show although it was not hidden.

The TV show was NCIS-LA. In the episode shown February 19th, a 1970s violent, radical group reappeared. One of the original members was found murdered, the other remaining members were in prison or thought dead.

At the same time a new group, feeling the Occupy protests were ineffectual, decided to add violence, to exploit peaceful protests.  In the end, the perpetrator, the mentor behind the new radicals, was a member of that original group. He was their mentor. The show described him as the same as Hitler’s mentor, Dietrich Eckart. The character was a university history professor who had been indoctrinating his students over a thirty-year period. The last few minutes went into detail how socialist infiltration of our education system was fermenting disruption, dissent and terrorism.

It’s a rare event when Hollywood truthfully acknowledges the radical takeover of education and their real motives. This episode is worth viewing if you didn’t at the original broadcast.

The  next instance occurred on the Mark Levin radio show last night. He read most of an article by Angelo Codevilla in Forbe’s Magazine. The column is worth a full read. It is quite lengthy but confirms other reports about the ineffectiveness of the ‘Pub establishment and how they are now blocking reform movements in their home states.

As Country Club Republicans Link Up With The Democratic Ruling Class, Millions Of Voters Are Orphaned

By Angelo Codevilla, 2/20/2013 @ 4:49PM

On January 1, 2013 one third of Republican congressmen, following their leaders, joined with nearly all Democrats to legislate higher taxes and more subsidies for Democratic constituencies. Two thirds voted no, following the people who had elected them. For generations, the Republican Party had presented itself as the political vehicle for Americans whose opposition to ever-bigger government financed by ever-higher taxes makes them a “country class.”  Yet modern Republican leaders, with the exception of the Reagan Administration, have been partners in the expansion of government, indeed in the growth of a government-based “ruling class.” They have relished that role despite their voters. Thus these leaders gradually solidified their choice to no longer represent what had been their constituency, but to openly adopt the identity of junior partners in that ruling class. By repeatedly passing bills that contradict the identity of Republican voters and of the majority of Republican elected representatives, the Republican leadership has made political orphans of millions of Americans. In short, at the outset of 2013 a substantial portion of America finds itself un-represented, while Republican leaders increasingly represent only themselves.

By the law of supply and demand, millions of Americans, (arguably a majority) cannot remain without representation. Increasingly the top people in government, corporations, and the media collude and demand submission as did the royal courts of old. This marks these political orphans as a “country class.” In 1776 America’s country class responded to lack of representation by uniting under the concept: “all men are created equal.” In our time, its disparate sectors’ common sentiment is more like: “who the hell do they think they are?”

The ever-growing U.S. government has an edgy social, ethical, and political character. It is distasteful to a majority of persons who vote Republican and to independent voters, as well as to perhaps one fifth of those who vote Democrat. The Republican leadership’s kinship with the socio-political class that runs modern government is deep. Country class Americans have but to glance at the Media to hear themselves insulted from on high as greedy, racist, violent, ignorant extremists. Yet far has it been from the Republican leadership to defend them. Whenever possible, the Republican Establishment has chosen candidates for office – especially the Presidency – who have ignored, soft-pedaled or given mere lip service to their voters’ identities and concerns.

Thus public opinion polls confirm that some two thirds of Americans feel that government is “them” not “us,” that government has been taking the country in the wrong direction, and that such sentiments largely parallel partisan identification: While a majority of Democrats feel that officials who bear that label represent them well, only about a fourth of Republican voters and an even smaller proportion of independents trust Republican officials to be on their side. Again: While the ruling class is well represented by the Democratic Party, the country class is not represented politically – by the Republican Party or by any other. Well or badly, its demand for representation will be met.

If you read between the lines, this column is a call for the creation of a third party. The core premise is that the current republican party has isolated itself from its roots and those roots, acknowledging their isolation, are looking for alternatives—a new means to re-establish their representation in government.

As I said, it is lengthy. I urge you to read the entire column here.

The third instance acquired nation-wide attention and was the headline on the Drudge Report all yesterday afternoon. It was a monologue by Rush Limbaugh. I don’t know if he had read Angelo Codevilla’s article but it echoed many of the same tenets.

