What is relabeling? It means to change your outward appearance to more accurately reflect your organizations goals and purpose. That has lead to today’s leading story. The question you must ask yourselves, “Is this true? Or, is it about to be true?”

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Democrat Party to Relabel Itself

June 31st, 2015

Old DNC Symbol

The DNC announced today that is was discontinuing the use of its century old icon, the Donkey, as its political symbol. After a complaint from PETA claiming the symbol was unfair to depict the party as a “beast of burden,” and after the party agreed that the symbol was inappropriate since many of its members haven’t held jobs nor worked for generations, the DNC announced it was adopting a new symbol more in line with its half century history and political goals.




Alternate DNC LOGO for official vehicles

The DNC said the new symbol was adopted from the organization that has been closely aligned with the DNC since the 1960s, supporting the party and financing some leading democrat leaders. The DNC said it was finally time to openly display their aims and goals with their new symbol. The DNC included an alternate symbol in their announcement suitable for banners and bumper stickers, especially for official party vehicles.

Party leaders, activists across the the country and academia applauded the announcement.

Yes, I’m feeling snarky this morning.


Is the US and NATO acting to blunt Putin’s aggression? He thinks so. NATO troops and armored forces entered Poland for a well publicized military exercise. It is to be a show of force against Putin’s aggression in Crimea and the Ukraine.

Putin is not amused and threatened retaliation. The Cold War has returned at a time when Obama is desperate to have a legacy, any legacy, now that his major accomplishment, Obamacare, may be crippled if the Supreme Court blocks federal subsidies for Obamacare recipients. One pundit said, “You can end communism in Russia, but you can’t remove the KGB from the Russian.” The Russian in this case is Putin. He has reverted to his previous KGB mentality.

The NATO exercise is not impressing the world’s military organizations. NATO has relied too long on the US for their security. NATO and the EU has sacrificed their militaries to feed their socialist states. Now, when the Cold War has resumed and with the US military resources still tied to the Mideast, NATO is barely able to field any forces to repel Putin if he invades the rest of the Ukraine…and perhaps the former EastBloc countries.

Even if the US was not sill involved in the Mideast, the US has reduced it’s military to a century-old level. The US Navy has fewer ships than it did prior to World War I. Much of the US war stocks, built up in Europe during the earlier cold war, has been expended during Gulf Wars I and II. With the military reductions imposed by Obama and the democrats, those war stocks have not been replenished. In some cases during military actions in Iraq and elsewhere, the US Navy ran out of cruise and land attack missiles.

Those miliary stocks have been slowly replaced. If at all. Some of the tooling needed to build more missiles was destroyed by DoD orders when the contracts expired. Now, when more missiles are needed, those tools are gone and it will be expensive to remake them.

But Putin isn’t the only aggressor on the horizon, The PRC, Communist China to everyone but the socialists around the world, is building a military base in the territory claimed by several other nations.

China builds new island military bases in South China Sea

Posted: May 20, 2015 8:06 PM CDT Updated: May 27, 2015 8:06 PM CDT
The new islands have been called unsinkable aircraft carriers. (Source: CNN)

The new islands have been called unsinkable aircraft carriers. (Source: CNN)

The new islands have been called unsinkable aircraft carriers. (Source: CNN)

SOUTH CHINA SEA (CNN) – It’s a tense confrontation between China’s military and an American spy plane monitoring disturbing developments in disputed waters hundreds of miles off the Chinese coast.

China’s activity in the South China Sea has peaked the interest of the U.S. military.

“Foreign military aircraft. This is the Chinese Navy. You are approaching our military alert zone.”

High above the South China Sea, the radio crackles with a stern warning.

“You go!”

The source of dispute appears on the horizon, seemingly out of nowhere.

Islands, manmade by China, located hundreds of miles from its coastline.

CNN got exclusive access to classified U.S. surveillance flights over the islands.

The first time journalists have been allowed on the operational mission by the state of the art P-8 Poseidon, America’s most advance surveillance and sub-hunting aircraft.

Three islands are the target of the mission. It’s the three islands that have been the focus of China’s building in the South China Sea over recent years.

China’s alarming creation of entirely new territory in the South China Sea is one part of a broader military push that some fear is to push U.S. dominance in the region.

Sailing its first aircraft carrier, equipping its nuclear missions with multiple warheads, developing missiles to destroy aircraft carriers, and now building military bases far from its shores.

For the U.S., the islands are a step too far. And the flight is a part of a new and old American military response that may soon include sailing U.S. warships close by as well.

In just two years, China has expanded the islands by 2,000 acres. The equivalent of 1,500 football fields and counting, an engineering marvel in waters as deep as 300 feet.

An American commander talks about what he sees.

“It appears to be a buildup of military infrastructure and not to mention we were just challenged probably 30 minutes ago and the challenge came from the Chinese Navy. And I’m highly confident that it came from a shore on this facility,” said Capt. Mike Parker, commander in the U.S. Navy.

What used to be the fiery cross reef now has early warning radar and an airport tower and a runway long enough to handle every aircraft in the Chinese military.

Some are calling it China’s unsinkable aircraft carrier.

The videos of the island taken from the P-8 advanced surveillance cameras never before declassified.

In a sign of just how valuable that China views them, the new islands are already well protected.

“There’s obviously a lot of surface traffic down there… uhh… Chinese warships and Chinese coast guard ships,” said Lt. Commander Matt Newman, mission commander in the U.S. Navy.

