Leaders from around the world arrived in Paris and walked with a reported 5% of the French population in solidarity with Charlie Hebdo and against Islamic terrorists. All the major leaders and countries were there—except for the US.

AWOL: Barrach Chamberlain.

Neither Obama, Biden, nor Kerry attended the march.  Attorney General Holder was in Paris at the time of the march. He didn’t attend either. He was in a ‘meeting.’ Not only did no one from the US government attend the march, the White House did not issue any press release in support. The Drudge headline for today is:


No ‘Pubs attended either. What an opportunity lost! Suppose John Boehner and Mitch McConnell had attended when Obama and his henchmen wouldn’t. Think of the political coup! Nevertheless, the opportunity was missed. In retrospect, I suppose it would have offended Obama and the dems if ‘Pub leaders had shown some spine.


There was a murder on the Kansas side a couple of days ago. She’s A Pistol was a small business training people, mainly women, how to defend themselves. Three armed men entered, attacked Rebecca Bieker, the woman co-owner and her husband, John Bieker, defended her. All three armed men suffered gunshot wounds. The fourth, the getaway driver escaped injury. John Bieker later died of his wounds.

Rebecca Bieker later issued this statement via her Facebook page. “I have lost my husband in this senseless murder,” she wrote. “Although tragic, he saved my life because he carried a firearm. Guns are not evil.”  

The Kansas State Rifle Association has open a conduit for donations to Rebecca Bieker. A second donation site is available, too.