For the First Time in My Life, I Am Ashamed of My Country


RUSH:  Folks, I’m sorry here.  I can’t help but think that we are all being played for a bunch of fools, a bunch of suckers on this sequester business.  I don’t know.  Are you like me?  Do you really think 800,000 people are gonna lose their jobs in the Pentagon because we cut $22 billion?  Do you really think air traffic control’s gonna shut down?  Do you really think there aren’t gonna be any meat inspectors?  Do you really think that all of these horror stories are going to happen?  I don’t. 

I feel like I’ve been here.  This is deja vu all over again.  I remember the 1995 budget battle.  That involved a legitimate government shut down.  That wasn’t just $22 billion we were not gonna spend.  We’re still gonna spend $3.5 trillion.  We’re just not gonna spend $22 billion, if it happens.

RUSH: Everything gets repeated. The cycle, the claims, the threats, the crisis, Armageddon, it’s the same. And we’re talking $22 billion. It’s not as though we’re not gonna spend anything. If the sequester happens, the first year is $44 billion. Half of that’s defense. We’re still going to spend $3.5 trillion or $3.3 trillion, even if we don’t spend the $22 billion. Then there’s this guy who draws an analogy to the Oklahoma City bombing.

Plus, we have our old buddy Ron Fournier. He used to be at AP, and is now at the National Journal. This is quite instructive, actually. Let me just read a portion of this to you. “You May Be Right, Mr. President, But This Is Crazy — Your federal government is almost certain to blow past the March 1 deadline for averting $1.2 trillion in haphazard budget cuts that could cost 700,000 jobs.” But see, it’s not $1.2 trillion.

It is over ten years, but it’s not this year and it’s not next year. This year’s portion of it is $22 billion. Besides, does anybody really think that, even if the sequester happens, it’s not gonna get fixed for ten years? Anyway… “Don’t worry. We know who to blame. President Obama makes a credible case that he has reached farther toward compromise than House Republicans.” He has? Well, I guess he has, since the media says so. “President Obama makes a credible case that he has reached farther toward compromise…”

“But knowing who’s at fault,” writes Mr. Fournier, “doesn’t fix the problem. To loosely quote Billy Joel: You may be right, Mr. President, but this is crazy. Is this fiscal standoff (the fifth since Republicans took control of the House in 2011)…” Is that not an interesting perspective, by the way? It’s not “the fifth standoff since Obama was inaugurated.” No, no. It’s “the fifth standoff since Republicans took control of the House” two years ago. “Is this fiscal standoff … just about scoring political points, or is it about governing?”

Unbeknownst to Mr. Fournier, he has now swerved right into my theory: Political points versus governing, and he says it’s all about politics. “If it’s all about politics, bully for Obama. A majority of voters will likely side with the president over Republicans in a budget dispute because of his popularity and the GOP’s pathetic approval ratings.” Speaking of that, I don’t want to depress you out there, but Obama’s approval rating is as high as it’s been since 2009. It’s 55%.

The Republicans’ approval is as low as it’s been since 2009. Chris Christie goes on Letterman, eats a doughnut, and he’s at 74% approval. Christie is at 74%. Obama is at 55%, his highest approval in four years. But then Mr. Fournier writes, “If it’s all about politics, bully for Obama” but “[i]f it’s about governing, the story changes” for Obama ” Yes, siree, Bob. That’s my whole point. “You see,” as Mr. Fournier writes, totally unaware that he’s totally confirming my brilliant theorem of last week, “If it’s about governing, then the story changes for Obama.”

Fournier highlights an op-ed written by a Republican who blames everybody on both sides for it and we all gotta get together and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. That’s what Fournier thinks Obama needs to read. “With a few tweaks, Obama could make it a presidential address. … ‘Americans are fed up with the jousting.… There is a lot of public posturing but apparently not much genuine conversation.'” That gets to the root of what’s bothering me here. The jousting never ends. I just feel like I’m being played for the fool here to get sucked into this narrative and this template every day.

