Second Class…or Third

Obama and his democrat/liberal cohorts continue to push the country into mediocrity. Increasingly, we see our military weakness exposed before the world. Democrat policies have severely damaged our capability from worn-out troops, worn-out equipment, worn-out aircraft and worn-out ships.

While this is going on, Putin is deploying new nuclear ICBM missiles and China expands its deep-water navy. Obama wants to reduce our nukes to only 300 all the while allowing Russia and China to expand their stocks.

China is expanding their fleet of nuclear missile subs—built with stolen US technology while our ships lie in the shipyards waiting for funding to make repairs. And where are those funds? They’ve been diverted to pay for some of Obama’s schemes.

Roby: US Military has been ‘cut to the bone’ by Democrats

by , 14 Mar, 2014

Rep. Martha Roby, R-AL02, today called on Senate Democrats to abandon what she described as a “misguided” plan to divert defense spending to fund aid to Ukraine and reform the United States’ relationship with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

It is absolutely senseless to strip funding from the U.S. Military and send it overseas to prop up the IMF. I agree that we must stand strong in support of the Ukrainian people, and that’s why the House passed a simple, responsible package that uses funding already allocated for diplomatic purposes.

Our military has already been cut to the bone. The additional cuts proposed by Senate Democrats would further inhibit our readiness and send the wrong message internationally.

Now is a time for the United States to project strength in the world, not further erode our military capabilities. I urge Senate Democrats to abandon this misguided plan and work together with the House in a bi-partisan manner to provide responsible assistance to Ukraine.

Last week, the US House of Representatives passed a Ukrainian aid bill, H.R. 4152, that would provide loan guarantees to the Ukrainian government. The House bill does not appropriate new funds, but instead redirects existing funding from within State Department.

A separate Ukraine aid package passed by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Wednesday includes an additional provision taking $157.5 million from the Department of Defense to pay for reorganizing the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The House passed its Ukraine aid bill last Thursday by a vote of 385 to 23.

Roby’s comments come only a day after her House colleague Rep. Mo Brooks, R-AL05, issued a strongly worded statement saying he was “flabbergasted” by the idea of dolling out cash to Ukraine and the International Monetary Fund while slashing defense spending at home.

“Further cuts to national security, on top of the cuts imposed by sequestration and the Budget Control Act, embolden Russia’s Vladimir Putin and America’s other geo-political foes while making America weaker,” Brooks said.

The events today are remarkedly like those events between the World Wars, of the 1920s and 1930s. European and Eurasian dictators, Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini, were rebuilding their militaries. The Japanese  were expanding theirs and had invaded Manchuria, expanding their empire to seize resources needed for Japan’s expanding economy, industry and military. The Europeans dictators were field testing their weaponry in the Spanish Civil War.

While these events were happening, what was the west—the winners of World War I doing? Disarming and reducing their armies and naval fleets. See: the Washington and London Naval Treaties.

When you combine Obama’s deliberate emasculation of our military with the military expansion of Russia and China, the events of Russian aggression in Georgia, and the Ukraine, along with China’s territorial aggression in the Western Pacific, the similarities of events now, compared to those before World War II, are extremely discomforting.

The democrats between World War I and World War II had drastically cut the US military. For instance, in 1939, the entire US Marine Corp was 19,432 officers and enlisted. That number included the Marine aviation component. The army was similarly cut. When the events in Europe finally lead to warfare, the US had to resort to conscription to rebuild the armed services.

A decade ago, the US Navy had 12 carriers spread around the world. That number has now been reduced to 9 with several in or about to enter dry-dock for repair. Ronald Reagan, in the 1980s, built the Navy to over 600 ships. The number of ships currently in the US Navy, 290, is less than the number of ships prior to World War I. That weakness invites our enemies to act and act they are.

Obama thinks foreign policy is talk, talk being cheap. Russia and China follows Mao’s philosophy, “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.”

Monday Morning Review

Wow! Shades of NCIS. One or more active shooters are in the Washington Navy Yard. Two PD officers down according to the last update, with a total of four killed.

With all the mass confusion going on, it’s obvious Leroy Jethro Gibbs is not in charge.


Weekend recap. I and a number of friends, attended the MidWest Republican Leadership Conference held in Kansas City this last weekend. Most of the folks were pols or wanna-bees who wanted to rub elbows and be seen with other pols and wanna-bees.

