We’re Going!

Mrs Crucis and I counted our pennies and decided we had enough to go.  Where, you ask?  To St. Louis for the NRA Annual Meeting, of course.  

The last time we went was when the Annual Meeting was held here in KC.  It’s been a long time.  This time we’re going to see some of the events we missed before.  Then, I was working full time and our daughter was young.  We couldn’t afford much then.  It’s different now.

No Post Today

See you next week.

No Post

No post. Didn’t find a topic that drew my fancy today.

Maybe later.

Takin’ a sick day

I seemed to have picked up some bug and I’m not feelin’ too whippy.  See y’all next Monday.


Just not feeling it today.  Maybe later. The news and political sites are blah as well.

In Memorium: William the Cornoner.

A friend of mine passed away. I just was informed. Many of you knew him as William the Coroner. To me he was William Bligh-Glover. He was my friend.

Late post today

I’m with Mrs. Crucis today for another follow-up visit at the optomitrist. It will still be another four weeks before she can get her ptescription reading glasses. She still needs mote healing time.

I’ll work up a better post later.

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