I’ve cut a lot from his transcript due to space limitations.  A number of “pundits” are speculating Rush is calling for a third party due to the ineffectiveness of the establishment ‘Pubs and their lack of initiative and leadership combating the continuous push by the dems and libs toward tyranny. If the ‘Pubs won’t or can’t do that job, then, perhaps, it is time to find another party or organization that will. (No, I’m not joining the Libertarians. They are as much a collection of fools as are the dems and ‘Pub establishment.)

All three examples spoke truth this week—one, a Hollywood TV show acknowledged liberal infiltration in education. The second is another confirmation of the existence of The Ruling Class, how they work to maintain their personal political power at the expense of the country. The third documents the lack of leadership and the ineffectiveness—the uselessness of the ‘Pub establishment, in fighting the lies and propaganda of the left.

Levin commented on his show last night, as best I remember, “Perhaps, like the Whigs, it is time for the republican party to fade into history.

Revelation and Observation

When people hear the word, Revelation, most will think of the last book of the Bible.  Their next thought is frequently the horror stories of the end of the world. Many even speak that name of that book incorrectly saying, “Revelations,” plural.

Rev 1:1. The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave to him, to show to his servants things which must shortly come to pass; and he sent and signified it by his angel to his servant John:

As you can see, Revelation is singular and of Jesus Christ. I could go into more theology but that isn’t the theme for this segment of today’s post.

Yesterday, the Cass County Courthouse was a site of Revelation. The outside auditor’s report was officially presented to the public by the county Commission. A representative of the auditing firm reported on the most egregious errors discovered and answered questions from the two attending Commissioner. The County Auditor was added to the discussion and between him and the outside auditor revealed a number of revelations to the public including a $2,000,000 deficit in several projects started by prior commissioners.  The only sitting commissioner who served during the time in question, 2010, was not present.

Not only were the projects overspent, but over $1,000,000 could not be properly accounted for. Money had been spent with no invoice nor receipt to indicate why the money had been spent.

The first revelation: Four hundred thousand dollars had been paid to the BioFuels project but only $50,000, expenses and assets, could be accounted for. A visit to the site found only a used tank some piping and pumps. The prototype supposedly built by the funds was a failure. Where was the remaining $350,000?

The second revelation was in the Broadband project. $1.7 million had been spent and only $700,000 can be accounted for. Timesheets, invoices and receipts only totaled $700,000. Where was the remaining $1 million?

The next revelation was the disclosure by the outside auditor of conflicts of interest in these project by all of the commissioners at the time, 2010. The planned sorgum pipeline (biofuel) for the Justice Center’s power plant was routed through property owned by a commissioner. The two other commissioners were heavily involved in the engineering company designing the Broadband project. Money was paid to that company with no supporting documentation, nor, apparently a contract!  Cass County’s former Presiding Commissioner was later employed by that company.

The final revelation should not surprise anyone. During the followup Q&A with the public, it was revealed that the Department of Justice has started an investigation since the funds not accounted for were provided by the Department of Agriculture as part one of the “stimulus” bills approved by Congress. As one member of the public later remarked, “The only thing stimulated was the Commissioners’ pockets.”

The only serving commissioner from that time was conspicuously absent. That, too, raised a number of questions about his conduct

The mood of the audience was…enraged. Several members asked why those involved were not in jail or charged with fraud.  The short answer is that the current commissioners have no authority to do so.  All they, the County Auditor and the outside auditor can do is document what happened and turn that documentation over to the proper legal authorities.  That has been done. As one retired lawyer in the audience said, “While the wheels of justice grind slowly, they do grind very fine.”

Time will tell. I do expect, at some time in the future, some or all of those commissioners will be wearing orange jumpsuits with numbers.


The main stream media is trying to convince the nation the election is over, Obama won.  That couldn’t be further from the truth.

I’m a poll watcher. When a new poll is released, I ignore the publicly touted results and dive into the supporting data. I have found that most of the polls, with a few exceptions, are skewed in favor of the democrats.  The exceptions are Rasmussen and the Pew polls.  I’m not the only one to see the deception. The information below was mentioned by Rush Limbaugh earlier this week.