And there is proof. The Chinese navy ordering the P-8 out of the airspace not one, not twice, but eight times on the mission.

“This is the Chinese Navy. This is the Chinese Navy. Please go away quickly.”

And like the surveillance video, the audio of these warnings never before shared with the public.

What is interesting is there are also civilian aircrafts, there was a Delta flight on that same frequency. And when it heard that challenge it piped into the frequency to say what’s going on?

The Chinese Navy then reassuring them but as the flight crew says that can be a very nerve wracking experience for civilian aircraft in the area.

And the more China builds the more frequently and aggressively it warns away U.S. aircraft.

The crucial issue facing American voters in the coming national election is who to choose to lead us in the coming troubled times? Some of the candidates are isolationists, although they refuse to acknowledge the label. If a military confrontation occurs in the Ukraine or in the South China Sea, will our next President refuse to act, claiming it is not our business, or will he defend our allies and national security?

As much as some libertarians deny the fact, we cannot sit isolated from the world. We are dependent on allies and, if we are to have allies, they must be able to depend on us. The US and India has entered into talks discussing areas of mutual interest…the South China Sea, being one. India has a common border with China and has had military border disputes with China before.

When we choose a new President, we must chose one who is unafraid to remain involved in the world because the world will not be afraid to be involved in us.

Bush and Obama

Just feelin’ snarky today.  Smartest president…heh!

What’s in your wallet?

Remember the credit card ads from TV?  Here’s one for the modern democrat.
Official Obama Entitlement Card entitles the bearer to:
– unlimited hope and change
– become a slave of Welfare state
– receive income earned by others
– lifelong unemployment benefits
– free housing, food and healthcare, and more….

Official Obama Race and Gender Card entitles the bearer to:
– demand race and gender preferences
– claim “discrimination” for any reason
– receive special treatment and compensation
– intimidate white people without consequence
– extort corporations with boycott threats, and more….

Official Obama Exemption Card exempts the bearer from:
– personal and civic responsibility
– comporting with the Rule of Law
– transparency and ethical standards
– employment and earned income
– tax increases (unless “rich”), and more….

Cards available at:

I eat meat—get over it

I seldom find columns at Salon that I can accept.  However, this is one that I applaud wholeheartedly. It’s by Max Lindenmann.  I know nothing about him except—he must be giving PETA fits!  That’s good enough for me. 

I eat meat: get over it

I like to think of myself as an animal lover.  I talk in baby-talk to strangers’ dogs.  When my best friend threatened to have his basset hound puppy de-barked — that is, rendered unable to bark above a whisper via the removal of tissue from her vocal cords —  I threatened to cut all ties with him.  When another friend’s pit bull tried to climb onto the couch I happened to be surfing, I moved over, and ended up spooning her till dawn.  Around my neck, I wear a medal bearing the image of St. Francis of Assisi, who reportedly evangelized to birds and wolves. 

But I eat meat.  Lots of it.  I play no favorites with fish or fowl, white meat or red.  I ask only that my red meat live up to its name.  Unless it oozes blood like a war wound, I feel as though I’ve fallen from the middle class.  As much as I affect to hate all those trendy, angsty vampire novels, the truth is, if I were to run into an actual vampire, the two of us would probably find a fair amount of common ground.  Ditto a werewolf.  “Passing man-kibble must feel like the seventh circle of Hell,” I’d offer, giving it a sympathetic scratch behind the ears.  “ArooooOOOO,” it would answer, meaning, “Sho’ you right.”

That leaves the question: How do I square the two?  Trust me, it’s easy when you hate vegetables.  Actually, “hate” is too dignifying a word; I despise vegetables.  There’s hardly any “there” there worth hating.  The things are mostly water, anyway.  Lettuce and tomatoes may be pretty to look at, but they’re about as insubstantial as cotton candy, only without the virtue of being disgustingly sweet.  Both, along with mushrooms and peppers, make a fine chorus in any comedy starring a half-pound beef patty.  

He continues on in the same vein.  Go here and read it all. It’s a hoot.

Fox Poll

Poll: 47% want Congress to start over on health care. The other 52% want them to drop the whole thing.

Obama Sending 30,000 Troops to Afghanistan and 5,000 Journalists to Fox News

H/t To Bob the Keyboard Cowboy.

Obama Sending 30,000 Troops to Afghanistan and 5,000 Journalists to Fox News

President Obama announced that he will be sending 30,000 more troops to help fight the war in Afghanistan today. He will also send 5,000 journalists to fight the war against Fox News. Democrats fear both strategies could end in a quagmire.

“I think it’s time to withdraw on both fronts,” said a Democrat senator who wished to remain anonymous. “Both wars are impossible to win, and we’re just putting lives at risk. The Taliban can continue to hide in their caves and wait us out. Fox News can continue to broadcast damaging information about Obama, and not enough people watch the other networks to allow the 5,000 journalists to reach a significant audience.”

Due to the failing economics in the news industry, Obama had no problem recruiting 5,000 journalists to send to the war on Fox News. “This is the right war at the right time,” said President Obama. “Our young men and women in the media are the future of this country. We should be proud of the work their doing to fight against a common enemy, Fox News. Our allies support us in this fight, and we will win this war.”

Obama’s New Flag

An e-mail acquaintance sent this to me. (H/T to Twodoggs.)