Most Influential

Here’s some interesting poll info from Zogby.  Who/what was the most influential in this last election.  Who did the voters listen to most?

Answer: the Tea Parties and the NRA.

Tea Party, NRA, Influenced Voters

More voters listened for the message of the tea party than any other group leading up to the recent midterm elections, according to a recent poll conducted by Zogby International for The O’Leary Report.

The poll also found that a sizeable percentage of voters listened for the National Rifle Association’s message as well. The poll was conducted Nov. 12-15 of 2,062 voters and has a margin-of-error of 2.2 percentage points.

The poll asked, “For the following groups, please tell us if you listened to their messages before the election all of the time, most of the time, some of the time or never: Tea Party Organizations, The National Rifle Association.”

A strong majority of voters (61 percent) say they listened to the message of the tea party all of the time, most or some of the time, and just 38 percent say they never listened to it.

Nearly half of all voters (44 percent) say they listened for the NRA’s message all, most, or some of the time.

The tea party also scored big among independents, as 59 percent say they listened for their message. A sizeable 42 percent of independents also listened for the message of the NRA.

Among those who attend church weekly, 81 percent say they listened for the tea party message, and a 57 percent majority say they listened for the NRA’s message.

Among NRA members themselves, 92 percent say they listened for the tea party message. Likewise, a very strong majority of tea party voters (76 percent) say they listened for the NRA’s message.

A large majority of small business owners (70 percent) say they listened for the message of the tea party, and a 53 percent majority said they listened for NRA’s message as well.

“These numbers show that the tea party and the NRA were the two major voices that influenced voter opinion in the midterm elections,” said Brad O’Leary, publisher of The O’Leary Report.

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Prophetic, wasn’t it?

Hitler is told of democrat losses in 2010 elections

I saw this in a forum today and just had to pass it along.  You better be quick before YouTube pulls it!

The Crash

Well my first post for today was written in a fit of pique.  Here’s something a bit better.  Chuck Asay has a way with a pen. I’ve yet to see anything he’s drawn that I haven’t liked.

Here’s Chuck’s view on the election yesterday.  It was the best election the unions could buy.

Please let it be so!

I hope this is most prophetic. Of so many deserving democrats in the Senate, Barbara Boxer is one of the most deserving.

Now then, if you haven’t already, GO VOTE! Go vote Republican and throw the democrats out!  It’s time to take our country back from the neo-marxists and socialists.  Always remember, there are NO democrat conservatives.  In the end, they will always betray your to maintain their own personal power.  This also includes some RINOs like Crist in Florida and Mukowski in Alaska.  Keep both of them out, too!

The Countdown continues

Five days until the election.  Conservatives and Tea Partiers are getting ready. Dems and libs are fearful. 

On the national scale, Boxer and Fiorina are in a statistical dead heat (48 Boxer vs. 46 Fiorina).  Sharon Angle now leads Harry Reid by two points according to Rasmussen and in Washington state, Murray is barely ahead (49 to 46) of Rossi. 

Locally, Jacob Turk is single digits away from defeating machine congressman Emmanuel Cleaver. Turk has been fund raising and now running TV ads documenting Cleaver’s statements and voting record.  Local democrat pols are fearful their tame voters will stay home this year.

In Missouri’s 4th Congressional District, for the first time, Vicky Hartzler is ahead by one point in the latest poll over 30+ year incumbent and Pelosi lapdog, Ike Skelton. 

I wish I could vote against Skelton. Alas, after the 2000 census, the dem controlled state legislature stripped off conservative northern Cass county and put us into Cleaver’s district.  This was done solely to dilute our conservative votes in the democrat cesspool of Kansas City. Now, I think they’ll rue that move when Turk tosses Cleaver on the political trash-heap.

I’m normally pessimistic about elections. In the past, I’ve gone to bed early just to get it all over.  Not this time. I think it will be a blood-bath with dems falling all across the country.  According to more and more pundits and pollsters (I trust the pollsters more), conservatives will take the House and the Senate.  According to the latest averaged estimates, the ‘Pubs will gain 80 to 100 seats in the House and will end up with 51 seats in the Senate.

I pray it will be so.                  

The election is a week away and the vote fraud has already started

I should not be surprised, it’s what democrats do. Democrat election fraud for 2010 has already started, so says the Drudge Report. 

As is my habit, I hit the Drudge Report first thing in the morning.  Today, I see two headlines in red reporting democrat election fraud in North Carolina and and Nevada. In both cases, the fraud was attempted using computerized voting machines.

Such systems make it easy to alter data remotely. In my past life, I designed databases, data systems, data monitoring systems, installed and operated them. Even across international borders.

I don’t trust such systems for such a critical political purpose. They can be hacked or preprogrammed for desired results.  Once the data has been changed, you have no audit trail to determine the original desired result. (Yes, I know that databases can backup each transaction. The flaw in that concept is that data can be altered before it reaches that database. Once in, you cannot tell what that original vote was. And, system administrators can also alter data without leaving traces. I’ve seen it done.) It’s either accept everything at face value or dump it all.

I’m glad my county uses paper ballots.  You mark your choices with a #2 pencil and run the ballot through a scanner.  Old technology to be sure, but that paper ballot still exists and can be used again for recounts.  And—there are audit trails and accounting procedures that have been time-tested to insure fraud is at a minimum IF the election judges and poll watchers do their jobs.

Paper ballots can be numbered and tracked. Theoretically, a computerized voting transaction can too.  But that computerized transaction can also be spoofed and/or altered and by-pass audit procedures remotely and no one at the polls with know the difference.

I love paper ballots.  Long may they be used.