Demoralized as Hell, The poll the media isn’t talking about edition

by Datechguy | September 17th, 2012

For the last two weeks we have been treated to the narrative that Barack Obama is surging at the polls, Mitt Romney is in trouble and unless there is a massive change in direction it is all over.

Simply put this is a lie.

Of all the polls you have seen, there is one poll that has gotten no attention, it is a poll that has been taken monthly, it is a poll that Doug Ross spotted and promoted on his site. It is the Rasmussen Poll of party identification.

At no time during the year do the Democrats have a registration advantage vs republicans, the gap closes in July & re-separates in August. The low point for the GOP was July for 34.9 and the high August at 37.6 For democrats the high was 34.0 in June & July the low was 32.4 in Feb

What does this mean for November? It means a lot.

The Democrats won 2 election in this period 2006 & 2008 with a 6.9 advantage in 2006 & a 7.6 advantage in 2008.

There is no example of the Democrats winning since 2004 with an advantage less that 6.9.

The GOP won two elections in this period 2004 with a -1.6 disadvantage & 2010 with a 1.3 advantage. This means the GOP has proven it can win with not only a small lead but with an actual disadvantage. Additionally with an advantage of only 1.3 they pulled off the biggest house swing in my lifetime.

There is more at the website and further supporting information.  He uses similar techniques that I do. My attention is more towards MO state polls but our observations match.

The bottom line is that since 2010, the democrats have lost their numerical edge. However many of the polls still use sampling distribution between the dems and the ‘pubs from earlier years. The result is oversampling of democrats and skews the poll results in favor of the democrats.

This election is not a slam-dunk for Obama and the democrats.

Quotes and Gaffs

Sometimes it is so easy to find a topic…unlike most of the time.  There I was, sipping coffee and thinking about Dave Ramsey’s comment earlier.  He was discussing the Facebook IPO.  As best as I remember he said…

“Using your Grandma’s money to buy an extremely risky tech stock in a highly hyped IPO is STUPID!  What’s worse is blaming someone else when you lose your money because you were stupid is stupid!”

It was his opening topic. He was discussing the various complaints because the stock went from $38 to $29 in about a week.  He said the demands for an investigation was trying to  blaming someone else because you were stupid…like suing because hot coffee was…hot.

It’s obvious Dave is a conservative. Everything he preaches against is a common trait of democrats and liberals. You’re fun to listen to, Dave.


The next item is more serious. Much more serious. I supposed it could be filed under the topic, “How to lose friends and make enemies.” Obama just insulted 38 million Poles.

It’s not the first time he has insulted the Poles. A earlier incident occurred when he played golf instead of attending the funeral of Polish President Lech Kaczynski, the Polish First Lady, and 94 senior Polish officials who perished in the Smolensk air disaster. Eight months before that, Obama arbitrarily canceled the Euro missile shield site in Poland when he kowtowed to Vladimir Putin who insisted the deployment threatened Russia.

The current flap was caused when Obama described the WW2 death camps in Poland as, “Polish death camps,” instead of Nazi camps.  What was worse was that he was reading off a teleprompter! Is the Obama White House so incompetent that NO ONE knew the difference nor of the impact such a statement would have!?

The Polish Foreign Minister immediately demanded an apology.  That should not be difficult for Obama.  He has had so much practice apologizing to our enemies—and our friends, due to other similar gaffs and insults.  As expected, the White House tried to dance, unsuccessfully, around the incident.

National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor said in a statement, “The President was referring to Nazi death camps operated in Poland. The President has demonstrated in word and deed his rock-solid commitment to our close alliance with Poland.” — ABC News.

In response, the Polish Foreign Minister called the incident an act of “ignorance and incompetence.”

You know, Obama opponents couldn’t make up stuff like this!  Some folks in a forum tried to create a list but it keeps growing. Geez! What a boob!