I went to take advantage of some of the training sessions that were presented—training for Precinct Captains, Organizing County Committees, and Data Collection and Usage. Unaffiliated groups won’t have access to the last. The data is accessible only to party functionaries. That isn’t unexpected.

However, I have requested copies of some of the training manuals and the presentations. Never know when that can be useful.


Well, well, will wonders never cease. Larry Summers, who made millions with Bush’s TARP bailout has decided the water is too hot being the Fed Chairman. He has declined the nomination.


Report: Larry Summers withdraws from consideration for Fed chairman


Former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers has pulled his name out of the running to be the next chairman of the Federal Reserve, according to a report on Sunday.

In the face of stiff opposition from President Obama’s own base, Summers withdrew from consideration for the top post, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Summers, Obama’s former chief economic adviser and Treasury Secretary under President Bill Clinton, was seen by many as the frontrunner for the job. Obama has gone out of his way to defend Summers, a rare move ahead of making an official nomination.

I noticed the article didn’t mention Summer benefited from TARP.


Quote of the day…

“While there are divisions in the Republican Party, there is almost certainly consensus that Biden would make a fantastic Democratic presidential nominee, if only because he would make a Republican win more likely.” — The Daily Caller.

For Parker…

I’m going to do something I seldom do—give advice. In fact, I try to never give unsolicited advice, it will be ignored. However, I am making an exception this time.

Parker is a young man who just graduated from high school. We, his friends and church family, have watched him and his brother and sisters grow up. Parker is the youngest of the four.

He has made a significant decision for his life, one I approve. He will has enlisted in the Navy. His boot camp will be at Great Lakes Naval Training Center starting next month. He has been preparing for boot camp for a year. I believe he will do fine.

But that is not what I will be giving advice…no not advice, that’s only worth what you pay for it, let’s call them ‘suggestions.’ My suggestions will be focused at that time when boot camp is over, when A-school and further training is over and he is at his first duty assignment.

Parker, until you have reached this point, you’re going to be busy—very busy. Doing well in training is important. It can make all the difference in your later naval life.  The most important thing to learn…is how to learn, how to be a self-starter, how to be a self-trainer, how to teach yourself. It is a skill all too many never acquire.

Boot camp is to be endured. My initial Air Force training was over forty years ago. I was unprepared even with years of AFROTC training. I just kept my head down and finished training as quickly as I could. I believe you, now, are in a much better position that I was. Endure boot camp, excel in A-school and in B-school if there is one.

Now, you’ve finished training and you are at your first assignment. What is the worse thing of being at a duty assignment, ashore or on board ship? Boredom.Even with a routine of eat-work-eat-sleep-eat-work, you will still have hours of time to pass. Ashore, you’ll have friends who will want to party every liberty, every weekend. Who are they? They are the ones who get written up come Monday morning, who will appear before Captain’s Mast, who gather at the ship’s store after duty hours…doing nothing. And being bored, looking for something to do.

Don’t be one of those sailors.

Instead, do something productive. Training doesn’t end, now it is OJT, On-the-Job-Training. Excel there, too. Take extra OJT training if it is available, always be working on one, it matters not if it is for your current grade, or the next one. Unless things have changed radically since I was in, your can’t be promoted until you have completed OJT requirements for your current grade. Always be working on ones for your next promotion and on the ones after that.

Still have time on your hands? Learn a new skill. I don’t know how well you did in school, nor how well they taught grammar (if they did.) Learn to read well, and just as importantly, learn to write well. You will always be writing and knowing how to do that and make what you write be understood easily, is another skill that will do you well throughout your life. If you need help, sign up for a class through the base or ship’s education office. There are many, many classes available by correspondence. If you have a shore assignment, there are classes available, through the base, in nearby civilian organizations.

If you have a long-term plan for life after the Navy, take courses that support your plan. The Navy will help pay for outside training. There is a lot available for little or no cost if you look for it.

Money—don’t waste it. There are credit unions on every military base. Set up an account and have payroll make an automatic deposit every payday. Tithe as you can, and remember to tithe to your self. When you leave the Navy, whenever that may be, you should have a sizable sum to help you shift to civilian life. (And don’t, ever, buy a brand new car as soon as you complete training. If you need a car for a weekend, rent one. When I was in the Air Force it was common to have a couple of car-rental agencies on base.)

