Cash-for-Clunkers is Dead

Here is a fine example of our democrat single-party government in action. Congress, in its spending frenzy, created a program called Cash-for-Clunkers and funded it to the tune of $1B. A billion dollars…

The program, supposedly to help the auto-dealers who survived the Great Obama Auto Dealer slaughter. Instead, it has turned into another government fiasco that has added more harm to those remaining auto dealers that the program was supposed to help.

Typical. Incompetent. Democrat-inspired. Liberal. Government. Idiocy.

Chris Stigall (KCMO Radio 710) spoke about this program this morning. It had been in force for a week. The concept was that cars that met a certain criteria would be taken in by the dealers for a $3500 or $4500 credit. The credit was used as if it were a trade-in on new cars acceptable by the program. The dealer would in turn key in the vehicle information into a government website and receive a voucher for the credit the dealer had given to the purchaser.

The website crashed.

Only a few transactions were completed. According to the Michigan auto dealers association, of the 1500 dealers who had applied for the government pay-back, NOT ONE WAS SUCCESSFUL. From the start, the government began changing the rules on which autos were acceptable as trade-in. Some old vehicles that were acceptable due to their poor mileage, suddenly were no longer accepted. One example given was an old Crown Victoria. Initially, the government said that the mileage of this old clunker was 18mpg and thus acceptable. Suddenly, the mileage was changed to 19.5mpg. Now, that Crown Vic was no longer acceptable and dealer who had already consummated a trade had to call the buyer and ask for another $4500 or have the buyer bring that new purchase back.

Some dealers, with foresight, had arranged for some short-term funding to tide them over while waiting for the government to fulfill its promise. Many more had not. They had trusted the government to do what the government had promised. They believed when told by the government, “Trust us! We’re here to help you.”

Now those dealers have to cover the cost of the deals enacted in accordance with Cash-for-Clunkers. Many are on extremely tight budgets and close to folding. This fiasco will push some over the edge. The result is a $4500 for the trade. At best, the already narrow margin a dealer makes for every sale is now $4500 less.

This was a single, simple program, funded with with $1 Billion of your tax dollars. It failed.

BO is saying that it’s just suspended. Temporarily. In the mean time, the clock is ticking for the dealers. They have bills to pay and the promised money is not coming.

Now, if the feds can screw up a really, very simple program such as this, how can you trust them with a multi-Trillion dollar healthcare program? Trust them with your and your family’s lives?

“Uh, Mr. Smith? About that pacemaker we installed last week? Uhhh… Well, we need you to come back in…” Imagine the rest of that scenario!