I’m feeling lazy. I have been scanning the news, peering through old posts, something appropriate to blog about on this pre-Thanksgiving holiday. I’ve not found anything except for this observation.

I attended a meeting last night. A topic was the recent Constitutional Amendments passed this year that enhanced our 2nd Amendment rights in Missouri. Some people persist in stupidity.

A question was asked of our resident attorney. If the Federal and Missouri Constitutions say we have a “right to keep and bear arms, “doesn’t that make concealed carry licensing and restrictions on open carry unconstitutional?”

The person asking the question has been repeating it for months since Amendment 5 to the Missouri Constitution was passed in August. The real answer is, “No.” Not until it is taken to Court and the Court agrees with you.

Don’t like that answer? Well, too bad. It’s reality. The changes to and the enhancement of our rights in our Constitutions are basis for judgment, the foundation that law is ‘supposed’ to be in compliance. Doesn’t mean law will, nor that past law is automatically null-and-void. Not until a Court says so.

So, it you are like the questioner, one who keeps asking the same question hoping that someone will answer in the manner you want, I wouldn’t try ignoring law that doesn’t comply with your worldview—unless you have a barrel of money to defend yourself in court.