Conservatives fight back…in the Primaries.

The next election cycle is coming in 2014. It’s an off-year election, one-third of the Senate and every House seat will be on the line—the ballot. The ‘Pub establishment from Renice Priebus and Karl Rove, to the national campaign committees are targetting conservatives. The conservatives and the Tea Party are fighting back.

Regional conservative groups are organizing opposition. These groups and the Tea Party have been used by the establishment for the last time. This election, the ‘Pub establishment pols will have opposition. As the establishment as sown, so shall they now reap.

Mitch McConnell’s primary opponent comes out swinging

Alex Pappas, Political Reporter, 11:39 AM 07/24/2013

The Kentucky businessman who launched a Republican primary challenge against Mitch McConnell on Wednesday told The Daily Caller he’s running because conservatives have a “tremendous level of dissatisfaction” with the Senate minority leader.

“There’s a tremendous level of dissatisfaction with the fact that for 30 years, he’s been just a big government guy,” Matt Bevin said of McConnell. “He votes for every bailout, he votes for every piece of pork, he is a huge fan of earmarking — it has been temporarily banned, as you know — but folks like Mitch McConnell have made a career of greasing the wheels for themselves and for others.”

During a phone interview an hour before he formally announced his campaign at the Kentucky State Capitol in Frankfurt, Bevin also laid the groundwork for the argument that McConnell is more concerned with his leadership role in Washington than in representing Kentucky.

“I live in the same town as the man, and I’ve literally never seen him one time,” Bevin said of McConnell. “Ever. And it’s not like we move in entirely different worlds. I’ve never seen him one time, except when he was speaking at a political event. Fifteen years. In the same town in Kentucky. That’s odd. And I’m not alone in that.”

Bevin slammed McConnell as a “big proponent of increased taxes,” a “proponent of pork barrel spending” and as “someone who doesn’t have a tremendous amount of respect for the constitution.”

“McConnell has voted for higher taxes, bailouts, debt ceiling increases, congressional pay raises, and liberal judges,” the announcer in Bevin’s ad states.

As for McConnell, his new ad slams “Bailout Bevin” for taking $200,000 in state government money last year after his Connecticut factory, which wasn’t insured, burned down.

Asked to respond to that ad, which claims Bevin is “not a Kentucky Conservative,” the businessman said that he’s “far more conservative and have spent far more time in Kentucky in the last 15 years than Sen. McConnell has.”

“With respect to a bailout, it’s interesting that a guy who has voted for literally a trillion dollars worth of bailouts for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the Wall Street banks, etc., is taking issue with the fact that the people of a town and a state wanted to do something for a business that had burned down, that is historic, that is the oldest family run business in their state, and wanted to gather around, rally around, and do what they could to ensure that those jobs were saved,” Bevin said. “That these employees were not dumped onto the public system.”

Bevins may not be the best candidate, but he certainly can’t be any worse than Mitch McConnell.

John Boehner should take note as well. Every seat in the House is up for election—that is election, not re-election.

Our own Vicky Hartzler should be another establishment rubber-stamp looking over her shoulder. She hasn’t found a pork project yet that she’s hasn’t liked. She rubber-stamped the first Farm Bill with its massive overspending for Food Stamps, crop subsidies and price supports that benefit large and corporate farms. Subsidies and price supports that she and her farmer husband take accept.

When the 2nd version of the Farm Bill, minus the Food Stamps but containing all the pork, was presented to the House, she voted for it again! More pork, more spending, more waste and what is her response? “The catfish duplication was removed.” Big freaking deal! A few paltry millions removed while voting for BILLIONS more in spending.

If the Republican party doesn’t get it’s collective head out, they may, like their Whig predecessors, find their party being split and the ‘Pubs ending up on the historical trash heap. When a vote for either of two parties produces little difference, what other option is left?

‘Pubs, it’s time to consider the welfare of the nation, not for the welfare of your political ambitions and your financial pockets.

Time’s Up!

With all the blatant corruption on display is Washington (the current price for a Senator’s vote is $300 Million), perhaps it is time for term limits to be passed. In the last decade, many states had grass-roots initiatives to impose term limits on House and Senate seats. In fact, several states did pass legislation to impose term limits.

All to no avail. The democrat pols went to court and had all such state sponsored term limit initiatives declared unconstitutional. Only Congress, so said the court, could impose term limits. Now, Jim Demint (R-SC) thinks it’s time to try again. This time from within Congress.

Time’s Up, Big Daddy

Sen. Robert Byrd has the power to redistribute wealth for political advantage. The West Virginia Democrat greeted the crowd at the 2006 dedication of...

Sen. Robert Byrd has the power to redistribute wealth for political advantage. The West Virginia Democrat greeted the crowd at the 2006 dedication of…View Enlarged Image

Corruption: A South Carolina senator has introduced a constitutional amendment that would set congressional term limits. It should carry the image of a certain West Virginia senator who’s been in Washington far too long.

Republican Sen. Jim DeMint, the amendment’s sponsor, is correct when he says “real change in Washington will never happen until we end the era of permanent politicians.”

Perpetual re-election, based far more on seeding home districts and states with taxpayers’ money than promoting and protecting the Constitution and the liberties it guarantees, becomes the life’s work of many lawmakers. This sordid convention has no place in a nation established as a haven from heavy-handed government.

But rather than make the argument that the founders intended for the legislative branch to be run by citizen lawmakers and not professional officeholders, we offer Sen. Robert Byrd as a prime example of why term limits should be considered.

Byrd has been around for a while. The Democrat has been in the Senate since 1959, making him the longest-serving senator and congressman in history. He was a U.S. senator before Barack Obama was born, taking office two days after Fidel Castro overthrew the Cuban government. Prior to being a senator, he served six years in the U.S. House and six years in the West Virginia legislature.

Byrd has been on the Senate Appropriations Committee for a half century and is considered the King of Pork. He was the first in Congress to bring home more than $1 billion in pork barrel spending for his state. Citizens Against Government Waste reports that from 1991 to 2008 — spanning only about one-third of his Senate career — Byrd secured $3.3 billion in taxpayers’ money for West Virginia.

To see Byrd in action is to witness the most contemptible behavior one can imagine from a person who’s been entrusted to make federal policy. For those who have never had the pleasure, a video is easily found on Type “Big Daddy” and “Robert Byrd” into the search window and brace yourself.

In this 2006 performance at a Marshall University building dedication, Byrd bragged that “our efforts to construct this facility and create a stronger foundation for a biotech industry here in West Virginia began — where? — with a visit to my office … by former Marshall University president Wade Gilley.”

“Man, you’re looking at Big Daddy!” he crowed. “Big Daddy!”

As the audience rollicked to his pandering, Byrd shamelessly boasted that he had added $35.6 million in federal funds for the — you guessed it — Robert C. Byrd Biotechnology Science Center.

Byrd has maintained his Senate seat through the use of Pork in monstrous proportions. Just as FDR’s four terms lead to term limits on the President and Vice-President, perhaps Byrd’s lenghtly corruption in office will lead to term limits of Representatives and Senators. Byrd is a former Ku Klux Klan Grand Dragon whose nickname on the hill is “Sheets!”