I can’t vouch for this…

but it matches what I’ve observed of the White House. The longer he’s in office, the more apparent it is that Obama is completely incompetent.  He was warned about the coming crisis in Egypt for months and he ignored the warning.  Then when the riots finally erupt, he’s surprised!  “No warning,” he claims.


Like many sources, I can’t vouch for the veracity of the piece below.  I would not be surprised to learn it was completely true. (Yes, I am finding it hard to find good topics today.)

White House Insider: Obama is Clueless. Totally Clueless

A surprise message from our D.C. Insider reveals an Obama White House completely unprepared for the events in Egypt, and increasingly fearful of Obama’s chances for re-election in 2012.

Author’s Note:  While not expecting this email from Insider, we are very thankful to have received it.  Here is that email in its entirety.
Had to send you this quick message.  Feel free to publish all of it if you wish.  First, I am so disappointed in the response by Obama White House to the crisis in Egypt.  White House was caught completely off guard on this one despite indications they were informed of just such a scenario a number of times over the past year or so.  They ignored the warnings.  When the protests started did you notice the confused messaging from the administration? Hillary says one thing. Biden says another thing. Obama says basically nothing.  These are the situations where an American president can either rise to the occasion and show strength and wisdom or where they appear weak and uncertain.  I don’t need to explain to you what our current president did.  If this goes badly, and it appears it very well could, American interests in the region will be placed in very grave danger.  The parallels to Carter are stunning.  Oh how I miss the days when the party was led by the likes of Scoop.  I fear the mishandling of the Egypt situation is going to result in a total chaos in that country soon.

Obama is clueless.  Totally clueless.  I am not talking a little out of step here.  I am talking the man has no idea what is going on around him.  This is not coming from me.  I am relaying it from some still around him on a regular basis.  These people are getting increasingly concerned over just how “out of it”, that is the phrase repeated to me, Obama has become.  His primary focus is now getting elected in ‘12.  Everything else has been given over to Jarrett and her group.  Everything. The president has no interest in policy.  None.  No interest in working legislation. None.  No interest in forging a specific agenda.  None.  He is being told what he needs to say and that is it.  That is the extent of his interest.  “Just make it look good.”  Exact words right there.  President Obama is obsessed 24/7 with just “looking good”.  If something goes well, he gets happy and outgoing.  If something makes him look badly, he lashes out and pouts.  The man is bouncing off both of those extremes even more now than he used to and it appears to be getting worse and worse. The word “manic” is being used more and more regarding his moods these days.
FYI there was a closed door meeting recently under the guise of discussions on Egypt.  That meeting did not involve Egypt much if at all.  This information is relayed second hand but I believe it to be completely reliable.  Source told that meeting was run by Jarrett from start to end.  Obama said very little.  Asked no questions.  The primary focus was how to protect Obamacare so it was not a “liability” in 2012 campaign.  White House already spending significant time/resources preparing legal argument for the Supreme Court case that is coming.  Second focus was apparently “birther” related.  Jarrett expressed concern over possible newly passed eligibility requirements in states.  If only one or two states clarify eligibility in order to run for office, White House will simply use those states as examples of “anti-Obama racism”.  They would likely not win the electorals in those states regardless, but could use the scenario to gain sympathy and support over the challenge from other moderate states.  This is the tactic Jarrett and crew have prepared.  She is worried though that if more than one or two states challenge the president’s eligibility, the issue would turn against them.  Measures are being taken to make certain that does not happen.  What those measures are, I don’t know at this point.  Oh, and while discussion over eligibility was underway, Obama sat motionless.  He said nothing.  That strikes me as pretty damn odd don’t you think?  People are discussing whether or not you are actually eligible to run for re-election in 2012 and you don’t say a word on the subject?  “He just sat there with a weird little smile and didn’t say anything.”  Go ahead and print that quote word for word.  Others are now willing to let their observations be more known.  Concern for the country is now winning over concern for their own political interests. 
As stated before, Geithner is leaving.  That was repeated to me again this past week.
More to come soon.

Just the comments to this article are telling.  There’s the usual liberal troll and all the regular suspects.