Learn how to handle your money. The Navy will cover most of your cost of living. Make a budget and never go into debt. There will be many who will try to sell you stuff, stuff that puts you in debt, a lot of debt. Don’t do that. If you can’t pay in cash, you don’t really need it. Look at your friends. Which of them are always broke, which ones aren’t. Pay attention to those who aren’t and watch how they handle their money. Don’t be a sailor who runs out of cash four days before payday.

My primary suggestion for you is to never be or get bored. Always have something to do, whether it is directly for your rating or for something else. You never know when some isolated bit of knowledge suddenly becomes pertinent.

I’m sure a number of my readers have been in the military much more recently than me. Some, I know, were in the Navy and others in the other branches. I would ask they comment and contribute their suggestions as well.

What I do not want for you, is for you to complete your enlistment and leave the Navy with nothing more than completing an obligation of citizenship. Military life can be very beneficial. It can provide you with a number of opportunities. It can also be very hazardous. Life isn’t safe. But, you have an opportunity to make life better with a few appropriate decisions made at the right time.

Do well, Parker. Keep in touch as you can.

George McGovern—then and now

I haven’t heard much about this on the broadcast and print news…George McGovern died. Many of the younger folk won’t know who he was. He was the socialist…democrat candidate for President in 1972 running against Nixon. Nixon was up for his second term after beating Hubert Humphrey in 1968.

He was beaten by Nixon in a landslide. The democrats blamed the fiasco over VP candidate Senator Thomas Eagleton (D-MO). The real reason was not Eagleton’s issues, but the fact that McGovern wanted to appease the Russians and the North Vietnamese. His plan would be an effective disassembly of our military—cutting it in half in the case of the Navy and Air Force. The plan would be a withdrawal of the US forces opposing the Soviet Union, Communist China and the other dictatorships in eastern Europe and around the world.

I remember seeing a chart in Time magazine with the comparative size of our military compared to the Soviets before and after McGovern. It’s my belief that chart destroyed McGovern’s chances for the Presidency.

The before chart was bad. The US Army was 1/4th the size of the Soviet army, The long-range US Air Force bombers was on par with the Soviets. But it was our Navy—a true three ocean Navy that outclassed the Soviets. Except for submarines. There, we had a clear advantage in nuclear subs. The Soviets had many more diesel-electric subs that we did. In fact, at that time, most US diesel-subs were being decommissioned.

The after McGovern chart was horrible. The ground forces situation was worse. The US bomber force was cut in half as well as our land-based ICBMs. The Navy was reduced to nine fleets, if I remember correctly, and the Navy ballistic subs were cut as well. All this at a time the Soviets were pushing all around the world.

McGovern lost handily as he deserved.

Now that you’ve had a history lesson, compare McGovern’s plan with Obama’s. Our armed forces are in disarray and demoralized. The Navy is smaller than our Navy before WW I. We no longer have a long range bomber force. Most of our remaining long-range bombers—the B-52s and B-1bs have been converted to carry conventional bombs. Only a few remain in their original nuclear configuration. Few, if any, are on ramp alert.

And what is happening on the other side of the world? China is preparing to seize the oil and gas rich South China Sea, a territory also claimed by Vietnam, Japan, Taiwan and the Philippine Islands. Putin just completed an exercise of their nuclear forces and is deploying a new-generation of mobile ICBMs. We, on the other hand, decommissioned our last ICBM upgrade, the Peace-Keeper ICBM, as part of the S.T.A.R.T. treaty. Putin is ignoring the treaty when it suits him.

There are reports that Putin is placing MRBM missile in Cuba as Khrushchev attempted to do 50 years ago. He’s also rebuilding Russian bases around the world.

The world is not a safe place. As our ability to extend a military presence around the world declines, those who oppose us will fill in the gaps left by our withdrawal. The result will endanger us all.

After the debate last night, focus groups said Obama had a better handle in foreign policy than Romney. We are truly in danger if half the country really believes that.

Medal of Honor winner ignored by the MSM

I knew there was a Medal of Honor winner in Afghanistan but there was nothing in the news other than a short blip on Fox. Since the State Media refuses to honor this Navy SEAL, here’s the story.

Medal of Honor winner ignored by the MSM

I knew there was a Medal of Honor winner in Afghanistan but there was nothing in the news other than a short blip on Fox. Since the State Media refuses to honor this Navy SEAL, here’s the story.