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Nothing is striking my fancy this morning. French authorities have announced the German Airbus co-pilot locked the pilot out of the cockpit and then deliberately crashed the airliner into the French AlpsBUT IT WASN’T TERRORISM! Other reports said you could hear the screams of the passengers in that recorder while the pilot was attempting to break down the door.

Drudge has a report that Obama has released classified information revealing the location of Israel’s nuclear production facilities. Since he could not make Netanyahu lose the election, he’ll stab all Israelis in the back for spite. It will take years, if not decades, to repair the international damage Obama has done.

But the libs, dems and the MSM care not.

Check back tomorrow. Perhaps something interesting will appear.

Why am I not surprised?

We’ve long known that SEIU is a union operated by thugs. They’re the libs go-to group when intimidation, vote fraud and general skulduggery is needed. Andy Stern, past president and current Obama adviser is being investigated by the FBI. So is the union’s local president in Chicago.

My Father and Grandfather were long-time union members of the United Mine Workers of America.  I have in my past been a member of the Teamsters (I didn’t have a choice and I didn’t stay at that job long.)  But, today, unions seldom serve their members interest.  

In past decades, the Mafia “owned” the Longshoreman’s Union and the Teamsters.  It now appears that the feds are taking a close view of the SEIU.  It couldn’t have come too soon.

From the Investor’s Business Daily

Union Terror Link?

Labor Raid: The FBI raids the Chicago home of a local union leader looking for terrorist connections as the union’s former chief is investigated for corruption. Why are we not surprised?
Thuggery and corruption are not quite synonyms for unionism, but it gets very close when you consider the Service Employees International Union, formerly led by Andy Stern.
From being involved in fraudulent voter registration in Texas to beating up Tea Party activists outside town hall meetings in Missouri, SEIU’s reputation is well-established.
Now we can possibly add a linkage to terrorism.
On Friday, the FBI searched eight addresses in Minneapolis and Chicago. Among those addresses was the North Side home of Chicago anti-war activists Joe Iosbaker and his wife, Stephanie Weiner, whose home was searched for 12 hours.
The agents said they were looking for evidence relating to terrorist activity. Warrants suggested agents were looking for links between anti-war activists and terrorist groups in Colombia and the Mideast. An FBI statement said those investigated were suspected of activities “concerning the material support of terrorism.”
The national media largely ignored the story, and the Chicago media reported it as the 1968 Democratic National Convention — anti-war activists being intimidated and investigated and manhandled by oppressive law enforcement.
Iosbaker and Weiner said the government targeted them because they’ve been outspoken against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and U.S. funding of conflicts abroad. That’s the way local media covered it — local activists being hassled by the man.
As Warner Todd Huston over at Gateway Pundit reports, “one little fact seems to have escaped the notice of these hard-nosed journalists. Iosbaker is an SEIU union member. And not just a rank-and-file member but an official.”
Iosbaker is no less than the Chief Steward for SEIU Local 73. One would think that a high-ranking union official linked to support of international terrorism would be national news, especially when our success in the war on terror abroad has caused a change in tactics and the rise of what is known as “homegrown terrorism.”

The sometimes violent anti-war movement and the SEIU have a long history of linkages.

Wade Radthke, a former Students for a Democratic Society member, founded Acorn and SEIU.
Stern, also an SDS member, cut his community and union-organizing teeth with the SDS. He was trained in the tactics of radical activism at the Midwest Academy, formed by former SDS members Paul and Heather Booth.

 There’s more at the IBD website. You won’t hear about this from the MSM.