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I’m running two blogs in parallel. This one and another at The other is hosted on my server and is WorkPress based.  I’m not completely happy with it—the post editor is primitive to way the best. I still haven’t copied by Blogroll over.  It seems that the import/export function for WordPress does’t have that option.

I’d appreciate it if you’d go over and give me your opinion.  I just wish WordPress had the same or similar features as does Blogspot.  One thing WordPress does have, apparently, is stability—some Blogspot lacks.


There a new blog on my side bar by a friend of mine.  I invite you to drop in and give him a visit. 

The Heritage Foundation had a piece a couple of days ago about the Department of Energy and how it’s been bloated.  The department was created back in the 1970s to expand our sources of energy, nuke and fossil.  Instead it’s been a ball ‘n chain around the legs of producers and those who would like to enter the field.  Since 2008, it’s turned all PC—hindering those it was suppose to aid and pushing “green” sources that frankly don’t work worth a hoot!

Disco, mood rings and bell-bottom pants are relics of the 1970s relegated to the dustbin of cultural history. But one product of the 70s is still going strong and growing at a rapid rate, despite America’s monstrous fiscal crisis. It’s the Department of Energy (DOE), and in the last 10 years it has seen its budget grow by over $11 billion — a staggering 76 percent. If Congress wants to cut government spending, the DOE would be a good place to start.

It would be better and save a lot of money to just disband the entire department and cut loose all those working there.  The department produces nothing and is just a worthless expense.  It’s time for it to go…and a bunch of other departments should go too.  
It’s bad enough when the FedGov has no positive results after all the money spent over the decades. No, it worse when the FedGov is actively hindering progress in just about every front.


That’s it for today. Not feeling all that chipper. I’ve had a headache, off an on, for three weeks.  Throw in my overall pain from various places, lack of sleep, and it’s just wearing me down.

Back tomorrow.

New item in the side bar — Girl Genius

I’ve added another link in my blog roll. It’s not really a blog, no more than Schlock Mercenary. I admit that I’ll read almost anything. I’ve had “Mercenary” listed for quite a while. I suppose I can blame my slide into on-line comics on that and L. Neil Smith’s “Roswell, Texas.” The new on-line comic is updated thrice weekly, Monday/Wednesday/Friday. I suggest you start at the beginning and work your way to the present. The first panel appeared on November 2nd, 2002. That’s quite a track record.

I got hooked on this strip just before Christmas Eve and finished it on New Years. Somehow, I think this strip will ring for some of my blog friends as it did for me.

So here it is! A comic with “Adventure, Romance, and MAD SCIENCE!” GIRL GENIUS.

Here are a few examples of the Banner from the website.

Why do I think of Roberta X when I read this? Heh!